Undeniable Attraction

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Virginia Martinez.. Virginia is a simple hardworking girl. She is beautiful and gets attention for her smartness and cheerful nature. She works in a large company and she thought her life is perfect... But the turn of events proves that nothing is "Perfect".. Ezio Callas... Ezio is your Charming Greek God.. But he is selfish or so everyone thinks..He believes that his heart has shut everyone out and this is changed by a silly, clumsy girl...and ya our very Virginia Martinez. This story has its own taste of love, jealousy, hatred, surprises and last but not the least The Undeniable Attraction between the two stubborn heads...

Romance / Drama
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Virginia's POV

I am late again. Whole universe is against me. It doesn't wants that I reach at time for once in my whole life. My mom is like why don't you go a bit more late its your office you could drop by any time. Its her famous dialogue, she likes being sarcastic in most dreadful situations!!

"Niaaa!!! Did you just go to some another planet?" Here comes the biggest monster that is my little brother Smith.

"No. I was just thinking about why you have to come infront of me and spoil my mood everytime you get, you monster!"

"Nia, language and is this the way to talk to your sweet brother!" At this I rolled my eyes, you know its a reflex when the topic is related to Smith. Haha. Don't get the wrong idea I love my brother very much its just that I like to provoke him.

"Ok mom I am done with the breakfast and I am leaving. Byee Monster." And ya I got a finger for this from my loving and caring brother.

I walk as soon as possible and I don't want to miss the bus. Or else I will be too late to go without being noticed by my Dangerous Boss.

As I seat in the bus I remember my First Day of my Job.

I was so happy that I was selected by The Demarks'. But as always I was late on my First day. As I entered my office I was greeted by a very stressed receptionist and she was having a very strange expression on her face and as soon as she saw me she said that Boss is very angry beacause of my tardiness and my heartbeat increased, hearing this I ran like a crazy bull towards the lift.

I entered and pressed top floor and as the door opened I ran towards the Boss' office. And people what did I do!!!! Yes you guessed it correct I didn't even knocked the door and was met with a very hateful glare. I said I am sorry and Boss got up from his seat and I noticed his body and not to miss his handsome face.. O god I wish I am not giving a dreamy look to him or I would be the first person to get fired from her job without even touching any work.

And then his lips moved but I wasn't getting what was he speaking as I was looking on his luscious full lips.. Is he for reall!! And then he shouted at me and my whole day dreaming was broken into pieces.

"You are just like other bimbos. Late on work and thinks that by seducing me you would get out of this. Do you get that you are late on your first day. Useless bimbo.."

That bastard how could he talk like that to me. He is just getting a wrong idea if he thinks I am attracted to him.

And then my Oh so great conscience spoke that 'You aree attracted!!'

I don't care because as soon as he opened his mouth his handsome and Greek God aura just went down the hill..And since then I have ignored him successfully.

As the bus comes to a halt I see outside and as I was day dreaming with my eyes open I was just saved by missing the bus stop. Its my habbit to become nostalgic sometimes..

I got inside the office and was greeted by Beth, the receptionist as always. She is a sweet lady in her early thirties. And is friendly towards me.

As I reached the top floor I got a glimpse of him aka The Rude Bastard Ezio Callas aka Boss.. And at the same time he turned towards me and looked right in my eyes. And I greet him Good Morning. He is back. He has gone to Greece regarding some office work for three months. Ughhh! Now it would be more difficult to ignore that Rude Bastard. I am just hating my day and ofcourse I would get an earful by that Rude Monkey. And as I look above the devil is making his way towards me.. Save Mee...

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