O.R VS Bullets

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Stepping into the ER of the hospital Amy headed for the elevator. She should take the stairs, but today he can’t be bothered; she did laps at the gym. She’s done her duty. Holding her bag closer, because it has the note in it. The first opportunity she gets, Amy plans on calling detective Decker. Securing her bag in her locker, and changed into her dark blue scrubs, and it’s time for rounds. Her first stop is Mr. Doe. “Good morning doc.” “Hey Barb. How’s he doing?” Taking one of the tablets. “He’s stable. No signs of waking up yet.” “Thanks. I’ll check him over.” Opening the door to his room, the rhythmic beeping of the machines meeting my ears. “Well Mr. Doe, how are we this morning?” Of course there wasn’t any kind of answer, checking his vitals, there all able. The incision from surgery is healing nicely.

“You seem to be doing well, so why aren’t awake yet?” He didn’t even flinch. He can’t even breathe on his own. Signing off on his chart, Amy ordered a change in med dosage and went on with the rest of her rounds.

As Amy took five minutes to eat half her sandwich taking Mark’s card from her pack taking a deep breath, she dialed his number. On the third ring he answered, that deep strong voice on the other end of the line. “Yes?” “Hello. Is this Detective Decker?” “Speaking. Who is this?” “This is Doctor Amy Little.” “What can I do for you Doc?” Smiling it would seem that’s his new nickname for her. “Is there any chance you could come by the hospital?” “What’s going on?” “I have something you’ll want to see.” “I’ll be there as soon as I can.” He hung up, leaving dead air on the other end.

Setting her phone down, she finished her sandwich and got back to work. Suddenly the alarm started. ’Code blue, room 304.” Rushing out, it’s her John Doe! By the time she got to the room, they were calling time of death! “No! Please don’t stop!” Sorry Amy bit it’s too late.” Watching them cover the body. Sitting in the chair, she can’t believe he died. He was the cop’s only lead.

“I want a full autopsy done on him.” “It will be done.” She nodded grabbed his bag of belongings and went back to the lounge. Soon enough she as paged to the nurses station. Wiping her eyes, she made her way out there’ Detective Decker is at the desk. He’s wearing a black suit, white shirt with a dark blue tie; he looks good. “Hey doc. What’s wrong?” “Come with me.” Mark watched her, he could tell that there’s something bothering her. He followed her to the locker room. “What’s the matter?” “Our John Doe coded, and they couldn’t revive him. We lost him.” “It’s all right.” “I ordered a full autopsy, so we’ll know what happened.” “I’ll have Him sent to our morgue and have my guy do it if there is anything to find, he’ll find it.” She nodded as she pulled her pack from the locker. Pulling the baggy out, handing it to Mark. “I found this on my windshield last night. It’s a note that says ‘stop talking to the cops!’ I thought you should have it none the less.” “Thank you. I’ll see if we can get any prints. It’s a risk you giving this to me, you know that right?” Amy nodded zipping her pack back up. “I know. But it was worth taking. You need to stop those guys before they kill again.” “You are a brave woman.” Shaking her head. “No I’m not. Oh here.” Amy said handing him the bag of belongings. “I thought you could do something with this.” “I’ll take care of them. Look I have to go, but you call me if anything else happens. Anything at all.” “Don’t worry I will. Let me know if you find out who our John Doe was.” He nodded. “Of course. We’ll be in touch.” Shaking hands, Mark left taking the two bags with him. Well its back to the salt mind.

Walking into the precinct, Terry is at his desk. “You’re in late.” “I had to stop at the hospital.” He said taking his coat off. He gave me a look. “Is everything all right?” “Yeah. That Doctor little had something for me.” He said Handing Terry the baggy. “Someone left a threatening note on her windshield, telling her to ‘stop talking to the cops.’ She was hoping we could pull some prints. Also some bad news, our John Doe the last victim coded and they couldn’t revive him.” “Shit! Well there went that lead.” “Yep. I ordered the body sent to the morgue for a total autopsy.” “Well hopefully he will still be able to tell us something.”

