A Dance with Death

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Chapter 17

After I had finished talking to my Dad, I sat in a shocked but also relieved silence. It felt as though a large weight had been lifted from my shoulders, and I breathed a sigh of relief. I couldn't wait to get home and tell Clay.

I arrived home to see that Clay wasn't around. Ellie came bounding over to the door, her whole back end, hips, bum and tail wagging. Seeing her happiness made me happy. So I knelt to her level, patted her head and gave her a hug, my affection was answered by a lick to the face.

I found a note placed under a mug on the kitchen bench ,

My beloved Roku,

Sorry I'm not home. I had some urgent business to attend. I'll see you later on. Love you.

Clay xxx

It was strange leaving a note in this day and age. We had mobile phones and could text each other now. Something wasn't right. I had the urge to call him.

I called three times and each time, it went straight to message bank. There was no ringing on the other end. Either Clay was out of range or had turned his phone off. My heart beat wildly, so I called Shin, his phone went straight to message bank too.

I would not normally be bothered by this, but my instincts, my heart was telling me that something was wrong and it involved both Shin and Clay. I decided to visit Shin, I grabbed my keys and braved peak hour traffic to rush over to Shin's apartment.

When I arrived, I found the door ajar and the apartment was eerily quiet. I took in a sharp breath and entered. The apartment was ransacked, things were thrown on the floor, the cushion' s off the loungechair were strewn across to the opposite side of the room.

There had been a struggle, I tip -toed around the discarded cushions, and random items that littered the floor. I entered the bedroom next, and to my surprise I found Clay unconscious on the floor, dressed in only his underwear. I knelt beside him and tried to shake him awake. He didn't respond.

"Clay! Clay!" I yelled while shaking him, "Wake up! C'mon, please?" I begged as I gently slapped his face.

About 10 minutes later, when I was close to giving up and calling him an ambulance. Clay started to stir.

" Roku, Roku," he moaned softly

"Shhhhh! I'm here now, you don't need to worry." I said trying to keep my excitement in check, as I cradled his head in my arms holding him tightly.

I waited until Clay was fully conscious before I threw a tirade of questions his way. Once I was satisfied with his lucidity, I started my tirade.

"Clay, What happened? Why are you in your underwear and unconscious in Shin's room? Where's Shin?"

Clay sat up groggily and put his hand up to signal me to stop asking questions.

"Roku, stop! I feel as though I've been hit by a truck. For starters, who the hell is Clay?"

My breath caught in my throat, I felt as though i'd burst out crying. While Clay, sat there on the floor in his undies, I threw my arms around him and held him close.

"Mors? Is it really you? Is it really my beloved Mors?"

"Yes, who else would it be Roku?" He answered gruffly.

I held him as tight as I could.
"I'm glad you're back. There's a lot of catching up to do. A lot has happened since you left. But first, what happened to Shin?"

Mors stood from the ground and gathered his clothes that had been thrown in a pile in the far corner of the room. He pulled them on.

We sat at the table outside and had some coffee. Once he was comfortable Mors opened up.

"Shin rang me, he was scared of something and wanted to meet me. It is out of character for Shin to be so terrified. I knew something wasn't right. So I rushed over here. Shin hurriedly invited me inside. He locked all his windows and doors. He pulled the curtains closed and turned all lights off.

I asked him what was wrong. He told me that they knew he had been a relationship with a human in the past and that you and him have had sex. He also told me that he knew a way to bring my memories back. He said that a certain phrase or word would unlock all the memories they stole from me. He said I had been hypnotised and that my amnesia could be reversed, if only I knew the word or phrase.

I couldn't think of any, shin said that a source that told him about this, had a list of words that were commonly used on others who had disobeyed the rules and suffered the same fate as me.

We spent close to 2 hours going through the list and through any words or phrases that meant something to me. Nothing worked and shin was becoming more desperate, he said we needed to hurry as they'd be here very soon to collect him to go to trial.

It was by pure accident that I found out the word. I asked Shin what his name meant, he told me that it was a shortened version of the word Shinigami, which is what Japanese people call their death spirits which is pretty much the same as a reaper.

As soon as I heard Shinigami, it was like my brain overflowed with memories of my life as a reaper and as my life as a human.

Not even 10 minutes later the doors to the apartment were kicked down and we were surrounded by soldiers working for the powers that be. Shin was captured I was forced into the bedroom, stripped of my clothes and hit over the head. So they left with Shin unhindered by me as I was out cold, and then that's when you found me Roku.

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