A Dance with Death

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Chapter 2

It had been a couple of month's since that, cold, rainy day, when I first laid eyes on him. His blue eyes haunt my dreams, I think about them often, I day dream about them. I just couldn't get them out of my mind.

I had a small group of friends, I wasn't one to socialise much, I preferred my own company. It was only since Matt died that I'd become somewhat of a hermit and a socially inept human.

My friend's had organised a couple of blind dates with their friend's, but I wasn't interested, even the slightest in any of them.

They eventually gave up and just hung out with me occasionally, I liked it this way. I told them about him and they were so excited and happy for me...until they realised that I didn't know his name, I hadn't given him my number, that I didn't know if he was gay or not, or had even said Hello.

They were so invested in finding this man that they asked around, as his fashion sense was very unique, they'd assumed he'd stand out and be known in the gay community, if he was in fact gay. How could anyone miss the man dressed like a mobster from an old movie?

As it turned out, no-one knew of him or had seen him at any of the local clubs, this came as no surprise to me, he didn't seem like the type to attend gay bars or clubs for that matter. Maybe, to my great disappointment he wasn't even gay.

My friend's felt guilty and in a hope to cheer me up and get me to stop thinking about him, they invited me to an art deco style restaurant, it was once a grand dancing hall, alot of the original features were kept or reused.

As I walked in through the doors, my breath was taken away. We were led to our table by a smiling waitress. Even though this restaurant did not match the era he dressed as, it reminded me so much of him. So, the attempt to distract me from him proved to have the opposite affect. I did enjoy myself though.

After dinner they dragged me to a pub, at least it wasn't a gay club I thought, I was too old for that scene now. I couldn't stand the flashing lights, the loud music, and it just didn't appeal to me anymore.

We got ourselves a table, we drank. I was onto my third drink when I caught a glimpse of a familiar figure making his way towards the door.

My heart beat loudly in my chest, I stood and left the table leaving behind some very confused friends and followed the figure outside.

There were a lot of people hanging around out the front of the pub; talking, making out, and smoking.

I thought I lost him again, until I saw a flicker of flame, it shook before it disappeared. I knew it was him, everyone else used lighters or vaped, but only he would use a match. I jogged in the general direction and there he was, again taking a deep draw from his cigarette. I took in a deep breath, I needed to know his name at least. With another few deep breaths I approached him.

I stood in front of him, extended my hand and in my most confident voice i said

"Good evening, my name is Roku. May I ask yours?"

He seemed genuinely shocked if only for a second. He looked at me, confused, cleared his throat and met my extended hand with his own and shook it awkwardly.

"Mors." Was all he said. I thought his name was quite strange. So I questioned him

"Mors? Is that a shortened version of another name?"

He shook his head,

"No, Mors is my full name. So what can I do for you, Roku?" He answered professionally. His body language reflected confusion and awkwardness.

I had stuffed up. I sighed.

"Mors, can you please stay here, I just need to get something from inside and I'll be back. Please, don't go anywhere."

Mors nodded. He still seemed standoffish, confused and awkward. I ran inside, grabbed a pencil from the middle of the table, my friend's had quizzical looks on their faces, but I was in too much of a rush to tell them what was happening. I found a light coloured drink coaster and neatly wrote my number on it, I had to press down to make sure my number could be read. I ran back outside, I expected Mors to have left, but to my surprise he was waiting for my return.

Breathless I reached him and gave him the coaster. In between deep breaths I managed to say,

"Mors, here's my number. Please call me, when you can?"

He looked at me even more confused and questioned me,

"Why did you give me your number? I don't know who you are."

I sighed, as my face burnt. I didn't know how to reply. Was he being mean? Or did he not genuinely know why people give other people their number.

My face was red and hot, I took in a shaky breath and replied

" I want to get to know you and I think you're very attractive. I would love it if we could go to a movie or get a coffee sometime. But it is up to you what you do with my number. Please, whatever you do, don't lose it and please think about it."

Mors paused, before replying

"Oh! Uhhh, thank you."

There was a vibrating noise and I saw a flash of light flicker under his sleeve. He was wearing a smart watch, this was strange. I didn't know he used modern day technology, It just didn't seem to match him. He rolled his sleeve up looked at it then quickly pulled his sleeve down

"Nice to meet you Roku. I've got to go now." And in a flash he was gone.

I was the confused one now, he didn't seem at all interested, maybe the message he received was from his partner. My shoulder's dropped, disappointed I returned to the table.

I got drunk, and my friend's ended up taking my bumbling, messy, staggering self home. I woke the next morning with a thumping headache, it certainly had been a while since I woken up hungover.

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