A Dance with Death

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Chapter 23

It was early evening as Mors and I were sitting on the lounge that we heard mumbles and rustling coming from Shin's room. We both stood up and quickly made our way to his room.

Shin was confused and sat up in the bed looking around. Mors grabbed his hand and soothed him with soft whispers. Shin smiled as he recognised Mors.

"Thank you for saving me Mors." Shin swooned. I wanted to say that I helped too, but Shin passed out yet again. I sighed defeated and feeling unappreciated I followed Mors back to the loungeroom. Mors gently smiled and patted a space next to him. I sat beside him and snuggled into his arms, I felt warm and protected.

We waited anxiously for another three days. Shin drifted in and out of consciousness, he asked for water and food but we couldn't hold a conversation with him. Shin would pass out randomly and didn't really understand or follow the conversation.

On the fourth day, Shin seemed a lot more lucid and would be conscious hours at a time. He'd be joking around with Mors and I, talking to us, holding a conversation, and even taking himself to the toilet. Mors had done an excellent job on splinting the ankle. A doctor had already inspected the ankle and had repaired it the best he could.

As night drew near Shin requested that he talk privately with me. Mors seemed surprised, but he did as Shin requested. Once Mors had left, Shin leaned up against the headboard of the bed and invited me to join him. I awkwardly sat beside him,

"Thank - You for what you did to help me escape. I really appreciate all you've done." There was a long pause.

"I also wanted to tell you that I was being completely honest at the trial. I do love you...Roku." Shin whispered.

I was in a state of shock, I did not think he actually meant what he said at trial. I thought he was lying to make himself look better in the eyes of the elders and the judge. I was left speechless by Shin's words.

Shin sat in silence, eagerly awaiting my reply. I didn't know what to say. I loved Mors, there was no denying that, but Shin also meant something to me. He was loyal to his friends, he provided me solace when Clay decided he didn't want to talk to me for months.

My face warmed as the memories of that afternoon flooded my mind, the feel of Shin's kiss, his naked body, and the feeling of him inside me. I shivered in response to those memories. I felt a tingle of excitement in my groin. I tried my best to control myself, even though my body yearned for Shin and his seed. I took in a sharp breath and faced him,

"Oh Shin!" I whispered.

"You mean so much to me. However, you also must understand that I love Mors with all my heart." He reached for my hand and held it.

"I know you love Mors. I don't want to take you away from him. I crave intimacy with you, I want to taste you on my tongue again, I want to feel you squirm, gasp, and moan with pleasure as im inside you. I want to taste your lips, I want Mors and myself to share you, enjoy you and enjoy your company."

I continued to hold Shins hand, as he gently caressed the surface. His caressing relaxed me and I felt sleepy.

I wanted to make sense of the situation. So, from what Shin is asking, he wants me to be in a relationship with both of them at once. So he wants the freedom to fuck me, even though I'm in a relationship with Mors. Shin was hinting that he wanted a ployamouros relationship with me and Mors. I stopped caressing his hand,

"You can talk to Mors about that, Shin. If Mors wants this I will be willing to give it a go, because i do love him. I care for you, you mean a lot to me. But Mors will always be my number one, Shin." I said,

Shin looked slightly disappointed, but he nodded his head in agreement.

"I can live with that, as long as I get some of your attention. I'll be truly happy Roku." Shin whispered, I gave his hand a squeeze.

"When will you bring it up with him?" I asked.

Shin sighed,

"Not today, it'll be too much for me. Give it a couple of days. I'll need time to plan what I intend to say to Mors, without making him angry... Thank you again for giving up your body to a stranger, for me."

After he said this his eyes started to get heavy, and his hand fell away from my own. He had fallen asleep, yet again.

Mors and I didn't really understand why it was taking such a long time for the drugs given to him in prison to leave his body. His ankle was healing, he didn't have a temperature, and the Doctor gave us some antibiotics to give to him to prevent infection and he also suggested some pain relief. We followed that advice and made sure Shin was given his antibiotics at the scheduled time. So his fatigue was at the moment unexplainable.

I gently removed myself from the bed and quietly tip toed out of Shins room, gently closing the door behind me.

I wandered through the house in search for Mors. He wasn't in the kitchen, our bedroom, or the loungeroom. I just happened to hear running water as I walked passed the bathroom. I gently opened the door, and saw Mors. He was naked, covered in soap lather.

The shower was a handheld over a clawfoot bathtub, the shower curtains remained open. Seeing my beloved Mors naked in all his beauty, caused me to get hard.

My cock was straining through my underwear. I quickly removed my top, pants, and undies. My cock was now free, yearning for Mors' touch. I joined Mors, he smiled wickedly as I joined him and he noticed how hard I was.

Mors, pulled me in and kissed me deeply, my heart fluttered at his kiss. As our kisses grew to be more passionate, I could feel Mors hard against me. Mors kissed me and squeezed my arse, then ran his hands over my body. I swallowed hard in anticipation. Soon he pulled me in close and whispered in my ear, through heavy breaths,

"Turn around, let me inside you. Let my dick feel the tightness of your insides as I slide in and out of you. Let me savour it as your insides constrict around me, as I go deeper and deeper."

The whispered voice and heavy breathing already had my body tingling, and yearning to feel Mors inside me. I was breathing too heavily to be able to reply and my throat was too tight to speak, so I nodded eagerly.

"Good boy Roku." Mors whispered as he planted another kiss on my lips, and forced his tongue inside my mouth. We continued kissing, my cock was throbbing with anticipation.

Next Mors turned me around, he had some lube handy, and covered his hard pulsating dick. He didn't enter me straight away, instead he got in close and kissed my neck, and started pulling and rubbing my cock. I was already close to orgasm, I begged him,

"P-please, hurry. I'm so close to cumming."

"Shhh!" He whispered,

"Relax, let me inside you first."

He continued rubbing my cock for a little while longer. I gasped and swallowed hard, my cock was throbbing even more. I didn't know how much longer I could last.

"Please, don't make me wait much longer." I was almost crying with desperation.

To my relief Mors spread my cheeks, and pushed himself inside me. I gasped and moaned as I felt Mors enter me. He gently slid in and out, not too far in at first. My arse invited him in deeper, soon he was so deep inside me, his balls slapped against my body with every thrust. I desperately rubbed my dick, as moans and gasps filled the room.

"Nnnghh! