His Little Prince [mxm]

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This is a short boyxboy story. Please do not read if you have any problem with bl. May contain mature scenes. CHAPTERS UNEDITED!!

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Erion is the fourth and last offspring of the former Queen Sage. Being the only one who resembles just like his mother amongst his siblings, he was cherished and spoilt by his father and siblings. However at the age of 10, it seemed that he had adopted his mother's disease, that was having realistic dreams that he was unable to distinguish between the reality and dreams, forcing his father, the king to lock him in the palace and to never let him go anywhere until he was of age to marry the daughter of his close friend.


King Silas wanted revenge. With his father killed by his arch enemy, King Thaddeus (the father of Orion), he was forced to take reign of his Kingdom at the mere age of 16. After five years of preparation and waiting, he finally got the perfect opportunity- the wedding of King Thaddeus's youngest son.


"How about we make a deal?"

"What *yawn* kind of deal?" He sleepingly rubbed his eyes.

"I want you and in exchange I'll spare your family and Kingdom."

"Ok! Carry me, would you?"


The condition mentioned here is narcolepsy- a chronic sleep disorder.

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