His Little Prince [mxm]

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Chapter 7

Short chapter! Unedited!

When the setting sun shone at its swallows the deafening silence that fogged the Kingdom of Erion started to dissipate with voices of chaos and confusion as little by little all the guests started to gain their consciousness.

Upon setting a foot inside the ball room, Alex and Ajax were bewildered. They weren't present at the little party their father decided to throw, the sight of unconscious soldiers and guests alarmed them.

Seeing their elder brother still passes out on the floor, they rushed to him.

"Go get some water!" Ajax screamed at Alex, placing the head of Micah on his lap. Without wasting any time, Alex grabbed a flower pot filled with water from a nearby table and pour the entire content on his elder brother's face, the action causing Micah to suddenly wake up.

Adjusting his foggy vision, the eldest Prince sprinted to the staircase, up to his beloved little brother's chamber with his heart pounding in fear.

Please let that be a simple nightmare.

He prayed as he stood in front of Orion's chamber, the white door closed.

"Micah! What the hell! What happened-" Ajax's words were cut short when he saw a dreadful look mirrored on his eldest brother's face. He had never seen his brave brother with such appalled demeanour.

"Orion.." he heard Alex muttered before he barged into the room, expecting to see their little brother taking his usual nap but Alas! The room was completely empty, the blankets and pillows scattered around the giant bed, proving that their brother was there.

"Where is Orion!? Micah what happened!? Where is our little brother!?" Ajax yelled hysterically, his emotions on the edge.

"He took him.." Micah responded dazedly. He couldn't believe he failed to protect his little brother.

But he was smiling while he was drowsing.. Shut up Micah! He probably didn't proceed anything that occurred!

"Where is Father!?" He shouted, both his hands clenched into a fist.

Marching back to the ball room, he spotted the dazed body of his father on the floor and shook him awake.

Before the Old King could gather himself, Micah spoke, "Father! My little brother's life is in danger! Today I shall be crowned King of Avalia and tomorrow I shall set to rescue my beloved brother!"

Leaving no room for his father to argue, the Old King nodded firmly and slowly stood up.

"In the upcoming hours, the coronation of my Eldest Son will take place. Please excuse this inevitable event that occurred and enjoyed the remaining hour resting in your given suite before the coronation. Everyone is dismissed!" The Old King announced.

"Alex! Ajax! Follow me to the battle room. We need a concrete plan!"

"Yes brother!" they replied simultaneously, bowing in respect. Together, along with some of their warriors, they strode to the dark room, ready to do the preparation of the upcoming war.
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