His Little Prince [mxm]

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Chapter 1

Orion nuzzled his face into the comfort of his fluffy pillow, his stuffed animals scattered everywhere on his large bed. He was having another dream about his Dreamy Prince Charming again. In this one, his faceless Prince Charming was giving him a bubbly bath, his all time favorite!

Giggling at bubbles surrounding him, he felt a peck on his forehead.

"*giggle* What is it?" he asked, turning to face his Prince Charming. Maybe this time he'll see his face...

*chuckle* "Baby bro wake up!" Hearing the shrieking voice of his eldest brother, Micah, Orion peeled his eyes open, his warm caramel eyes meeting the dull golden eyes of Micah.

Letting out a yawn, he proceeded to close his eyes again to go to his fansyworld- if only Micah haven't started to sing loudly in that horrible voice of his!

Whimpering at the loud noise, he cupped both his oversensitive ears in hope of blocking Micah's horrible singing voice.

"Micah stop!" Finally jolting up in a sitting position, he tried to push his eldest brother off his bed but with the thin and frail body he has, Micah didn't even budge or even noticed he was being pushed. He couldn't believe this brother of his will be crowned soon as the King in the following month!

Amongst all the four siblings, Micah was the outgoing one. With his goofy behavior and silly nature, the atmosphere in the palace was always lively and full of laughter but that doesn't mean he's irresponsible. He had already aced all trials and challenges and thereby earned his position as being the ruler just at the age of 22. Next came the twins, Alex and Ajax. Both of them having an IQ higher than everyone in the kingdom and great expertise in the battleground and court matters were assigned as the Minister of Micah and the General of 44000 soldiers. Alas! Both of them at the age of 20 are still single and not at all interested in getting married or even having a fiancees, both of the following the path of their eldest sibling. And lastly came Orion. Owning no such expertise or knowledge like his other siblings. The only thing that was unique about him was the resemblance of his mother. While his brothers possessed the dark brown locks and golden eyes of his father, he was the exact replica of his mother with his platinum blond and caramel-colored eyes. His small round face dusted with freckles contributing to his adorableness.

Upon seeing the pout on his baby brother's cute face, Micah couldn't help but awed at him and pinched his soft pinch, crushing him in a brotherly hug that Orion called the deadly grip! Ah! Are you trying to kill me!?

Finally succeeding in escaping his brother's deadly hug, Orion plopped down on his bed again, amongst the comfort of his pillows, pulled up his quilt up to his cheek to go back to sleep.

Micah sighed at his baby brother. He had tried to find a cureness for this sleepiness disease that Orion had inherited from his mother. He didn't want to lose his brother just like he lost his mother.

"Don't forget to eat your breakfast," he whispered softly- to which Orion mumbled some incoherent words in response. Chuckling lightly at Orion, he pecked his baby brother forehead before leaving to go to his father's room.

In just two days, his baby brother was to marry the daughter of his father's close friend. Even though Orion had no problem with the betrothal, he knew deep down his youngest sibling didn't want to get marry to a woman. He had spent years with his little brother to know the latter was what people called 'homo' a term used by outsiders for a person having sexual desires and feelings towards the same sex. Despite it being uncommon in his kingdom, there was some royalties who have two kings or queens and even legalized the same sex marriage. But not his father. He was horrified and even broke alliance with his uncle Victor who got married to a royal advisor. He had worked so hard to acquire the throne before his brother is to marry so he can change the laws and let his brother be happy with who ever he wants but his father only agreed to give him the throne after the marriage, drowning all his hopes in the depth of the black sea. He wanted to try to talk this marriage out of his father's head.

"Father," he greeted upon entering the magnificent room. His head held high with pride and authority.

"Yes my child?" Sipping the green tea delicately, he let his gaze fell on his eldest son.

"I've come to talk to you about-" before he could voice out his thoughts, his father halted him in mid sentence with his slightly wrinkled hand hanging in the air.

"If you're here again to talk about the betrothal then give up. Nothing will change my mind."

But father! Orion isn't happy with this marriage!," Micah persisted.

"If my baby had any problem with it he would have told me. But since he didn't reject the idea of getting married to Princess Marylin, you as his eldest brother should have no objections with it." It was true Orion said nothing about the marriage. Not because he was scared of father but rather afraid of disappointing the Old King. Since the death of his dear mother, it was his father who had wiped his tears, the one who cherished, overflowed him with his fatherly love and filled the void left by his mother.

Sighing at the tensed figure of Micah, he put down the porcelain glass down on the table and walked to his son.

"I know what I'm doing my son. It's for his own wellbeing. And you know how Princess Marylin is already smitten with Orion," the Old King tried to convinced his son, his strong hand squeezing the latter's shoulder.

Micah scowled at the word 'smitten'. He had seen through the facade of the so-called 'innocent' princess and spotted viciousness and greed for power behind those fake smiles. He had even sent a spy to gain more information about that two faced b!tch and found out how abusively she had treated her previous 'secret lovers', not only that but she ended their lives also! But the greedy spy who he assigned to gather some evidences, backstabbed him in the end and vanished in the thin air. With fake tears and her stupid innocent face, she managed to gain the pity of his father and got away!

"You'll regret this!" He spitted out, shrugging his father's hand off his shoulder before walking away.

He couldn't believe it! His baby brother's life will be ruined if he's married to that Princess. Not only that but he wouldn't be able to save his brother if the b!tch lay an abusive hand on Orion! Even his father wouldn't be able to call off the marriage if his baby brother will ask help from him as his reputation will be at stake if the Prince can't handle a little beating from a mere 'fragile' woman.

Groaning out loudly he prayed to the God asking for a miracle to happen to save his baby brother as he marched towards the chamber of Orion.

"Wah!" Hearing the soul breaking cry from his baby brother, his steps broke into a sprint and he lunged himself in the room.

'Mi-*hiccup*-cah a monkey stole my *hiccup* blueberry cake!" Orion sobbingly said, making grabby hands to Micah, ordering him to hug with him.

Shaking his head at his baby brother, he complied Orion's wish and hugged the latter.

How was that Princess even going to take care of his baby brother? Not only does this sleepiness disease make him fall asleep anywhere and anytime making him suffered from DRC( Dream-Reality Confusion), he also have attacks where all his muscles go all limp, especially when he's really really happy (cataplexy).

Even if the marriage is broke off, who will accept Orion and with this disease of his? No one would marry a Prince that needs intense care.

Rubbing Orion's back soothingly, he promised the latter a blueberry cake-only if he'd go on a walk with him, not even bothering to correct his little brother that a monkey stole his cake in his dream. Hurriedly, the little Prince got up and ran to the bathroom.

After all he'll even jump off a cliff for his favorite blueberry cake!

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