Polar opposites

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Jess has always been the crippled, shy, blind girl, when she meets a certain blue haired, student council member, what would happen? Will Jess thaw her frozen heart? Will they fall in love? Or will everything Jess has ever worked for fall apart in an instant...

Romance / Action
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Chapter 1

A small, scared, helpless, little girl cowered before an unknown threat, that only had a voice to her, as she could not see a single thing. She had been this way all her life, the only thing that she found comfort in was her older brother, Daniel, who was nowhere to be found now.

"Shes only six Mark! Leave her alone, she has done nothing wrong!" A lady shouted, worry in her voice.

"She's never done anything! Shes only costed us money, she cant walk or see! Shes completely useless!" The Male rored in a threatening tone.

There was a loud crash, then absolutely nothing. Just an endless empty void...

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