Mark nodded and started entering the contents of the bag into his file on there John Doe. Grabbing his phone, Mark dialed the morgue. “This is Kam.” “Hey Kam its Mark.” He heard a sigh on the other end of the phone, Kam has had a thing for him for a while. “Mark what can I do for you?” “I’m having a body sent to you. I need the full treatment.” “Anything for you.” “Thanks Kam. Also can you add all blood tests as well?” “Sure thing.” “Thank you. This guys is connected to our other gunshot victims.” “I’ll have everything ready. I have to go.” “All right, keep us posted. Bye.” Hanging up, Kam is a sweet girl, she’s wanted to go out with Mark but he doesn’t like her that way. She’s like a sister to him, he’s tried to get her to understand that, but she won’t take no for an answer.

“I know that look.” Terry said setting his desk. “That was Kam wasn’t it?” Mark nodded. “It was. Somehow we need to get her a man. One who isn’t me.” “Well I wish you luck with that.” Mark just rolled his eyes, and left taking the bag to the evidence locker. “Detective Decker?” Eddie the lab tech is approaching. “What’s up Eddie?” “Terry called about a baggy you have for me?” “Right. Come with me.” “Can I ask you a question?” Mark nodded. “Yeah anything.” “This might not be the best place, but how do I ask a girl out?”

Stopping dead in his tracks, well that’s interesting. “Come with me.” Veering off, Mark led him to the interrogation room, closing the door behind him.

“What are you talking about?” Mark asked sitting across from him. “I’ve never been good with girls, and I know this isn’t the best place to talk about this, but I overheard you talking to her.” “Wait, you like Kam?”

Eddie nodded, his cheeks going a little red. “It’s okay kid. She’s good looking and sweet. Just go talk to her. In fact she’ll be getting a body to examine and will have samples. So that’s your opportunity.” He nodded. “Thanks Mark. I’ve always been nervous around girls.” “Don’t worry, just be strong, you’ll get there.” Eddie left, a smile on his face. He’s a sweet kid.

Luckily this job hasn’t done much to change him. Leaving the room, he went back to his desk. “We got another shooting!” Terry said grabbing his jacket from his chair. “Where?” “On the way. Let’s move!” Following him out, he sent Eddie a text telling him to meet them in the lot with his field kit, they need their best guy on this. By the time Mark and Terry got to the car, Eddie is already there with his kit. “What’s happened?” “Another shooting. Let’s move.”

Pulling up to the crime scene, the place is surrounded by cop cars. The coroner is just pulling in. Mark Terry and Eddie climbed out of the car, Eddie grabbed his kit from the trunk of the car. Walking up to one of the uniform officers.

“What do we have?” “Two vic’s both gunshot wounds. We’re still looking for witnesses, and camera footage.” The two bodies are lying in the alley, each covered by a sheet. Eddie handed Mark and Terry each a pair of gloves and got to work.

Lifting the sheet, male mid thirty’s two gunshots to the chest. Second vic, a female in her late twenties, also two gunshot wounds to the chest. “It would seem that these weren’t through and through. Hopefully the bullets match the other slugs.” Noticing a foot print. “You with the camera, over here.” “Yes sir?” “Take photos of this.” “Yes sir.” Walking over to Terry he’s talking to Eddie. “How are things going over here?” “I have all kinds of samples.” “Excellent. We need to find these guys.” The M.E is just loading the bodies into the van. Kam is going to be busy for a while. Looking around the scene, uniform cops are trying to keep reporters at bay, constantly pushing them back.

Reporters are like wolves. They will do whatever they can to get a scoop. “Detective! Over here!” Several started calling to him. Ignoring them Mark walked back to the Terry and Eddie

“Hey doc look at this.” Amy sat her chart down and looked at the TV. “What’s going on?” “There’s been another shooting. Two dead.” Putting her hand to her mouth, not again. “Another shooting plagues this city.” The news reporter said as the camera scans the scene. “Two poor souls were lost today. The shooter is still at large. If there were any witnesses please come forward, we need your help.”

Mark came into the frame talking to a uniformed cop. Taking out her phone dialing Mark’s number. “Mark Decker.” “It’s Doc. I’m watching it on the news. Is there anything I can do?” “No unfortunately. Neither survived.” “All right. If there is anything I can do, just let me know.” “I will, thank you. Bye.” “Bye.” Hanging up Amy took one last look at the screen, and got back to work. She has a surgery in ten minutes.

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