A Dance with Death

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Chapter 15

After our talk on the bench, we felt lighter and happier. I talked with Clay for a little while longer and then I walked him to his motorbike.

"Since when have you been interested in motorbikes? The only mode of transport that Mors used was a silver Camry."

Clay chuckled as he removed his trench coat, pulled his gloves out of the pocket and somehow managed to stuff it in a foldable empty backpack. He has his helmet and Jacket secured by a cable lock to the bike. He pulled on his gear, then his backpack. He lifted his visor smiled at me and said,

"I'll see you soon, Roku." Then jumped on his bike it roared to life and with a final wave and some loud revs he was gone.

I arrived home with an exhausted Ellie and feeling ten times lighter than when I left. Clay had definitely matured since the last time we talked.

I was in the kitchen deciding on what to have for dinner when the phone vibrating against the benchtop startled me. I reached over and saw the number, I didn't recognise it. So I pondered whether to answer, I decided to answer it. A familiar voice on the other end rang in my ears

"Geez, old man you took your time to answer the phone." Before I could open my mouth to defend myself, I was bombarded with more questions,

"So, are you busy? Would you like to go out for dinner then to the club?"

I sighed, Clay was nothing like Mors. If it was Mors he'd want to go to a nice restaurant, we'd get desserts and a coffee together then he'd drop me home like the gentleman he was.

"Uh, No I'm not busy. Where are we going to go for dinner?" I questioned hesitantly.

"Don't worry yourself old man. I've got it all sorted, just make sure you wear long pants and leather shoes. Don't dress up too fancy either, we aren't going anywhere like that. I'll pick you up at seven?"

"Okay, see you then, Clay." I replied, I was unsure of what to expect. But he was picking me up in an hour I didn't have much time. I decided to leave Ellie by herself, she's already had such a big day and would most likely sleep the night away, not even caring if I was there.

Just like Mors, Clay arrived exactly on time. It was strange that Mors and Clay were the opposites of each other, but Clay still had some of Mors' quirks, such as always being on time and the same love of old school fashion.

As I walked outside, I was expecting to see a silver Camry waiting for me in the driveway, but there was no Camry just Clay's bike. I turned and looked at him concerned, a slight tone of fear crept in my voice as I asked

"Uhh! How are we getting to the restaurant, when you've only ridden your bike?" Clay looked at me and smiled, it was a big, cute, and cheeky grin.

"Uhh! By bike...Here's a helmet for you." I took the helmet and my heart starting beating wildly. As I hesitantly followed him to his bike.

Clay gave me a quick run down on how to be a pillion passenger. Hold on, lean when he leans, and rest my feet on the pegs. I waited for Clay to get on the bike and then I mounted up behind him. It was a snug fit, I held Clay around his waist as the motorbike roared to life. It was scary riding as a pillion passenger, It took me a little bit to adjust but I learnt pretty quickly.

The cool wind seemed to blow through me as we rode into the city, and down to the foreshore. The streets were packed with cars and if we were in a car it would've been difficult to find a park, but as we were on a motorbike, it was easy.

We rode past glass apartment complexes with shops and restaurants on ground level. Soon we arrived at our destination, it was a steakhouse, full of people. Luckily Clay had made a booking.

With a stomach full of food and drink. I mounted the bike once again. Clay drove for about two blocks and we found a perfect park out the front of a well known gay club. We got right in, and with a bit of flirting done by Clay, the barman put our gear in the staff room.

I felt out of place, as I usually did in gay clubs, I was old and the patrons all looked young enough to be my children. I felt like I was the oldest one there, plus the music really wasn't my taste.

However, for Clay's sake I forced a smile and tried to enjoy myself. I found an empty corner with a loungechair plus a table. I claimed that as fast as I could while Clay waited at the bar to get drinks.

As he was the designated driver, his drinks consisted of soft drinks and non-alcoholic cocktails. Throughout the night I was given a mixture of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks I needed to stay sober enough to be able to be a good pillion passenger and not cause stress or issues for Clay.

Clay arrived carrying the first round of drinks, he sat right next to me and had to yell in my ear as the music was too loud.

"Have a drink and let's go dance." He yelled excitedly. I smiled weakly and nodded my head. I dreaded dancing, I wasn't very good at it. I looked more like I was being electrocuted instead of dancing.

I finished then he dragged me out onto the floor, I stood still and looked around. Clay was dancing sexily while looking at me. He grabbed my hands and pulled me towards him until every part of our body was touching. He looked at me, and then kissed me, it wasn't a short kiss, but a long one. I melted at the touch of his lips on mine, at least I didn't feel my body go cold, nor did I pass out.

I was happy, my heart fluttered. There we were at a club and in the middle of the dance floor making out, numerous people dancing around us. It was like a romantic scene in a movie, and just like a movie I only saw Clay. The people dancing around us were nothing more than blurs of movement.

Suddenly the dance floor felt as though it was being consumed by an invisible flame and the intense heat would cause our bodies to self combust. All due to the firey passion and tension that passed between our lips. We returned to our secluded, dark corner and just as I sat down, Clay straddled me, and we continued indulging in passionate kisses and the growing tension between us.

We hadn't even been at the club for an hour, before the tension became unbearable. Clay wanted to stay at the club and begged me to sneak away into a toilet cubicle with him. I refused, I loved Clay and connecting in a toilet with sticky, wet floors that reeked of stale alcohol, piss, and vomit was not how I'd want to spend our first night together.

We finally decided to go back to Clay's apartment, as he lived closer to the club than I did, plus there'd be no interruptions from a curious dog.

We'd hardly got into the apartment, before we resumed our kissing. Soon I was being pushed onto the lounge, then straddled by Clay. Between our intense kisses, I fondled with Clay's pants.

Once his pants and trunks were removed, and his shirt unbuttoned he moved on to me. He knelt on his knees, unzipped my pants, removed my trunks, then took my cock in his mouth. I let out a gasp of surprise, he had a pack of condoms in the drawer of the coffee table, which he reached into and pulled one out, plus a small tube of lube. He sucked my cock more, until he was satisfied by my hardness, he put one on me, and lubed it up.

I ran my hands over his body, he then turned around so his arse was facing me. I guided him onto.my erect cock and soon I was inside him. We took it slow, he arched his back with every movement of his body as he rode my cock. I held his waist then moved my hands all over his body. Feeling every movement he made. I heard every gasp and moan that escaped his lips. Soon the condom was filled with my seed and Clays hands were covered in his own.

We made love more than once that night. It was such a release, finally being intimate with Clay.

After this we snuggled together on the lounge our naked bodies melding with each other. I gently caressed Clays face and swirled my fingers across his body. We were both relaxed, and a silence enclosed around us, it was a peaceful quiet, not awkward, just peaceful.

I fell asleep with Clay in my arms. I didn't wake until a soft glow of morning sun infringed on my sleep. I gently untangled my arms from Clays body and quietly maneuvered my way off the lounge. I picked up my pants and looked at my mobile phone, it was eight in the morning. I needed to hurry and have a shower and get home to Ellie to feed and check on her.

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