My summer love

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Lisa a girl in high school being her family's joy fell in love with the bad boy in school. Dating the bad boy means being played and getting hurt. Will she be able to date him? Will it be easy for her? Will that mean she is risking her life?

Romance / Action
Maame Tutuah
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CHAPTER ONE - Anticipate

The month passed so quickly and soon it was summer. I've waited for this day for ages. I went downstairs to see if mum had cooked.I barely ate yesternight and my stomach was already calling for food.

I spotted daddy sitting on the sofa and was eating pie with vodka. I kissed him on the cheeks and greeted him good afternoon. I received a smile as a reply.

I made my way into the kitchen and found mum busily preparing lunch. I greeted her and she pulled me into a hug and kissed me on the forehead. I sat on the chair close to her as she served me with meat balls with apple juice.

Whilst eating i asked mum about Ken. Ken is my elder brother. He left last two summers to pursue his career in photography. I'm so excited to see him for the first time since he left. Even though we sometimes FaceTime and text each other on phone but i miss seeing him in person.

I finished eating and helped mum in doing the dishes. I tidied the kitchen and rushed back upstairs to take a shower.

As i entered my room i saw a picture of my brother and I that I adore the most hanging on the wall. I pulled out a big smile as i watched the picture.

I hurried into the bathroom and took a quick shower. I washed my messy hair and dried it and pulled it into a short ponytail and did a simple makeover. I wore my favorite hoodie and sweatpants and headed downstairs.

Mom was blowing the balloons while dad hungs them up as i walked into them. Hey i said, mum turned and smiled. Dad told me to join them in decorating the house. I watched my phone for the last time and placed it back in my pocket.

I started fixing the flowers and placed them at their appropriate place. Mum left to prepare my brothers favorite meal leaving me with dad in the living room.

We decorated in and outside of the house with flowers and balloons. We hunged my brothers pictures everywhere inside the living room and fixed the huge 'welcome home' banner in front of the living room door.

After vacuuming, I left dad and went to mum in the kitchen since there was nothing more to do for dad.

Mum had already baked some cookies and was in the process of mixing the cake batter as i entered the kitchen. I took some cookies and munch them making mum's attention shifted to me.

Mum burst into laughter because of the way i was making noise with the cookie i was eating.

Mum was finally through with his cooking and baking after what seems like ages, we were done in preparing for my brother's arrival.

I helped mum dished the meal and placed it on the dinner table. We placed the cake on the kitchen table and saw dad fixing a colourd changing LED light and glitter balls.

I checked my phone again and it was almost 4:00pm, that means we had an hour more till my brother arrives.

I hurried back upstairs to change. I redid my makeup and changed into a short dinner dress. I sat in front of the mirror to style my hair and tacked it with pins and ribbons to make it look neat. I applied some lipstick and sat on my bed. I chose a round earrings and spotted a four inch heel and decided to wore it.

The bell rang and i rushed to the living room to open the door.

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