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Keith remembered Taylor telling him that he was family and all of a sudden she wanted to take that away? No. He would have his family by any means. Taylor. The kids. They all belonged to him and he was going to make sure he’s there to protect them. But what if he was the one they needed saving from? But how could that be when with them he had everything he was missing? *This book contains sexual content (descriptive sex scenes- some sensual, some rough), explicit language, assault, and violence. *Rough Draft (There are grammatical/ punctuational errors.)

Romance / Erotica
Kaye Lovett
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Taylor Ross-Gains forced a smile as she collected small saucers from her husband’s dinner guest. When he was promoted to branch manager at the bank this wasn’t what she had in mind. This was the second dinner party he had in the last month. She had barely healed from having a baby and he wanted to parade people in and out their home. She would talk to him tonight after the party was over but she knew it wouldn’t go well. However, she was fed up with his lack of concern for her and the kids.

“Mrs. Gains.” A young woman was coming behind her with more plates. “I can help you.”

“That’s sweet of you but you can just sit those on top.” Taylor lowered the plates for her to stack the plates on top of the ones she was already carrying. She didn’t want to make small talk with anymore people. “I wouldn’t want you to miss any bank talk.” She smiled politely.

“I work very closely with your husband and I don’t think he would mind me helping since I pretty much know everything.”

“Mm.” Taylor could only move to the kitchen not sure of how to respond to her.

The woman followed her behind the island and sat the dishes in the sink where she placed her stack. The woman was a warm olive complexion, her hair was shades of beautiful brown and blonde that hung down her back. Her eyes were green and almond shaped, lips were plumped and colored with a sinful red lipstick. The halter dress she wore was black and hugged her small but curvy frame in all the right places. She definitely came to make a statement. Taylor question was what was that statement and who was it directed to? “I’m sorry. I’m at a disadvantage, you are?”

“Ann-Marie Daye.” She reached out to shake her hand.

“It’s a pleasure.” Not really. She shook her hand then moved to wipe the counter. She hoped Ann-Marie would take the hint and move on.

“Look. Work wife meets real wife.” She heard someone whisper behind her. She turned and there were two older women who walked off when she gave them a questionable look.

“So Ann-Marie, did you have someone join you tonight? Like a husband?” Taylor asked once she turned back to her.

Ann-Marie laughed. “Of course not.”

“What’s so asinine about my question?”

“Taylor. I see you have met Ann-Marie.” Her husband, Warren smiled at the young woman as he came to his wife’s side and placed his hand at her waist. When Ann Marie’s eyes moved to where his hand was Taylor looked to her husband with a suspicious gaze but she covered it with a smile.

“I have. She’s a lovely young lady.”

“So are you, Mrs. Gains. Excuse me, please.”

She watched the other woman dash off and before Warren could say anything she spoke. “We need to wrap this up, Warren.”

“Here you go.” He said in an aggravated tone. He moved back from her obviously upset at what she just said. “You want to kick out our guest?”

Her eyes narrowed and she couldn’t help but think he had been drinking at lot more than just a few sips of wine she saw him take throughout the night.

“Listen, I don’t care what you do with YOUR guest, just get them out of OUR house.” She said turning to go upstairs to go check on the kids.

She went to her room first checking on her newborn, Ashton then she moved to the room next door where her first born, Rubby was tucked away in her bed sleeping peacefully. She was closing the door to the room when she heard a loud crash from downstairs and she rushed to the first floor.

“That’s right everybody. My wife wants you out of her house!” A plate came crashing into the wall she was about to move to but she had paused when she saw her husband standing on the center island.

“Stop, Warren!” She moved towards him. “Get down!” She said sternly slapping her palms on the countertop. She looked around as some people were leaving and the others were standing shocked to see their boss acting like a drunken asshole.

“Isn’t this what you wanted?” He jumped down in front of her, knocking more dishes on the floor in the process. More people were headed out the house in a steady stream. This was the most irate she had seen him in awhile.

“You know this was not what I meant! You’re breaking shit like we’re at a frat house! What the hell has gotten into you?” She grabbed the cup he was about to throw and sat it on the counter then turned back to him with a frown.

“Warren, please you’re scaring me.” Taylor turned to see it was Ann-Marie’s whining voice who called out to him.

He still was looking at Taylor fuming for a few seconds before his face calmed then he moved to Ann-Marie. “I’m fine. I’m sorry I scared you and that I behaved so unprofessionally.”

Taylor could accept that he was apologizing because she was an employee but when he grabbed her head and placed a kiss to her forehead Taylor almost lost her cool. “I’ll see you on Monday.” He walked her to the door. Once he made sure everyone was gone he closed the door and walked over to Taylor.

“I’m sorry.” He tried to pull her into his arms but she snatched away and her anger only rose when he laughed. “Alright, I’m going to bed.”

“No. You’re going to clean this shit up!” She shoved him making his back hit the wall. “Better yet, call your work wife back here to come help you.” She shook her head. “I can’t believe you!” She rushed upstairs and did something she had been doing a lot lately. Cry.

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