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Chapter 3

Orion was in a deep slumber when it all happened. Since his chamber was found in the highest floor of the castle, he couldn't hear any of those commotion that was happening in the ground floor, the ballroom. He was again dreaming about his Prince Charming in which both of them were cuddling in his bed.

"When can I see your face?" The young prince asked with a blush as the latter scooped closer to him.

"Hmm," he replied, causing Orion to pout. He was tired of not being able to see the face of his Prince Charming.

He felt a small light kiss on his forehead. If only he could see what shape the Prince Charming's lips were. Was it full or thin?

However as if the dreamy figure could read Orion's thought, he started to chuckle, his big warm hands caressing the tiny Prince's lightly flushed cheeks.

"You want to see my face, my love?"

Orion immediately shook his head with anticipation, causing the faceless man to laugh lightly.

"Then fine. Close your eyes and take a nap. When I'll return back you'll see me fully," the Prince Charming said as he got up to leave, earning a whine from Orion.

Orion didn't want him to leave. Without him, he was always feeling cold and empty.

"Hey shushhh my little one. If you want me to stay I'll gladly do it but you won't get to see the true me."

Upon hearing the latter, Orion was in deep thought. He wanted to see the latter's face as well as want him to stay. Finally after a few minutes he decided to compromise.

"Ok fine," The tiny Prince crossed his arms over his chest with a big pout on his lips, "...but you'll have to give me lots of cuddles when you're back!"

"*chuckle* Sure my live. I'll see you in a hours," the latter said. If only the the Prince charming had a face, Orion was sure his Prince Charming had winked at him before leaving his room.

Letting out a yawn, he plopped down on his bed and closed his eyes in excitement.

'I'm finally going to see my Prince Charming for the first time!' he thought before soon he was snoring lightly.

Meanwhile while the latter was still in sleeping, an outrage commotion was going on downstairs.

Finally after managing to take down the soldiers guarding the secret entrance, King Silas penetrated the enemy's den. Ordering some of his female warriors to dress as the maids, his plan was for the disguised warriors to be close to the royal members while he and his other team will eliminate the loitering guards before he could signal his troops to invade the kingdom.

"Dandelion," he called the head of the warriors.

"Yes your majesty," the latter bowed in respect. Among the female warriors, Dandelion was the only male. However with his feminine features, he is often mistaken to be a woman, carefully adjusting his knife hidden inside the dress he was wearing, he rose up.

"You are to make sure to be close to these royal bastards. At the first chime of the bell you are to attack them and tied them up. I want them alive when I'll kill the last born of Thaddeus!" He ordered.

"Noted your majesty," once again bowing, Dandelion rushed to where most of the maids were gathered along with his group, his head held high. He was no doubt not going to disappoint his King.

Plastering the vengeance look on his face, he faked an innocent look as soon as he reached the gathering of maids.

In the meantime, an evil smirk found its way on the Young King's sinful lips. His spy just informed that the last prince was taking a nap in his chamber.

'Ha! Finally the God is on my side!'

It will be relatively easy to capture the young Prince since he was informed there was no one guarding around the chamber of the last offspring.

"Henry!" Hurriedly an middle-aged man stumbled in front of him. "Lead the troop and eliminate every guard on every floor. I'll go get the bastard child of Thaddeus!" And with that he cautiously left the room, leaving the warrior of his stunned.

With the map of the castle already memorised in his head, he was in no time in front of the chamber of the last Prince without encountering any guards.

With a smirk and his head held high, he barged in the room, expecting the last son of Thaddeus to be startled but that didn't happen.

There was no one in the room.

Is this a trap!?

Hastily he closed the door to gain some time in case some guards ambush him.

He was boiling with rage.

'Did his faithful spy just betray him!? How dare him!'

His mind was full with tortuous thoughts about how he'll punish that spy of his until he heard something. A snore.

Turning his head towards the giant bed that was covered with a giant quilt. Squinting his eyes, he finally noticed a figure under the quilt.

Ha! Of course my spy wouldn't betray me!

Adjusting his clothes, he marched towards the bed, making sure to make noisy steps to give the Prince some time to wake up but unfortunately the latter was still snoring.

Annoyed, he rushed to the side of the bed, ready to rip off the heavy blanket off the bastard son until his breath hitched.

From where he was standing he could see a patch of platinum blond and the most adorable face he'd ever seen.

His cock twitched at the sight of the last Prince. Slowly he pulled the quilt off the Prince's body, his eyes fixed on the tiny figure.


He groaned loudly, his cock already straining against the fabric of his pants.

He was perfect, his body coated in a see through white gown causing his hard rod to leak precum at the sight the rosy buds on his chest, his mouth salivating, wanting to devour that piece of flesh. His long hairless legs lazily spread on the bed, the position tempting the young King to just rip off his pants and bury his long length inside of him. Not only that but the prince was wearing female undergarment that was visible from the gown.

Ripping his eyes off the Prince, he turned around, trying to calm his hormones. After a few moments of deep breath, he turned back to small figure, this time his gaze on the adorable face.

What is wrong with me!?

He scolded himself. He was here to kill this beaut- bastard son of Thaddeus! But one glance at the Prince, his vengeance melted at once. All he could think was how he was going to make this Prince his.

Sitting on the side of the bed, he stared at the Prince. He stared at the slightly open mouth that was drawing out tiny snores, his tongue darted out to lick his dry lips in instincts. His light brown eyes slowly moved down to the smooth looking chest of the latter that was rising up and down with each breath taken, his hands clenched not willing to touch the beauty in front of him, not willing to hurt the frail boy with his rough hands.

Just one touch. He said to himself as he raised his trembling hand to place it on the latter's cheek, just to feel the smooth looking skin but as soon as his hand made contact with the latter, the beauteous Prince's eyes fluttered open, the light brown eyes locked on the caramel colored ones of the beauteous Prince.

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