A Dance with Death

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Chapter 11

I gulped nervously as the taxi pulled up out the front of an average looking apartment complex, made from brick and cement. I repeated the apartment number over and over in my head. I paid the taxi driver and rang the corresponding doorbell to Shin's name.

The door to the foyer unlocked and I entered. I followed the directions that Shin had given me and arrived at his door. Before I could knock, the door quietly opened and Shin ushered me inside.

"Glad you came Roku. Please have a seat. Would you like a wine?" Shin asked, while motioning for me to take a seat on the lounge chair.

"Yes please." I answered as I awkwardly took a seat. Shin left for the kitchen and I looked around the apartment. It was modest, with a glass door leading onto a balcony that looked out over the city with a glimpse of the ocean in the distance. The floor was tiled and the furniture was modern and so clean. Compared to mine anyway, my furniture was once clean but since I got Ellie, they're not as clean as they once were. But Ellie was worth it.

Shin returned with a cheese platter and a glass of red wine. He placed it down on the glass and metal coffee table then he went back into the kitchen returning with his glass of wine.

We awkwardly sat in silence, I took a delicate sip of the wine, while he did the same. The silence and the urge to know what happened to Mors was too much, so I broached the subject,

"So, Shin, What happened to Mors? Please tell me everything, and don't leave anything out." I was close to begging by this point in time.

Shin sighed, rested his glass on the table and looked at me. He was struggling, but he took in another deep breath and started his story.

" Well, it all started when Mors delivered Ellie to you. He was still being followed by the enforcers of Reaper law. They're similar to human police and detectives. He had done so well, keeping away from you and just focusing on his duties as a reaper.

The enforcers didn't even suspect he was up to anything that breached Reaper law. They were so close to reporting back to the powers that be, to tell them that Mors was innocent and hadn't done anything wrong. He would ask me to check on you daily and tell him how you were handling no contact from him, because I wasn't being followed. He also asked me to deliver hand written notes to you occasionally, which again I agreed to do.

I noticed very quickly that you were becoming sad and depressed. I thought I was doing the right thing by telling him that you weren't handling being alone very well.

Mors became worried and the last thing he wanted was to be the one to hold your hand and ferry your soul into the afterlife because you were so sad. He thought about you everyday, and every day he became more worried about you and fought the urge to visit you.

It took us a week to decide on what we could do to make you happier, without Mors risking it all to visit you. We knew that animals such as cats, dogs, and birds made humans happy. So we decided to find you one, but weren't sure on which animal you'd like the most.

As fate would have it mere days after our discussion we were attending to death in a darkened smelly toilet block. It was caused by a drug overdose. Another sad young life was taken by drugs, he was only twenty three years old.

As we were about to ferry his soul away, the man's soul begged us to find his Puppy which had been stolen. He even told us who he suspected had stolen her.

The puppy was eleven weeks old soon to be twelve, he gave us a description and he asked us If we did find her, if we could look after her or give her to someone who'd love her, spoil her, and give her a good life, not one where she lived on the street. We agreed, because the first person that came to our minds was you. It was like you were destined to be Ellie's owner.

It didn't take us long to find her, his suspicions proved to be correct. We took her away from them and she instantly bonded with Mors. Mors took her back to his apartment. He fed and bathed her.

I was called away for an unexpected event. I thought Mors would have had more sense and would wait for my return, so I could deliver Ellie to you. I think he was just so excited to surprise you with Ellie, he even put a bow around her neck.

On his way to your house he stopped of at a 24hr department store and bought food, toys, bowls, treats, and a bed for her. From there he went to your house. You were fast asleep, so he didn't want to disturb you he left the items in the loungeroom and a note in the holder attached to Ellie's collar. He kissed you on the cheek and put Ellie on your bed. I don't know if he had a lapse in judgement or just forgot about the Enforcers because he was so adamant about making you happy, and knew Ellie would achieve this goal.

The enforcers saw everything, they even read the note that Mors left for you in Ellie's collar. They saw the kiss, the stuff he brought for you to help with Ellie. They nabbed him as soon as he left your house.

