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Chapter 6

Had this chapter in draft for a long time... sorry! It's unedited!

Dandelion let out a huff of annoyance as he watched his King being Lovey Dovey with the son of their Arch enemy.

And that prince is still asleep!

He couldn't believe his eyes that this soon to be Queen slept throughout the entire day! And his King took this chance to his advantage to roam his perverted hands all over his body, most of them lingering a little longer on the bottom of the latter.

How come he didnt wake up!

If someone was to touch him so intimately, he was sure to chop off their hands!

"Yeesh!" Dandelion shivered at that thought.

"Dandelion!" The lovesick King whisper- yelled. "Quiet! You'll wake up my baby!"

He's not even going to wake up even if you play the piano with that horrible musical skills of yours.

"Pppff!" The warrior huffed out, his arms crossing over his chest in stubbornness and annoyance. However an evil smirk found its way on his lips.

Secretly he maneuvered a secret message to the rider of th royal carriage, the latter passing by the message to Kelton, the royal messenger Eagle of their kingdom.

Now that's payback for telling me to shut up!

The evil smirk still lingering on the warrior's face, which didnt go unnoticeable by the King.

"Dandelion..May I know why you're smirking like an old fart I know..?" Silas squinted his eyes suspiciously at his fellow friend.

"Nopes!" Dandelion simply grinned and hummed a melodious tune to himself, making the King sweat in nervousness.

Silas and Dandelion were childhood friends. They grew up together, study together and even take a bath together when they were small kids of course! However spending time with him, he was the only one who had experienced the playful and evil pranks hidden behind that stern expression of his and therefore Silas had started to avoid pranking the warrior. But now the poor King was unaware of what he had done. So far he couldn't seem to remember any pranks he had done to him.

And he knew, even if he begged the man, Dandelion still wouldn't tell him anything so all he could do was to ponder over his actions and try to get himself out of this unknown typhoon that's ready to blow him away into a field of cacti.

Nevertheless the young King soon forgot about Dandelion as his little Prince let out a whimper before peeling his eyes open.

Waking up from his sweet dreams about bunnies and of course of his Prince Charming, Orion found himself comfortably on the lap of his Prince Charming and in a beautiful carriage ride.

The Young King gave Orion a goofy grin that made him let out a giggle.

Slowly Orion rose up and stared out of the window in astonishment.

In reality it was his first time being so far from his room but since he dreamt about his Prince Charming and him on their way to a bunny castle to have some blueberry cake with the Queen of bunny, he didn't notice he wasn't dreaming.

"I'm hungry," the little Prince pursed his lips in annoyance. He remembered having eaten a gigantic icecream, the size of his bed and lots of strawberry pancakes with his Prince Charming and despite that he was still hungry. Nevertheless Orion needed to wake up to quench his hunger but he didn't want to leave his Prince Charming's side, in fear he might stop seeing him and moreover he knew that Micah would wake him up for dinner on time.

"It's okay! We're almost there! I'll have a great banquet ready for you!"

"With a giant blueberry cake!" Orion added enthusiastically, followed by a yawn.

Meanwhile, the Young King sent a mental message to Dandelion who was sitting across him to send a message to their royal chef and royal wizard to prepare a giant blueberry cake for their beloved Queen, to which Dandelion responded quickly by sending another message to Alfron, their spare messenger in case Kelton got hurt in the battle.

"Yes my Love, there will be a giant blueberry just for you!" Silas replied with a nervous laugh as they were only about 1 hour away from his Kingdom and was uncertain if the chef will be able to bake his Little Prince the cake on time.

"I-" Orion let out another yawn and sagged into his Prince Charming's warm embrace, completely forgetting what he was going to say. His imagination furthermore started to go wild as he could pictured the carriage ride he was in to be moving on clouds and passing by a chocolate mountain.

"Prince Charming look! There are so many colorful whales swimming in the clouds!"

His Prince Charming let out a chuckle and wrapped his arms around Orion's effeminately slender waist and pulled him to his chest before settling his chin on his Love's head.

"Aren't you going to ask for my name, my Love?"

Orion pondered over that question. It was true he didn't know his Prince Charming's name, nor that he had given him any name.

"What's your name?" Orion mumbled in his sleep, which the Young King heard.

"Oh my bad, my Love! It's Silas! What about you, my little adorable Prince, what's the name?" He cooed.

Meantime Dandelion gaped unbelievably at his King.

That bastard doesn't even the name of this man and he's going to marry him!?

He was now sure the Young King was either under some love spell or was just plain stupid for marrying someone he knew for not even one day.

Maybe I should keep quiet and tell the Royal Wizard to check what sorcery is this!?

After confirmation I'll break this spell and backfire whatever evil plans you're plotting! Ha!

"Dandelion stop giving my booboo that evil look!"

"What kind of name is booboo!?"

"It's a term of endearment you troglodyte!"

I'm going to continue this story and end it in like 10-15 chapters hopefully since I don't really have a planned storyline for this story. There will be slow updates though!

I hope everyone is having a nice day!๐ŸŒธ
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