A Dance with Death

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Chapter 13

I rushed inside and found Shin pouring himself a glass of wine. He saw me and smiled,

"You were talking about me out there weren't you?" I asked, cautiously.

"Bingo, he's finally got it." Shin smiled while taking a big swig of his wine. " But it seems the feeling is not mutual." He continued as he walked into the loungeroom and sat on the chair.

I was shocked, I didn't even know Shin had any type of feelings for me other than platonic ones. My heart fluttered, I didn't expect that kind of reaction to Shin's admission to me. So I sat beside him and grabbed his free hand and held it in my own.

"Why are you not afraid of holding my hand, Shin? Mors told me that even a touch from a Reaper could kill me. How come your touch doesn't?"

Shin sighed,

" I'm older than Mors. When we first become reapers we are told that our touch can kill, our kiss can kill, even our breath can kill. But what they don't tell us is that if someone touches us, they won't die.

Secondly, only the kiss, touch, and breath of your designated Reaper can kill. Unless a Reaper is controlled enough to not kill their human lover, which it seems that Mors was, but not controlled enough that him kissing you makes you pass out.

Every human is designated a Reaper to take their souls into the afterlife or to judgement based on their personal beliefs. As I was not designated to you, I can kiss you, touch you, breath on you and you won't die." Shin explained

"So does that mean that Mors was my designated Reaper?"

Shin sighed,

"Yes, he was, Roku."

"So if I was to kiss you now, I won't pass out or die?" I asked,

"Yes." Shin answered.

"Well, Kiss me Shin. I want to know what it feels like, to be kissed by a Reaper and not be close to death."

Shin was shocked and hesitated but then leaned in. When our lips touched, they were warm, not ice cold.

It was strange, kissing Shin and not feeling the coldness spread over my body, not feel the darkness close in until I passed out.

It was just warm, tingly, and firey. My breathing quickened and soon my fingers were fiddling with the buttons on Shin's shirt, then his belt, then the zipper on his pants.

Shin found himself doing the same. Soon I was on my back, shirt unbuttoned, pants undone with Shin above me. I ran my hands across his chest, around his back as he kissed my lips then ran his tongue and lips up and down my neck. His breathing quickened, he removed his shirt, then removed mine before he resumed kissing me.

I helped remove his pants, we were in the loungeroom, in nothing more than our underwear. I could see the outline of Shins partially hardened cock through his tight green trunks.

I fondled with my underwear and flicked them off. Shin chuckled at how quickly my undies came off and how far away they landed.

"Seems, you're keen." Shin whispered, amused at my eagerness. He then removed his underwear.

We kissed and our hands explored the others body. Shin had more muscle definition than me, but his physique was smaller than mine. I loved running my hands over his body, from feeling the dip of his hips, to the small section of coarse hair on his chest, to the firmness of his arse and the movement of his shoulders and back as he kissed and fucked me.

I moaned as he thrusted and as his cock reached further inside me. He ran his hands along the backs of my thighs and to my calves which were in the air his touch sending tingles through my body.

Soon his thrusting became faster, and with a gasp and a moan my arse filled with his cum. Shin noticed that I was still hard and hadn't reached climax yet. He moved my legs apart and took my hard cock in his soft warm mouth, he started to suck. It didn't take me long to explode into his mouth.

We were both short of breath, and our chests rose and fell, as we waited to catch our breath. I was still on my back, naked while Shin was sitting up, my taste fresh upon his lips, his legs spread, while mine were resting on his lap. It was then that I heard a door close, and before I could get up, Clays face appeared in the door way.

My heart sank, Shin and I had just finished having sex, we were naked on the lounge, short of breath, slathered in sweat and this was the time Clay decided to visit.

I made eye contact with Clay and my heart broke. Clay was crying, his face reflected betrayal, hurt, sadness and anger. His crying turned to heart breaking sobs, he ran from the apartment and into his own, slammed the door.

Tears fell from my eyes, as I turned to Shin

"What have I done? Why did I do this? How can I make this better?" I cried, my stomach was heavy and my heart felt as though eels or leeches were slithering around inside it.

Shin grabbed my hand and whispered,

" You can't make this better, not now, anyway. You should have a shower, get dressed and head home. I'll try and talk to him."

Shin sighed,

"Loneliness drives people to do things that they normally wouldn't do. We bonded over ours, and that drove us to seek solice with each other, which led us here.

We're both to blame for this, I'm sorry we ended up here and that Clay witnessed this. I'm sorry." Shin whispered as he pulled on his clothes and went over to Clay's apartment.

I jumped in the shower, washed the cum and sweat from my body, if only guilt and regret could be washed away just as easily I whispered to myself. I hated what I had done.

I recklessly destroyed the pure, innocent love and adoration that Clay had for me. I had broken his innocent heart. Tears fell from my eyes as I called a taxi. Even as I handed the pet sitter money they fell.

I needed to call Shin later on to see what happened.

As it turned out, I didn't need to call Shin because around two hours after I had arrived home, Shin rang me.

I answered with a small sliver of hope that Clay didn't hate me.

"So, how is he?" I asked concerned. The sliver of hope disappeared when Shin answered my question with a long sigh and a pause.

"I managed to calm him down, but he isn't handling it too well. He is really hurt Roku, and doesn't want to see you anymore. He doesn't even want to visit me or have our pancake Sunday's anymore either. I think he'll change his mind, eventually, but it will take time. I'm sorry, again. I truly am."

"Okay." I answered, hearing that Clay didn't want to see me, hurt like a million shards of broken glass had cut into my heart.

"We'll talk again, I promise." Shin tried to reassure me. I didn't feel very assured.

"I hope so, Shin. Goodbye." I mumbled into the phone.

"Bye, Roku." He replied then silence filled my ear.

I regretted my decision sleeping with Shin, I truly did. We had bonded through our loneliness and our care for Mors. It was bound to happen, I just wished I stopped myself from letting it get to the point of sex, I wished it stopped at the kissing or even some heavy fondling.

Ellie picked up on my emotional turmoil and nudged my hand with her wet nose, begging me for pets. I gave in and patted her head. Soon my hands were being covered in wet kisses and the sound of her tail hitting the floor made me smile, even if it was only for a mere second.

Mors made a good decision finding Ellie and giving her to me. I just wished I was as good as Mors when making decisions for myself. Even fleeting ones.
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