Black Rose : Lover of Death

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Dyson Salvatore, the current Don of the Mercia mafia family. A cruel man with a very slow hand. He was a charmer and got everything he wanted. But he screwed up causing the need for major damage control from the one man he can’t stand. His own father. Who’s version of damage control is a brown skin, ginger hair woman with a black rose tattoo. Eva Thorne is a seductive, fearless and sadistic human being. She’s one of the top hit women and torturers of the Mercia top mafia family. She loves her work but she wanted a change. She wanted to live life normally. She was tired of being the Black Rose. Eva decides to take one last assignment. An assignment that just might make her wanna stay in the mafia life or leave right away?

Romance / Drama
K.S Wolfe
Age Rating:


Light shines in from the windows of the room. The room I grew to love. The dark blues and greys that used to give off dull and depressing vibes, didn’t anymore. I felt warm and fuzzy. I felt like a teenager again. All because of him. The silk sheets wrapped around my body felt just like his hands. Last night, He held me like I was a piece of glass. His kisses left a trail of fire down my back.

Bringing my body to a sitting position with a sigh. I caught my reflection in the oversized dressing mirror that was in front of the bed. My tattoo shined in the light. The black rose. A sign of death but sometimes a sign of deep love and infatuation. A smile crept onto my face. Love. Was this it? Was I in love? My smile got wider. In love? Me? The Mafias deadliest hit women and torturer is in love? I gasped at my revelation.

I let the sheets slip from my body and made my way to find some clothes. His shirt from last night laid on the ground. Picking it up, I brought it to my nose. His cologne was still on it. The scent made my stomach turn in pleasure. I wanted him again. In my arms and in between my legs. Buttoning up the shirt, I sighed in content. I was gonna give him my answer. He asked me a question that would change everything for us. Something that I never thought I would be asked. I knew what I wanted.

Opening the door, I followed the smell of breakfast. Bacon and pancakes were in the air. My stomach rumbles at the smell. Eating would have to wait. I needed to find him. Walking to the stairs, I began to get nervous, what if he changed his mind. He did have a few hours to think about it. I hope he didn’t. If he did I would sure enough kill him where he stood. Mafia Don or not. I will put a bullet right between his eyes if he changed his mind. Who am I kidding. I couldn’t do that to him.

“Ahh there you are” my eyes focused on the man in front of me. The man who put this all together. “Good morning Senior. You was looking for me?”I said puzzled. He was dressed to impress as always. Hair slicked back and a newspaper in hand. I stopped at the bottom of the steps and I felt like something was wrong. “Yeah I was. Let’s take a ride”

My stomach dropped. A ride? Only time a Don ask you to take a ride is when you royally fucked up. Now for the Senior Don to ask. It must be something big. But I didn’t do anything. “Is everything alright?” He smirked and nodded his head. It didn’t sit right with me. My stomach felt queasy all of sudden. “Yeah we just need to have a little chat. Don’t want no ears around.”

I gave him a little smile but my body was ready to attack. Something didn’t feel right. “Oh okay well let me get some pants and shoes on.”I said turning around only to be met by a chest. Looking up it was Garret. I turned back to face Senior and he was walking towards the door. “No need.”

Garret took this time and pushed me in the direction of the front door. “Push me again and I’ll rip your fucking hand off.”I spat at him and he just chuckled. “Keep on laughing. I’ll make that smile of yours bloody” I walked out the door. The gravel on the floor was a total different feeling from the hardwood floors in the house. Well it’s not the first time I have had to walk barefoot.

The car ride was quiet. To quiet. Thirty minutes in the suburbs turned into the city. The city was lively with the business men and women running around. The traffic was bad. An two hours later the city quickly turned into a highway. A highway where nobody looks twice at the road kill. My eyes were trained on Senior as Garret came to a stop. He sighed and folded the newspaper that he was reading in half.

“Eva who were you when I found you all those years ago?”he said placing the newspaper on his lap. I raised an eyebrow at his question but I answered. “I was a submissive depressed shell of a teen with no one who cared for her.” I said hiding the pain I still felt.

“Right. Do you remember what we agreed on last year after you asked?” My plans got sweaty as he was bringing up the conversation of me leaving. “Yes I do.”

“I hear hesitation in your voice. You never once hesitated. You're a trained killer. One of my most violent hit women to ever be created. It seems you really have gotten tired.”opening my mouth to speak I was cut off by the raising of his hand. “When I gave you this assignment. We made the term clear as crystal. This was to be your last assignment but you tell me you would like to stay. Is there any reason why?” He leaned back in his seat. I didn’t speak. He sighed once again and pulled out his gun.

Looking Into the barrel of his gun, I wanted to cry. I couldn’t believe that even crossed my mind. I have changed a tad bit and surprisingly I’m not ashamed. A tear slid down my face as I looked in his eyes“I-...I..fell in- I fell in love
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