The Life Of Vicky

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Vicky goes to a therapy group for sexually abused victims. There she finds a support system and friends. Later on she gets an odd job working for a handsome man (Rick). She comes to find out that hes great in the kitchen and in bed.

Romance / Drama
Hope Pixley
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The Group

I know I have to go to this stupid group thing. It's not that I hate the people, but I hate talking about myself. Especially when it comes to what happened. I didn't tell anyone after I was raped. I knew no one would believe me. So I kept it to myself until 5 months later I told a friend. Then she told the counselor. Which at the time I hated but then I was thankful. I could actually talk about it and not worry. There was a big investigation about it. Sadly since there was no evidence, he got away with it. I had to see him at school since then. Until he got expelled for terroristic threats.

I have a lot of great friends, they help a lot. They're always there for me when the flashbacks come back and I'm sad. As I'm thinking all of this I realize I'm the only one in group who hasn't spoken.

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