A Dance with Death

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Chapter 18

I asked Mors if there was any way that we could see what has happened to Shin.

Mors only had one option, he needed to teleport to the world of the reapers and ask if anybody knew what had happened to Shin. The only way he could teleport was by using his smart watch, and I had no idea if he was wearing it when he was taken from me, or if he had hidden it beforehand. I couldn't remember, we searched Clay's apartment. When Mors was captured, all his belongings were taken too, even his silver Camry.

We returned to Shins apartment and collapsed defeated on the loungechair. We racked our brains. I started to wonder if Shin had hidden his smart watch before he was kidnapped or even if he had spares. I voiced my idea to Mors, there was a glimpse of recognition in his eyes.

"Roku, I just remembered that Shin told me to look under his bed. I was doing that before we were attacked and Shin kidnapped."

Mors jumped up from the lounge and ran into Shin's room. He returned a short time later with a huge grin on his face and holding up the watch.

"Yessss! Good work Mors." I said excitedly

"So when should I expect you be back to the human world?"

Mors smiled again,

"Give me 5 hours and I'll meet you back at your house. If you don't hear from me, it's safe to assume that I've been found. If this is the case, find another reaper named Amity. We haven't spoken for about 4 years but she is trustworthy and will help you find me, okay. I love you Roku."

I stood and gave Mors a long, tight hug.

"I've only just found you and you're leaving me again. Please be careful Mors and return to me?" I asked holding back tears. I went in to kiss him. Mors tilted his head back, avoiding my kiss.

"You're not a reaper anymore Mors. You can kiss me and I promise I won't die."

Mors hesitated before he gave in and returned my kiss. It was tender and also sad. We kissed once again before Mors disappeared from my sight.

I felt empty, the warmth and happiness at the return of Mors was short lived. I sadly returned to my car and drove home. At least Ellie would be there to cheer me up with her goofy grin and wiggle butt.

As expected, an excited Ellie bounded towards the door as I struggled with turning the key. Once inside Ellie jumped up excitedly and did a little twirl. Her antics always brought a smile to my face.

The night dragged on, and it was past the 5 hour deadline that Mors had given me. I decided to wait until morning, maybe he had been delayed. I hoped with all my being that I would see him again. I had nothing else to do other than fret for Mors.

So I decided to fret in bed, and hoped that I could manage to get some sleep. I looked over at the clock on my bedstand 12:07am was the time. I sighed frustrated, it was 2 hours past the 5 hour deadline.

I don't know how I managed it but I drifted off to sleep. I dreamt of Mors, and his lips brushing mine. The feeling of his lips against mine was so intense, I swore it was real. I dreamt of his hands caressing my naked body, and again the feeling of his hands on my body was intense that I felt as though he was really caressing me. I struggled to wake up from this dream, it was like I was breaking through an invisible barrier that also squeezed my body and it felt so heavy. I finally managed to break out if my dream. My eyes fluttered open to see a figure standing by my bed. I was startled at first, but then the fragrance of cologne surrounded me. There was no doubt that the figure was Mors.

"Mors?" I whispered, my voice coarse from sleep.

"Yes, it's me Roku. I'm back." He replied tiredly. I sat up excitedly and invited him to join me in bed. He obliged. I pulled him into my chest.

"I'm relieved you're back and safe. I was worried I'd lost you yet again." I whispered, my voice thick with emotion.

"Shhh! You didn't lose me Roku." He whispered while running his fingers through my hair, before kissing me gently. I melted at his touch, and when his tongue slipped inside my mouth I was on fire.

All the yearning to kiss Mors, not Clay, but Mors flooded through my lips and through my kiss. Soon Mors was above me, his eyes were intense, his kisses were firey and rough. His breathing was shallow and he swallowed hard.

"Roku, I've waited for this moment ever since we first met. Now I'm free and no longer a reaper I can do what I've been craving for so long. Are you ready, Roku?"

My body electrified and shuddered at his words. We were finally doing it, we were finally going to make love. My voice was weak with desire,

"Yes Mors, I'm ready, please." I answered, my body throbbing In anticipation. Mors leaned in and kissed me, as we kissed he pulled down my trunks. I fumbled with the buttons on his shirt. I ran my hands under it, feeling Mors' athletic body. I moved down to his trousers, unbuttoned and unzipped them. I could feel the tufts of pubic hair as I ran my hands underneath his unzipped pants and fiddled with his underwear.

Mors removed the pants and underwear before kissing me again. I was hard and so was Mors. As we kissed I spread my legs and adjusted myself so that Mors could have easy access. Mors gently dragged his lips and tongue down my torso, I moaned in anticipation. Soon his lips encapsulated my yearning cock. As soon as I felt the wetness of his saliva, then the sucking sensation, my body tingled.

He sucked my cock, and teased my arse with his fingers. He requested I stay hard as he separated my cheeks, rested my legs on his shoulders and gently inserted his lubed cock inside me. I let out a gasp, as he thrusted and groaned as he went deeper inside me. I moaned in reply,

"Fuck! Mors!" I whispered as my body convulsed and moved with the thrusting of Mors. I tried my hardest to hold my come, just as Mors requested but with every sound of pleasure that escaped his lips, it became near impossible. Not to mention the electric pulses, and tingling of pleasure that consumed my body

"Mors, please let me come?" I begged,

"Shh! Not long now." He replied, breathless.

After a few more thrusts and a loud groan Mors said,

"Now, Roku. Now"

With two more groans we came at the same time. A long shot of come covered my stomach and chest. Mors filled my Arse with his seed. I was about to wipe the come off when Mors stopped me,

"Let me clean you Roku."

I nodded and he made his way up and licked the come off me with a cocky grin on his face.

"Mmm! You taste good Roku." He whispered as he kissed me, the smell of my come still on his breath. He leaned in to my ear,

"Want to take a shower? I can't wait to see my come on that shower floor." My face warmed at his directness. I clenched my cheeks on the way to the shower, much to Mors amusement.

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