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Rose smith is a mere human who hasn't really found herself yet, working at a busy cafe meaning her being swept of her feet all the time. Her having no time for her self has her crazy best friend Ally, begging Rose to enjoy a night out together. Xander wolf is a werewolf searching everywhere for his soulmate having waited years for her, so when he and his annoyingly crazy best friend Theo take a night off work drinking at Xander's club he soon realise's she is closer than he thought. Follow their journey through love, hate, betrayal and so much more.... Warning ⚠️ daddy kink. Don't say I didn't warn you ;)

Romance / Fantasy
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"Ohhhhh comee onnnn!" Ally begs desperately, "absolutely not" Rose says guiltily silently begging her relentless friend not to pull the best friend card (she has never been able to say no if that is bought up).

"Buttt you're my bestest bestie who else would go with me"

"Uhhhh fineee!" Rose exclaimed finally fed up with this constant argument that has been happening for at least 2 months, "YES!" Ally screams while jumping up and down practicing her very questionable dance moves.

"This is going to be so much fun" Ally giggles excitedly,

"Yeahh great" Rose says hesitantly, hoping the night would be over before they know it.

But little does she know this will be the most remembered day of her life...


Hiya hope you enjoyed this little teaser!

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