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Chapter 2

King Silas smirked at the news his spy just delivered. At last! He found a chance to avenge for his father's death.

"This is the only opportunity we have. Prepare the troops. We'll set off at dawn!" He ordered, dominance lashed in his deep voice.

Getting off his golden throne, he marched towards his mother's room to announce the good news.

"Mother!" He shouted as soon as he barged in her room. The old lady who was drooping against the headboard of her king sized bed startled at once, her hand placed on the spot where her heart was racing a thousand miles per second.

"Silas!" she scolded her loud son. She was sure that she'll die with all the mini heart attacks she got because of her son. After composing herself, she straightened her posture as the latter rushed and hugged her tightly.

"Mother mother! Oh my beloved mother!" Silas continued to chant, emitting a laugh from the former Queen.

After calming down, Silas pecked his mother's slightly wrinkled cheeks. "We got a chance!"

Queen Bethany furrowed in confusion.

"That bastard Thaddeus is organizing a grand reception before the wedding of his last born! We'll sneak an attack and conquer his kingdom!" The former Queen only gave the latter a sad smile. She was one who didn't believe in war. All she wanted was peace but after her husband had been betrayingly killed by Thaddeus, she wasn't at peace at all. The thought of serenity after the death of Thaddeus had crossed her mind but she couldn't risk her last token of their love, Silas. She tried to change her son's mind but stubborn and hellbent was he to avenge his father's death that it was simply impossible to do so.

She let out a sigh,"I can't make you change your mind but please come back. This old soul won't be able to handle if I found out that you-" her words choked in her throat and a sob ripped through.

"Mother I promise to return victorious! Please stop! You know I don't like seeing tears in your eyes," rubbing gently her mother's back as she sobbed in his chest, he started to sing the same lullaby her mother used to sing when he was sad.

The Queen smiled through her tears upon hearing her son's voice.

Silas was the exact replica of his father; same dark hair tousled on his head, chiselled face with the usual charming smile always plastered on his thin lips and his stunning light brown eyes framed by his long thick eyelashes. He even possessed the same birthmark right under his left eye just like his father, amplifying his beauty even more.

"My handsome son," the Queen complimented the latter, "when am I going to see my grandchildren? I want to at least hold them before I die," she added and as expected she received a disgust face from her son.

It wasn't that Silas hates marriage, he just wanted to live his life to the fullest before being fully committed to someone. Overall he hates it when every girl will throw themselves at his feet. He wanted someone who would love him and in return he'll dote on that being his entire life, regardless of the genders. Albeit he was mostly more attracted to men, he couldn't even find the perfect image of lover in any men he'd had dinner with. All of them were either after his money or his power.

"Ah mother! When I'll find the perfect bride, you'll be the first one who will receive the news. Now excuse your handsome son. I have a war to prepare for," bowing in respect, he left the room.

"I hope it's soon..." the Queen mumbled under her breath before closing her eyes to resume her nap, not knowing the wait for that someone she's been awaiting is almost over.

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