A Dance with Death

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Chapter 21

We wandered through darkened abandoned streets. The only sound was the calls of insects and night birds. Our cloaking did not fail us throughout our visit. We finally approached the daunting and eerie silouhette of the dungeons.

There was a tall, metal fence with spikes, and razor wire on top, the fence hummed and flashes of neon green lightning pulsated across its surface. The fence surrounded a large, cold, impeding building. I heard the occassional whine and bark of the patrol dogs and the commands of their handlers. A pair of guards stood at the gate which looked heavy and solid, the ligtning crackled and buzzed over the gate.Another 4 patrolled the border of the dungeons. I looked to Mors,
"How are we getting past them? And what is that neon green lightning flashes? " I whispered suddenly feeling that we had made a a huge mistake. Mors held his finger up to my lips,
"Shh! There is a shift change happening in 5 minutes. The guards will deactivate the anti- magic shield aka the neon lightning, and then open the gate to let their replacements take position.
Once they open the gate we must slip through as well before they reactivatate the anti- magic shield. The cloaking device will still work, it will only disable once we enter the dungeons, as there is an invisible forcefield surrounding the building. This forcefield deactivates anything electrical and magical.
Once inside the guards are sparse and we can easily slip by them. There are no cameras as no reaper has ever tried to free another from the dungeons. The forcefield and anti-magic shield is moreso designed to keep reapers in. I know the wing and cell number of where Shin is being held. It's the guards in the wing that you must seduce, and give them the sedative laced lollies. Okay."
I nodded nervously, as I followed Mors. We had to pause and hide in the shadows a couple of times before we reached Shin's wing. There was a locked but unguarded gate that led into the wing. I was confused, but Mors smiled and pulled out a key and inserted it in the lock. It turned and unlocked easily. Mors slowly opened the gate then closed it, leaving it unlocked to help with his escape. We walked through three more and Mors did the same thing.
"Where did you get that key Mors?" I whispered.
"A friend." He smiled crookedly "The guards are just ahead. Tell them that you have been gifted to them by an official and hold up this key. You see the insignia on the top of the key, they will ask to see this. They will then hand the key back, and you will then have to do your thing."
"Is it not strange an official has gifted a human to prison guards?" I asked.
Mors sghed,
"No, it is not. Some officials like to use humans as messengers, sexual partners, pets, and similar. This use of human's in this way is only allowed by officials and the elite. It is not allowed for lower reapers like Shin and I.
Being used this way is consensual of course, but the humans who are chosen and agree to be a pet have to sign a non- disclosure agreement, just like earth.

There is one difference though if they break this contract they are reaped or locked away in here."

This was a lot to take in, I had barely processed this information when I heard voices and footsteps.
"They're here, get ready Roku." Mors whispered as he melted into the shadows, leaving me alone and vulnerable. The voices got closer, then two figures appeared from behind a curve in the wall. They stopped in their tracks when they saw me.
"Who goes there? Name yourself and your intentions." They said in unison.
"My name Is Roku, and I am here as a gift to you. I've been sent by an official." I answered, my voice strained as I tried to hide my fear.
The guards whispered between themselves.
"Show us the key, pet!" They snarled.
"Its in my pocket."
"Stay there, we will approach and inspect the key. Do not move, until we say so. Understand?"
"Yes, Sir's. I understand." I answered my voice starting to waiver.
One of the guards approached me, while the other stayed behind. As he got closer, I was able to see what he was wearing and what he looked like. He was wearing an armour which seemed to be a mixture of modern and middle age technology. He had shiny arm guards, gauntlets, and Shin guards. His boots were rubber, and he was wearing Kevlar like armour on his torso. His face was covered, by something not seen in the human world only his eyes and lips exposed.
When I saw his eyes, and the fullness of his lips, I knew a very good looking person was hiding under that armour. I smiled at the man. He was cautious as he reached into my pocket and pulled out the key, he studied it. His eyes widened and he yelled back at his partner,
"He speaks the truth, it is Amity's key."
"Well bring him back. If he belongs to Amity then we cannot disrespect her by refusing her gift, shall we." The guards partner answered.
The guard handed me back the key, and motioned for me to walk with him. I did as I was told. I knew I had to be flirty, but I was out of practice. As we walked I tried to start conversation. "So what's your name, sir? I've already told you mine, it's only fair you tell me yours."
The guard glanced at me, rolled his eyes and said,
"It's Ajil."
"That's an interesting name." I answered. Ajil did not reply. We walked the rest of the way in silence. I knew from Ajil's reaction to me, it would not be easy to get him to take a lolly from me. He was suspicious already, his instincts were strong. I hoped there was wine or some kind of drink at the place they were taking me to help me seduce Ajil, he was going to be a hard egg to crack.
Ajil took me to a room, and told me to enter. The room was like any lunchroom you'd see on earth. A table surrounded by numerous chairs, a fridge, and a benches with a sink lined the far left wall. I entered and Ajil directed me to sit in a wooden chair and wait for his partner to join us.
I did as I was told, not a lot of conversation happened between Ajil and I. He watched me closely and still regarded me with distrust. I didnt know how to get hin to trust me.
Our silence was disrupted by Ajils partner entering the room. His partner sat next to me, grabbed my chin and turned my head either side.
"You're an attractive one that's for sure." He said, as he inspected me. "You're a bit uptight though. Is this your first time being given as a gift?"
I nodded my head,
"Yes it is Sir."
The guard roughly tapped his hand on my shoulder as a gesture of reassurance.
"We're probably the better ones to have you tonight . How about I offer you a drink to relax you a bit, Roku?"
I nodded again,
"Yes that would be nice, sir" I answered. The guard stood from the chair and headed for the fridge. He turned back and said,

