A Dance with Death

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Chapter 22

I moved onto the lunchroom. Ajil had also collapsed in a heap, but even asleep he was beautiful and reminded me of a handsome Indian Prince. I put him in a comfortable position, and kissed him gently on the forehead.

I waited for Mors and Shin by the metal doors. I was still on edge sexually, my erection had subsided, but my body was still expecting a release. Ajil' s beautiful eyes and lips filled my head. I imagined running my hands across his perfect brown skin, and gently kissing his lips. It didn't take long for my hand to be covered with my seed.
Not long after I had finished cleaning myself using the wall and my suit. Mors and Shin appeared. Mors was helping Shin walk, by allowing him to lean on Mors' shoulder. I rushed over to him,
"What happened to Shin? Can I help?"
Mors shook his head,
"We're okay, just open the gates for us and make sure they're locked afterwards. We don't need any replacement guards raising the alarm that a prisoner has escaped. If we do it right, we could get an 8 hour lead on the guards and then the soldiers that are assigned to search for us."
I nodded my head and opened the gates as asked then made sure they were locked. Once we exited the dungeons the cloaking device reactivated. We would've had to wait hours for the next change of guard to take place, if it wasn't for a late night prison visitor, ushered in quickly by the guards. I suspected she was a gift, just like i was pretending to be. I hoped she was another guard's gift and not for Silas or Ajil.
Mors, Shin and I managed to squeeze through the gate. When the gate clanked together the buzzing and lightning resumed.
We were teleported back down to earth. It was here that Mors said,
"We will not be returning to Shin's apartment, nor our house. We are going underground, at least for a bit."
"What about Ellie? What about my job? What about my family? " I nearly yelled in despair.
Mors remained calm as he replied,
"Ellie will be staying with your pet sitter for as long as it takes, until you are safe to return. You're on extended leave at your job and your family have been told you will be taking a long road trip with a very good friend aka me. Now let's get ready to go."

Mors stopped in front of a camper van, and pointed his finger at it.

"This is our transport out of here. We will be heading to an undisclosed location. We will be living on an old farmhouse out in the middle of nowhere. It is a special house, it is fitted with a cloaking device, that encompasses the house and the land surrounding the house. It also has a similar forcefield to the dungeons where electronic devices are deactivated once you walk through the forcefield."
I helped Mors lift shin into the van, and closed the door as we headed on our way to the safe haven.

It took us about 5 hours of straight driving before we turned off the road and down a driveway full of bumps and holes.

I was in awe of the farmhouses beauty as it appeared into my view. It was built in the late 1800's or early 1900's. It was made of weatherboard and had a tin roof, the building was surrounded by a wide verandah, there were a couple of French doors that opened onto the verandah. The Windows were surrounded by beautiful wooden trims and the front door was adorned with stained glass.

I helped Mors carry Shin in through the doors and into a bedroom. After we had gotten him comfortable, we left him to sleep while we headed into the kitchen. I had many questions for Mors, and once we were seated I bombarded him with them.

"Mors, who owns this house? What happened to Shin? Where are we? And why do we have to go in hiding for 6 weeks? What am i going to eat? Who's going to get it for me? "

Mors raised his hands and asked me to take a breath.

"Calm yourself Roku." He said, trying to be empathetic to my concerns but hiding the fact that my questions annoyed him.

I nodded, bit my heart beat wildly, and my hands jittered with nerves.

"This house is owned by my friend Amity. She's the one that gave me the master key to the dungeons and offered up this safehouse for us to use.

As for Shin, a guard got too rough and while trying to assert his power over shin he injured Shins ankle and he has also been given something, either a sedative or something else. I will tend to it, once Shin is awake.

We're in the middle of nowhere, I intend to keep the location of this house a secret as it is an active safehouse. There is a town close by, so we are not completely isolated.

Amity has made arrangements with the supermarket in the neighbouring town. Our groceries will be delivered once a week, for as long as we need it."

I felt a tiny sliver of relief, at least I won't starve and the house was owned by someone Mors knew. Mors and I finished talking and I noticed him staring at my suit, which was now dirty.

"Let me help you out of that suit, so I can see if I can wash it for you, without ruining it." Mors offered,

I nodded and started to unbutton it. Mors stood up and came in behind me and pulled off my jacket, his lips gently caressing my neck. My cheeks felt warm, as his gentle kisses sent shocks through my body. Mors removed my unbuttoned top, his lips still lovingly brushing my neck. I was enjoying them when Mors suddenly stopped. I turned around to face him, he let out a sigh.

"What's wrong Mors?" I whispered.

"What happened to your body Roku. It's covered in hickies?" I looked down and realised what Mors was talking about.

I sighed, slumped and sat in the loungechair.

"The sedatives took a little longer than expected to kick in. So as you can see, the guard had enough time to cover my torso in hickies. He even had time to start fucking me, luckily after two pumps he finally passed out." I answered tiredly.

Mors rushed to my side and held me in his arms. He then turned my head to face him, he kissed me, then traced to hickies with his finger.

"You did well Roku. If it wasn't for you we'd probably all be in the dungeons now. I'm proud of you, and I will not judge you for letting another man inside you. You did everything as directed. Thank you..." He looked at my pants and said,

"Take them off, let me try and wash them too. Our room is across the hallway from Shin. Our clothes are in the cases on our bed."

I gave Mors my pants and entered our bedroom, pulled on a pair track pants and a t shirt. I returned to the loungeroom and wandered around the beautiful house. It was all original inside, high ceilings, wainscoting adorned the walls, there were thick hardwood floors throughout. These features reminded my why I loved old buildings so much. I opened the French doors and let the breeze flow through them.
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