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There is a saying "We are products of our past,but we don't have to be prisoners of it" Grace has always been a good child,she is a ray of sun light .A Happy soul but there is a part of her life that is covered.It was all good and normal but then he arrived.Making her wondering about her past,about her memory

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The sound of rain pelting down the windows and then making it's way towards the ground was the only thing she could use to calm her mind.It was not the first time she was imagining things.She has never felt like this.It was like her mind and body were battling .She knew it was a dream or a nightmare but in the corner of her mind a voice was calling.Calling for her.The scenarios emerging in her eyes felt so real but she didn't remember going there or experiencing what she has dreamed about.Instead of going back to sleep she climbed off her bed making a soft thuming sound by her feet. She opened the cupboard and took out a large canvas and the paint brushes.It was the time when her brain was clouded with different thoughts .Picking up the paint brush she started to pour her emotions out on to the canvas.When she started to paint she didn't know what was she doing it was like her hand was not in her hold.She painted a man .A man in a hoodie.His face was covered but his blue coloured eyes were there.It was the only thing she remembered of him.He was the same man that was coming in her dreams making her wondering about him.She has never seen him but he was there in her dreams .When she completed the painting she covered the canvas and went to sleep.

The chirping of the birds disturbed her sleep. She woke up and went to the canvas and saw the man again.She was not a girl who could be easily attracted to the males not because any reasons but she didn't have much time for these things.But the man in front of her was someone different.She was curious about him.

After a long bath she began to dress up.She was thinking of going to the park and spending some time with her friends .Her aunt was not at home .Sundays were usually like that.Her aunt was a nurse and she was usually not home due to work.She didn't mind it but she was not happy with her loneliness.She was wearing a tank top with an upper paired with pants.The weather was cludy and it was cold.Her hairs were braided french.With her camera in her hand and a bag pack she came downstairs in the kitchen.Making her self cereals she started watching Teen wolfs.After completing her break fast she took her things and started to walk towards the park.

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