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Chapter 5


Dandelion puckered his cheeks in annoyance. The soon to be stupid King has been trailing behind him like a lovesick puppy ever since he set a foot on the ballroom. He wanted to be the one to hold the bastard Thaddeus at knife point when the bell will chime but with his stupid son following him around, it would be impossible to do so.

Ba! Go annoy some damsel in distress!

He scoffed in irritation. He was so tempted to just turn around and flipped the First Prince the bird and cuss the hell out of him in his masculine voice but a man wearing a maid dress will be questionable enough to throw him in the dungeon.

Just a few more minutes...

"How about I take you to my room?" The golden eyed man whispered suggestively in Dandelion's ear.

A lopsided smirk appeared on his face before he faked a frightful and disbelieved expression on his face when he turned around to face the First Prince.

"W-what!?" He took a pause before continued, "Your maje-jesty I do-don't th-think my dearest husband will appreciate this." If the First Prince wasn't here, Dandelion would have flipped his long auburn hair sassily for coming up with such a lie.

"You're married!?" The man whined. "Wait why aren't you wearing a ring then?" The First Prince squinted his eyes in suspicion.


"T-that's because we weren't able to afford one your majesty."

"Oh," the golden eyed man pouted. "In that case let me buy you your wedding rings in apology!"

"It's not-"

Their conversation was halted by a sudden blow of a whistle. Everyone's eyes darted everywhere to search for the source while the disguised soldiers of the Young King Silas steadily approached the royal family. Since the King was several feet away from Dandelion, he decided to take the obnoxious Prince in front of him. Nodding to his mates, they swiftly pull out a knife that was strapped to their thighs, hidden under the maid dress they were wearing and pounced on them, the knife to each member's throat of the royal family as the dispersed group of soldiers captured the visitors.

"Jeeeez woman why you so angry!"

"Shut up!" Dandelion scolded the stupid Prince, putting pressure on his throat with the knife. "I'll cut you if you don't hold still and also I'm a man!" The warrior finished his sentence through letting out his masculine voice, making the Prince to gape at him stupidly.

"Close that mouth of yours or else I'll shove my knife down your throat!" Dandelion threatened.

"Or you can shove something else if you know what I mean," the obnoxious man replied suggestively, wiggling his thick eyebrows.

What is wrong with this man!?

In reply, Dandelion clout the head of the stupid golden eyed man with the butt of his knife harshly, urging the man to stay quiet who actually obeyed only for 8 seconds.

"Wait does that mean you're not married!?" Micah suddenly gasped out.

"No! Now if you speak even one word I'll stab you!"

Why is this man so annoying!?

But luckily the man stopped talking and rather his attention was shifted to the figure that was descending the stairs majestically.... with someone on his arms!


If it wasn't for the sudden jerk from the golden eyed man, trying to escape, Dandelion was sure he would have spent the entire time gaping at his King.

"Don't move!" He sneered the blade of his knife pressing dangerously against the latter's throat.

Scoffing the First Prince stood stiffly on the ground,knowing any slight movement could slice his throat.

Thaddeus was fuming with rage when he saw the familiar face. But it soon replaced with fear as soon as his eyes spotted his beloved son cocooned in a cape in the arms of his arch enemy.

"Well Thaddeus how so inconsiderable of you to not invite me to your party," the tanned man taunted. "But lucky you I invite myself!"

"Let go of my son you arsehole!"


"What do you mean by no!? Let my son go! He did nothing to you!" The Old King begged. "You can take everything I own- even my life! But spare my son!"

"Well I would have if we hadn't make a deal," the Young King smirked, gently swaying the little Prince on his arms.

"W-what do you mean?"

"Your son made a deal with me. He exchanged his life with yours and your sons."

"Presumptuous! My son wouldn't make such haste decision! You're not gonna fool me!"

Tsk. This old bastard is still annoying.

"Whatever! I'm out of your boring party!" Tightening his grip on the little beauty, still snoring and snuggling to his chest.


Placing a light kiss on his little Prince's forehead, he marched out of the ball room and got into the royal carriage he came in.

"Get back here you son of a b-"

The rest of words were muffled out as a smoke bomb exploded and soon the bewildered guests and the royal family dropped down to the floor while the trained warriors of King Silas retreated, a cloth around their nose to prevent them from inhaling the knockout gas.

Once gathered, they set off to their Kingdom alongside with their soon to be Queen...who slept throughout the incidents dreaming about bunnies.

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