"Please stop calling me sir. Call me Silas instead."

"Sorry, I'll call you Silas from now on." I answered.

Silas turned to focus on Ajil,

"Would you like a drink Ajil? This is your first time receiving a human as a gift for a night, maybe the drink will help you with nerves?"

Ajil shook his head,

"No, thank you Silas. I will not be using this gift tonight. He's all yours." Ajil answered, as he started removing his helmet and the strange face covering. I gasped as I saw how stunning Ajil actually was.

His skin was a dark brown, his eyes were the most beautiful green I had ever seen. His mass of black curly hair teased the top of his eyes. I sat staring at him my mouth agape. My shock and awe were interuppted by Silas laughing.

"Ajil, are you sure you don't want to play with the gift? He seems to be taken with you. I think he would be a willing participant in any activity you wish to do with him. Isn't that right Roku? You'd love a taste of Ajils dick, wouldn't you?"

I was caught off guard, but I was there to distract the guards while Mors saved Shin. Plus, if I wasn't with Mors, I definitely love a taste of Ajil.

I nodded,

"Yes, you're right Silas. I'd love a taste."

Silas laughed again.

"Are you sure you don't want to give this handsome gift a play, Ajil? Are you sure?"
Ajil was disgusted with the behaviour of Silas and shook his head.
"No, He is all yours. Just make sure you play with him away from my sight." Ajil answered.
"Alright, as you wish. I guess it means more fun for me." Silas sat next to me, and offered me a swig of some alcohol. As soon as the bottle was to my nose, the smell hit me. This shit was fucking strong.
"C'mon, drink up. It'll make things easier for both of us, well you anyway." Silas whispered in my ear as he twirled a bit of my hair around his fingers. I reached into my pockets and offered them both a wrapped lolly.
"Ahh! The gift that gives and such a sweet treat, I hope your arse is just as sweet, dear Roku." Silas whispered as he unwrapped the lolly and devoured it. I glanced over to Ajil and watched him as he too devoured the lolly I gave him. I was relieved, soon they will be asleep. My attention was drawn back to Silas as he grabbed my arm.
"It's now time for me to play with my gift." Silas dragged me out of the lunchroom and into an empty cell. He pushed me against the wall and started eagerly undoing my buttons, exposing my chest. He ran his hands over my chest and stomach. He let out sighs of delight. I stood against the wall and let Silas do as he pleased. Silas nibbled my ears, while breathing heavily in them, he moved to my neck, then moved down my body leaving a trail of saliva and collections small red hickies with every nibble.
He sucked my nipples, twirling his tongue around their tips. I tried to not get turned on, but it failed and a bulge grew in my pants. My breathing quickened, I was at odds with myself. Fighting the urges growing inside me or wanting to give in. I hoped the sedative would kick in soon.
Silas reached my belt, undid it, then moved onto my zip where he undid it and exposed my underwear. His hands and fingers massaged my bulge, making it grow bigger. He pulled the underwear down enough so that my cock was exposed.
Silas stood from the position in front of my crotch.
"Turn around pet, let me inside you." He whispered. I did as I was told. Silas pulled my pants and underwear down to just under my cheeks.
Without warning or any decent lubrication he was inside me. I let out a gasp and shocked grunt. Luckily he was only two pumps in and he collapsed in a heap behind me. The sedative had finally kicked in. I was relieved, but also still hard. I propped Silas against the wall, made him presentable.

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