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Chapter 4

Silas froze completely. His heart was pounding loudly as he held his breath, anticipating a reaction from the Young Prince. He didn't even dared to blink his eyes, in fear of never seeing those warm eyes of the latter.

Please say something!

He begged the tiny boy in front of him in his head,unable to form any coherent words from his mouth while the latter was busy just staring into his hideous brown eyes.

He waited and waited, and after a few minutes of just staring each other that felt like an eternity to the Young King, the Prince blushed and gave him a timid smile which the King found adorable and he let out a deep sigh, at last breathing again.

Orion was flabbergasted. His Prince Charming was even more handsome than he expected. He was like a giant, having the same body build as a warrior and he liked the fact that his Prince Charming's eyes were a light shade of brown, even lighter than his and just by staring at him, he could feel monkeys jumping inside his belly.

However not knowing how to react he remained silent and gave the latter a smile.

Why am I so shy suddenly! This is my dreamland so I can do anything! Ha!

With that thought in his mind, Orion was suddenly daring and enclosed his thin arms around his Prince Charming's neck and pulled him down on the mattress, completely surprising Silas with this change of attitude.

"Cuddle!" Orion ordered the brown haired man in his authoritative tone which sounded dulcet and cute to the King.

However wasting no time, he hurriedly pulled out his feet from his boots and settle inside the giant quilt, pulling the Prince close.

"*giggle* you're soooo handsome!"

"And you're so adorably cute!" He replied back, his words making the cheeks of the young Prince to redden.

Orion squealed in a girlish tone before burying his face in the latter's chest, in hope of hiding his flushed face.

The latter only laughed at the behavior of the of the Young Prince.

Can he be even more adorable than this?

Hearing the manly laugh from his Prince Charming, Orion looked up and crossed his arms over his chest while pouting. But when his Prince Charming took a glance at his 'serious face', he started to laugh even louder, forcing Orion to swat his chest, "No laughing at me!-" before he could continue his scolding, a wave of drowsiness surged through him and his whole body buckled. Luckily the King noticed the sudden change and caught Orion before he could hit his head on the headboard.

"My God! Are you okay!?" Silas asked with concerns as the latter only sagged onto the King.

"Sleeeep...Let's cuddle and *yawn* sleeep," laying his whole body on Silas, Orion was snoring in the matter of a few seconds while the Young King was still stunned.

This wasn't supposed to happen. Silas was never meant to be attracted to the son of his enemy but yet here he is, cuddling with the Prince and he didn't even know his name!

He couldn't believe that he was here to kill this beauty. Just the thought of him hurting the Young Prince pained his heart. In his head he was battling. He didn't know what to do.

He knew that Thaddeus was very fond of his last son and now he knows why. Who wouldn't love such adorable son!?

After debating for some few minutes, he sighed. His whole troop depends on him and he wouldn't let them down but also he wouldn't be able to fulfill his mission and so he rejected that part of his plan where he was going to execute the Prince.

Gently, Silas squirmed out of the Young Prince's tight grip, not before placing a light kiss on the latter's lips.

However feeling the sudden cold without the presence his Prince Charming, Orion peeled his eyes open and his eyes teared up immediately when he saw his Prince Charming tiptoeing towards the exit door.

He was distressed that his Prince Charming didn't want him anyone and so he sobbed silently, his hands covering his mouth, to stifle his cries but alas! His Prince Charming rushed back to him when he heard a sniffle and started to coo him with sweet words.

"Baby please don't cry! See I'm right here!"

"B-but you're *hiccup* le-leaving me!"

"No no that's no-" his words was cut off when the Young Prince suddenly started to cry even louder.

In his mind, Orion was sure his Prince Charming had found another pretty Princess and he no more loved him.

"Waah! I'll *hiccup* tell Micah to drown that pretty Princess!" Silas furrowed at the 'pretty princess'.

However not bothering to think about whatever the Young Prince tried to imply, he cradled his small figure and started to sing his favorite lullaby that successfully calmed the tiny Prince.

"I'm not leaving you, don't cry," Silas said in a pleading voice, his forehead against the latter's.

"Wh-what's going on downstairs?" The Little Prince asked once completely calmed down. He could hear the faint sound of the orchestra playing.

"It's the celebration before your..engagement."

The Little Prince squealed loudly. He was finally getting married to his Prince Charming!

"What are you wearing!?"


"What are you wearing for the wedding!" Silas felt a sting to his heart.


"I want to wear a floral blouse and and a long skirt! Is it okay for our wedding?" Our? OUR!!!?

A huge grin suddenly jumped on his face, his excitement already sparkling in his eyes. But it soon disappeared when reality clout his head.

"W-we're not getting married, you're getting ma-married to Princess Marylin,...not me," he muttered under his breath.

"What?" The zeal glinting of his face soon faint and was replaced with tears glistening in the corner of the room.

"But I don't want to marry her!" The Little Prince sobbed. "Why are you here then!? To watch me get married to her!? Huh!?" Orion was frustrated. Even in his dream that malediction is following around.

"Shhh baby, it's gonna be okay," he cooed, rubbing the back of the Little Prince while he weeped on his Prince Charming shoulder.

Nevertheless the moment was interrupted with a yawn and Orion snuggled closer to the latter, seeking more of his warmth.

Meanwhile a thousand thoughts were running through the Young King's mind. It hasn't even been a day since their meeting and he's already smitten with this beauty. He didn't know what to do and his time limit was running thin. He needed to act quick.

"I actually came here to kill your father and... brother," and as expected he got a light slap from the Little Prince.

"You could simply have simply *yawn* asked Micah my hand for our wedding, he'd agree."

"No..I came here to take over your kingdom by killing the current and future King of your Kingdom," he replied truthfully. If this beauty was going to be his husband then he'd better want their relationship to base on truth and trust.

"Don't kill them, I *yawn* love them," the Prince pouted, making the King chuckle.

"How about we make a deal?"

"What *yawn* kind of deal?" He sleepingly rubbed his eyes.

"I want you and in exchange I'll spare your family and Kingdom."

"Ok! Carry me, would you?" The Little Prince made grabby hands, too lazy and sleepu to walk which his Prince Charming readily complied- after draping his coat around his small figure, the action making him giggled while his Prince Charming carried him out of the room in bridal style.

Upon reaching part of his troop that was eagerly waiting for their King, most of the soldiers were shocked when they saw how the King was treating the youngest son of their enemy with care.

"From now on, this man shall be your future queen. This shall be my revenge to King Thaddeus for taking the life of my father." He said right away in his authorial tone to his troop who with no doubt cheered silently for finally having a cute queen!

"Connor! Blow the whistle! We shall make our our presence known to that bastard," the Young King smirked sadistically and marched down while the Little Prince was busy snoring.

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