A Dance with Death

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Chapter 16

I tip toed past Clay and into the bathroom, the tiles were like Ice as I stepped on them. I quickly turned on the hot water, filling the bathroom with steam and warmth.

I was half way through my shower when the door to the bathroom opened and in stumbled a sleepy and groggy Clay.
He went to the toilet and then hopped in the shower with me.

"One more time before you go?" He leaned in and whispered into my right ear. I couldn't resist another chance to be intimate with Clay. So I pushed him up against the tiled wall and kissed him. He smiled in between our kisses, which made me more eager to fuck him. I kissed his neck and then his lips. He kissed me back, it was a flurry of kisses, moans, gasps of anticipation and finally his hardness pushing against me told me he was ready.
I covered his neck in more kisses and my hands teased his cock. He tilted his head back as I started nibbling on his neck and chest. Through the trickling water I heard Clay whisper,

"Ohhh! Roku, please, stop teasing me. My body is yearning for you, don't make me wait any longer. Fuck me, please." The begging tone in Clays voice, the growing pressure building inside me was too much.

"Turn around, face the wall, relax and spread your legs a little Clay. I will fuck you soon." I whispered in reply to his begging. Clay did as he was told, I teased him more, I ran my hands across his arse, started out by inserting a finger inside him then a couple more. I then ran my dick between his arse cheeks, but not entering him.

"Fuck me Roku. Stop teasing me, I'm going to come even before you're inside me. Please hurry." Clay whispered.
I did just as he asked, I separated his cheeks, then inserted my soaking wet dick inside him.

I slowly pushed my way in, until I was as deep as I could go. I started thrusting, Clay gasped and moaned with every thrust. I grabbed a hold of his waist, then ran my hands up his chest, his neck, then to his open mouth. I could feel his breathing as it brushed my fingertips, I grabbed a hold of each side of his mouth, and then forced them inside, until I could feel the warmth and softness of his tongue.

Clay sucked on them eagerly covering them in saliva, saliva then started to drop from the corners of his mouth as he became close to orgasm. I moved back down to his waist, and felt his body spasm as he came. I was still hard, but close to orgasm. I came twice, both inside Clay. We finished our shower with a long kiss, and we cleaned ourselves once again.

It was close to a quarter past nine as I left Clays apartment. I felt as though I was on a high. It had been such a long time since I'd made love with someone.

Shin was the last person I had sex with and that turned out to be one of the biggest mistakes of my life, other than letting Mors love me so much that he was caught and his memories taken from him.

All because I allowed him to fall for me hard, knowing the consequences if he was to be discovered having a relationship with a human. A human who he was assigned to be the reaper of their soul.
I caught a taxi home, wearing my clothes from the night before that reeked of sweat, old cologne, and alcohol. At least my body was clean.

Many months passed me by, Clay had moved in with me, he'd matured enough now that at least his mind was that of an adult and not a child.

One night, I dreamt the dream that had plagued me since childhood. I dreamt of the car accident, the lady on the phone, the lights, the sounds and the smell of burning, fresh blood and petrol. I woke up with a scream and my body lathered in sweat.

At least this time I didn't wake up scared and alone. At least I had Clay by my side.

My screaming must've woken Clay up, he wrapped his arms around me. He pulled me in close and I snuggled my head into his chest.

"What a dream you must've had, Roku. Do you want to share your dream with me?" Clay asked, concern and pity layered in his voice.

I shared my dream with him.

"Do you think the dream you had, might not be a dream at all, but a memory? Have you talked to your father about it? He might know more than you think." Clay asked.

I was dumbfounded, how could the answer be so simple. It did not occur to me even once to mention the dream to my father. All those years, and the answer was so obvious, I needed to speak with my Father.

I kissed Clay on the lips, and thanked him for his help and pointing out the very obvious point of action I should take. I slept soundly for the rest of the night.

The following afternoon after I had finished work. I found a quiet spot in my office building and nervously dialled my Father's number. After the fourth ring, my Father's gruff voice answered,

"Hi, It's me, can we talk?" I stuttered into the phone.

"Roku, Is that you?" He answered, a tone of surprise etched his voice.

"Yes, Dad, It's me." My father let out a short laugh of excitement.

"Its been so long since we spoke." Then the tone of his voice changed from excitement to concern. "Is everything okay? You're not in trouble are you?"

"No Dad, I'm not in trouble. I just have a few questions, and I'm hoping you know the answers?" There was a pause.

"Okay." He replied.

"When my mother was killed in the car accident, was I in the car with her?"

Dad took in a deep breath, there was a long pause. His voice quivered,

"Yes, you were. But how do you know this? You were barely a toddler when it happened. You nearly died, Roku." I felt a wave of relief rush over me. I now knew my dream was a memory.

"Well, ever since I can remember I've had a reoccurring dream. I remember a brown - haired woman crying and screaming into a car phone. I remember headlights, a loud bang, broken glass and the smell of blood, fuel, and smoke. Then I found it hard to breathe, and I was screaming and crying. I always woke up from this dream slathered in sweat, and hyperventilating. Now, I know it was not just a dream but a memory.... Dad?" I paused.

He answered with a


"Why was Mum crying and screaming on the phone? She was so invested in the phone call that she lost concentration and veered onto the wrong side of the road. I know we hit a truck because the lights were higher than usual."

There was a long pause on the other end, a faint sniffle and a deep inhale of air.

"I guess you're old enough to know the truth now. Im telling you this, not to speak badly of your mother, especially since she died in that accident. Your mother was having an affair. I don't know much about him, other than his name, that they worked together, he was younger than your Mum and he was pretty high up in the chain of command at the company she worked at.

That day I found out about her affair and contacted him. He did not know about us, he thought she was single, he rang her the afternoon of the accident to break up with her. So that's who was probably calling your mother, and part of the reason she wasn't paying attention."

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