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Mary didn't have the best relationship with her dad. He was mostly away for work, not being there for Mary. Mary meets her father's main bodyguard Cole and falls in love with him. However Mary finds out her mom's family is the Spanish mafia, and her grandfather arranged her marriage with the Korean mafia heir Kim Kaijun.

Romance / Action
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Chapter 1

Mary-Ann Knight.

The daughter of the famous 36 year old man Simon Knight, CEO of Knight Cooperation. His father was the founder of the company, but after he died Simon took over the business.

Mary’s mother on the other hand wasn’t popular like Mary’s dad, but she was a very lovable, kind and warm person. Her name is Katelyn.

The small family lives in New York City where Simon’s main business building was.

Mary’s POV

“Mary-Ann Knight?” The teacher called “Here!” I said raising my hand.

She called out the rest of the names and with that the register was finished. We went our separate ways going to out first class

“Hey Mary!” I hear someone call. I turned around and was met by Serra “Um, hey. What is it?” I asked smiling “It’s your birthday this weekend right? Please please please tell me you’re inviting me!” She exclaimed grinning.

I gave a nervous laugh “What made you think I’ll be having a party??” I asked as we walked “Your dad is one of the most powerful human beings on this earth, duh!” She exclaimed.

I sighed, heard that everyday

“Your dad is so hot! If you had a crush on him I wouldn’t blame you!”

“Is he that handsome..?”

“Ugh, it’s probably because you’re used to his face.”

“I don’t even remember the last time I saw his face.”

She paused. Well this is getting awkward

“Anyways... I’m not sure. Mom’s not going to be here for my birthday, and Dad.. he’d probably forget. He has to focus on his job.” I said.

She gasped “Oh well, you never know!” She said grinning again “I’m gonna be late for class, bye Mary!” She exclaimed running off.

I silently waved at her.

Serra was a really hard person to read.

Her family, the Alexanders are known for their sour attitudes and personalities.

My grandmother wanted my dad to marry Serra’s cousin once.

My dad of course chose my mom over her. Because of this however, I don’t know if I could trust her or not.

~A t H o m e~

When I got home it was empty, as usual.

I heard shifting in my dad’s office.

He’s actually here?

I hardly get to see my dad. Last year I only saw dad five times for the year.

The situation became so bad, I almost forgot what he looks like.

Since I barely see him, I usually get nervous around him when we meet.

I stood there staring at the office door, not knowing what to do.

Should I go in?

Maybe he’s too busy, I don’t want to disturb him..

The door suddenly opens making me freeze.

The tall man came out with some files in his hands.

He looks at me and pauses.

There was a silence, until he broke it


I couldn’t recognize the man. Since when did he have brown hair? weren’t his eyes blue? Wait.. or was it grey..? Ugh.. what if he’s not my dad? Is he some PA dad sent?

“Who are you?”

I see something flash into his eyes, hurt

“I’m your dad.” He said “Oh..” I said awkwardly looking away “Just checking,” I said looking back at him.

He gave a nod “I just came to pick up some files I forgot.” He said “Oh..” I said.

Am I the only one feeling awkward?!

“Do you want to see your mother? I could give you a ride.” He said.

I nodded quickly “That’ll be cool.” I said “Let’s go.” He said and walked pass me.

He looked awkward too, I think we’re both feeling awkward. This is so awkward...

The ride was silent since we drove off.

I kept my eyes on the sidewalk through the window, avoiding him. I was feeling really nervous around him.

To add on he’s extremely handsome!

And it’s just weird saying that about my dad...

“..How was school?” He asked, I looked at him “It was good.” I said, he nods.

Silence again..

I need to keep this conversation going “Serra came to me today, asking me if I’m going to have a party on my birthday..” I said

“That Alexander girl?” He asked “Yeah.” I said “Will I be having a birthday party?” I asked

“You can if you want. I can get someone to sort out everything, and you can invite your family and friends.” He said

“.. Will you be there?”

he stayed silent for a while

“I can’t promise anything. There’s work and I have a business trip.” He said, I looked down.

I was expecting that, but it still hurts..

“I see.. what’s the point of having a birthday party then, when my parents can’t even come..” I said.

In the glass I could of seen his face. He looked bothered “I’m sorry Mary.. I wish I could come..” he said

“No it’s okay. Your job comes first-”

“No that’s not it, but I don’t have a choice.” He cuts me off.

I sighed deciding not to say anything. He didn’t say anything either.

The car came to a stop “.. I won’t be home tonight. I’ll see you.. ” He said with a pause, really?

“Okay, bye.” I said opening the door “I love you!” He said loud enough for me to hear

“You too..” I said lowly and walked off. I walked into the hospital.

Simon’s POV


She really hates me now. I rubbed my forehead in frustration.

I watched her until she was inside the hospital. I drive off towards my company. When I got there, one of my guards took the keys and drove off with my car.

I enter the building and was greeted by my security “Good morning Mister Knight.” they said.

Still being pissed I ignored them and passed my secretary, who quickly fallowed me

“Good morning Mister Knight, you have a meeting in one minute!-”

“Cancel it.” I cut her off

“.. Yes sir.” She said and I was left alone.

I take my private elevator and went into my office, the highest floor in the building.

I get in my office and throw myself in the chair, crossing my arms.

Mary’s POV

“Hey Mom.” I said sitting behind her.

She smiles back “Hey sweetie, How are you?” She asked as I held her hand

“I’m fine mom. How are you?" I ask

“I’ve been better. So is your little brother.” She said patting her stomach.

My mom is six months pregnant, and her pregnancy caused her to be extremely sick.

Since there’s not really anyone at home, she’s staying at the hospital.

I almost want to pound dad for giving her such a hard time, but we all know that’s impossible.

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