On my return home I stopped by Mors' apartment to see if he was there and if he needed help with delivering Ellie to you. He didn't answer the door, I started to worry. I used the hidden spare key and entered the apartment, it was completely empty, nothing of what Mors had collected over the years was to be seen, no furniture, no appliances, pictures, nothing. I knew something bad had happened.

Not long after discovering the empty apartment, my smart watch lit up, I was being called back to the Reaper realm. On my arrival there, I was ushered into the courthouse, Mors was already on trial.

The jury of fellow reapers, demigods, and other beings from our realm declared Mors guilty of forming a romantic relationship with a human.

Mors was given two choices; first he would be put to proper death, meaning human death, no chance of immortality. This meant you could start a new life as another human.

The second choice was that Mors' memory be completely wiped. Meaning no memories of his human life before he became a reaper, his reaper life, and lastly no memory of you. He would then be returned to the human realm where he would live the rest of his life as a human and die a true human death. Mors chose this option.

To him if he truly loved you, Roku, that you'd meet again and he would fall in love with you just like he had before his memory was wiped.

Just like that, Mors' memory was wiped, he became mortal, and was returned to the human realm. I tracked him down, looked after him, got him an apartment next to mine and have been his carer ever since.

Mors is child like because his mind is exactly that of an innocent child, new to the world, new to feelings and new to responsibility. With my guidance, he is growing up everyday, but i fear it will take a while for his brain to catch up to his body. I wanted to wait until his brain matched his body before I introduced you to him. But unfortunately that was not the case, and in sorry you've seen him before he has matured." Shin paused, took the wine in his hand and swirled it around while staring into its crimson depths.

"What happened to your human lover, Shin? Did you stop seeing her?" I asked him.

Shin stopped swirling the wine and looked at me. Unshed tears shone in his eyes.

" I broke it off with her after I saw what they did to Mors for simply loving you.

It broke her heart. She killed herself as she could not see a a future life without me, Roku.

I'm still affected by it, even six months later I mourn her passing like it happened yesterday. I decided to make it my mission to help Mors as a way to keep my mind focused and as a way to honour her memory." Shin started to cry. I felt guilty for making Shin remember her death. I got up from my chair and took a place beside Shin. I removed the wine glass from his hand, pulled him close and wrapped my arms around him and held him tightly as he let the tears fall.

"I'm sorry." I whispered, "Thank you for looking after Mors for me. But you shouldn't have to do this all by yourself. Let me help you."

While still holding Shin tightly in my embrace, I heard the door open. Mors entered the room as I was still embracing Shin.

Shin and I separated. Mors stood there staring at us, he seemed shocked but also seemed to be upset about something.

"Roku, why did you make Shin cry?" He questioned me, I could tell he was upset with me. Before I could answer, Shin answered the question.

"Im okay now, Clay. Roku didn't make me cry, I felt sad and Roku was cuddling me to help me feel better and to stop me from crying."

Clay approached us, sat where I was previously sitting and studied us, like he was trying to read the situation, just in case I did make Shin cry. He focused his attention to Shin,

"Are you sure that Roku didn't make you sad?" Clay asked innocently, while offering Shin a handkerchief from his pocket.

Shin smiled sweetly and took the handkerchief from Clay's hand and used it to wipe his tears away.

"Yes, I'm sure Clay. Roku is a nice man, he would never try and make me sad." Shin answered. Clay looked at me and said,

"Thank- you Roku for trying to stop Shin from being sad. Sorry for thinking you were being mean and making Shin cry." Clay apologised, his face was red and he looked down to the ground.

"Is everything alright, Clay?" Shin asked

"Yeah. Everything is okay, I just wanted you to come over and read me a story. I can't sleep. I'm scared." Clay answered.

"Alright, how about you and I go back to your apartment, and I'll read you a story. Would you like that?" Shin replied,

Clay's face lit up as he replied,

"Yes, Thank you Shin. Ummmm...."

"Ummm what Clay?" Shin asked

With a red face, and looking down at the floor Clay mumbled,

"Can Roku come over too and help you read me a story? "

Shin smiled, his eyes shone with amusement and turned to me.

"Is that alright with you Roku?"

"Yes, it's alright." I replied.

Clay let out an excited and happy gasp and grabbed my hand and led me out of Shins apartment and into his. Shin followed behind, smiling.

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