A Dance with Death

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Chapter 19

After another session against the cold, dark tiled wall of my shower, we cleaned ourselves and returned to the bed. We made ourselves comfortable under the wrinkled sheets.

"Did you find any information about Shin's whereabouts?" I questioned

"He will be put to trial in 3 days. If found guilty, it'll take another week until he is punished. He could end up like I was, thrust into the human world, his memories erased. He could be killed, or he could be forever imprisoned in the reaper dungeons, where he will slowly go insane.

While in the dungeons he will have no interaction with others and locked in a cold and dark cell. He won't be fed, he won't have any mental stimulation, just him alone in a quiet cell. Having his memories erased is the kindest punishment of them all."

"How will we know what punishment he will be given?

"I will teleport back to the Reaper world and attend the trial. If he is imprisoned, all we can do is try and bribe the guards and rescue him. I will return with him to the human world once again."

" You know I was most likely the cause of his kidnapping and subsequent trial, Mors. Just like I was to blame for yours." I said, my voice drenched in guilt and sadness.

"Maybe, you're just irressistable to reapers. Maybe i should use you as a bribe Roku. Maybe the guards will be too distracted by the sight of you while I rescue Shin from the dungeons." He chuckled at his joke.

However I did not find this funny at all, I actually thought it was a pretty decent idea. Use me as a distraction, so that Mors could break into Shin's cell undetected and save him.

"Take me with you, take me to the world of the reapers. I will do anything to help you save Shin and escape."

Mors chuckled again,

" You would smell of humanity and life , you'd be discovered as soon as you set foot in the reaper world. It's too dangerous, and what if you're captured by the guards and shoved in a cell? They wouldn't know what is needed to keep you, a human alive, you'd starve to death before they realised that you need to be fed everyday. You'd freeze to death before they'd know you needed a blanket to regulate your body temperature.

They may have been human once before, but they have been guards for centuries that they've forgotten what it felt like to be a vulnerable human and the needs associated with being a human."

I was frustrated,

" So how come you weren't discovered in the reaper world, Mors? You're human now aren't you?"

Mors sighed and pointed to the smart watch around his wrist.

"This is why. It's more than just a watch, it's our ID, it's our teleport device, and also a cloaking device, as well as doing the functions of a smart watch. I used the cloaking function. The cloaking function also cloaks us from reapers.

However, once we walk through the entrance to the dungeons the cloakimg function will be disabled, exposing who I really am. Hence why I wasn't discovered by the reapers and guards."

"Mors, please take me with you. I'm serious about being a distraction. I will do what ever is required to help you free Shin."

Mors looked at me strangely,

"Roku, are you in love with the concept of death? By joining me, you'll literally be flirting and dancing with death.

Remember, I'm no longer your designated reaper or a reaper even. What if your reaper is there? He won't care for you, like I do. You'll just be another soul to be reaped. You could die!" Mors exclaimed, frustrated with my stubbornness.

I stood my ground,

"Take me with you."

Mors threw his arms in the air, defeated.

"Very well, Roku. I'll take you with me. Do not fuck it up."

I nodded,

"I'll follow all instructions given to me."

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