A Dance with Death

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Chapter 20

The day of Shins trial loomed. It will all take place tomorrow. Neither Mors or myself slept that night. We tried to fill it in with other activities, while the other activities were pleasurable and others time consuming. Shin did not leave our thoughts the whole time.

Mors picked out a suit for me to wear. He wanted me to look the part, just in case the cloaking failed before we reached the dungeons. It was nicely fitted, black skinny pants, white shirt, a black tie, a slim fitting jacket and a shiny pair of leather dress shoes. I looked like a much more trendier version of a man in black, one of my favourite movies as a teen.

I was ready before Mors, I paced around the loungeroom.

Mors was ready, he slapped me on the arse and whispered in my ear.

"Your arse always looks good in skinny pants. All of you looks good today."

My face burned. I looked towards Mors expectantly. He stared at me, he bit his bottom lip. Something was on his mind, so I decided to try and coerce it out of him.

"What's wrong Mors? Something is bothering you."

Mors sighed,

"Before we go, I just wanted to say that I was the one who helped you when your mother crashed the car. I was supposed to reap your soul, but I couldn't.

I told you that you'd be safe. I broke a rule by helping you. Who'd have thought this very boy that I saved from the car, would be the very man I ended up loving more than anything, so many years later You're special to me Roku, I love you."

I smiled and kissed his lips,

"Thank you for not reaping my soul that night. I have lived a good life and have loved some very good people, including you, Mors." I whispered in reply. We kissed again.

"Are you ready, Roku? It's time. Hold onto me as tight as you can."

I did as instructed and with a loud whoosh, I was in the world of the Reapers. I was shocked, the reaper world was very similiar to the human world. I was expecting foggy clouds, dead trees, and lost dark souls wandering around. However, it was a city of brick, wood, and sandstone. The streets bustled with movement.

I looked over to Mors who was standing beside me holding my hand. We always had to have physical contact so the cloaking would also cover me. If I let go of Mors, id be exposed to the reapers, as a living human in their world.

"This was not anything like I thought it would be." I whispered while Mors squeezed my hand,

"I'm sorry Roku, we don't have time for sightseeing, I'll answer your questions once Shin is safe. Shins hearing will start in fifteen minutes. We need to get to the courthouse. Hold on and don't let go."

I obeyed again. We arrived with 2 minutes to spare. Shin was standing in front of the judge.

"We will commence the trial now. Please take a seat." Everyone in the court room sat.

"Now, you are under trial today because you have been accused of breaking one of the most important sections of reaper law.

You are being accused of having sexual relationships with two separate humans. If it has been ruled that you have harmed the reaper race by breaking this section of reaper law, you will be punished by the means chosen by me.

The punishments range from; memory erasure and exiled to earth, where you will live as a human. You will no longer have the immortality that comes with being a reaper. Secondly we could lock you In the dungeons, where you will remain until I see fit to release you. Thirdly, you could be sentenced to death.

Do these accusations have any remnants of truth to them? How do you plead?"

Shin had his hands chained he looked down to the ground.

"Yes, your honour these accusations are true. I will plead guilty for breaking the laws, but I am not guilty for the choices I made. Both of them were worthy of my love, and I loved them whole heartedly. If loving someone is worthy of death, then I am willing to die for them."

My heart caught in my chest, I did not expect Shin to say what he said. I thought that having sex with me was just a release for Him because he was horny, not because he loved me. I glanced at Mors, his jaw was clenched and so was his fist. I squeezed his leg.

The trial was not entirely like one seen in modern day courthouses. Instead of a jury making the decision this time, There were 3 "elder" reapers that sat next to the judge.

Those reapers would give the judge their opinions on the subject and what they deemed was an appropriate punishment for his crime.

However, the final decision fell on the judge and he could completely disregard the elders opinions and choose a punishment he deemed fit and no-one could object as the judge's decision was final.

This whole idea scared the shit out of me.

We spent all day at the courthouse, it wasn't until late that night was a decision reached. The judge and the elders stood up,

"I thank you all for your patience. The elders and myself have come to a decision."

The judge looked at Shin,

"We have made the decision to erase your memories and exile you to earth. Your immortality will be stripped, you will be no more than a human. You will spend the next 3 days in the dungeons. After this we will start on the erasure."

Shin nodded and looked to the ground as he was led away.

Mors and I left the courthouse.

"So when do we rescue him?" I whispered.

"We must wait a few hours. Then we will go to the dungeons. As soon as the cloaking is disabled you must be ready as you will be entering first. You would've already drawn the attention of the guards. Flirt with them, tell them that you're a human who has lost his reaper.

It is known that some higher up reapers smuggle humans to this world to use them as they see fit. After you've told them this loosen your tie, unbutton your jacket. They'll be drooling and fantasizing about all the things they want to do with a human. They'll ask you what you'd be willing to do with them."

Mors reached in his pocket, and pulled out a handful of paper wrapped lollies.

"Tell them what you're willing to do and then offer them these, they're laced with a sedative. It won't work straight away, so you might have to do the things tgey request of you, but it will work and they'll pass out.

Hopefully, by this time I've successfully saved Shin and we can go back to earth. That's the plan anyway." Mors looked at me, he was pained.

"Are you still up for this Roku? I don't know how long the sedative will take to work, so you might be in danger if it takes too long." He whispered, concerned.

"I said, id do anything it takes, Mors. If it means giving myself to them, I'll do it, as long as you and Shin escape safely."

Mors sighed and kissed me.

"I love you, and will love and support you throughout. Try to stall them as long as you can. Then you might escape without having to go all the way with them...." Mors looked at his watch,

"Nows the time. Let's go."
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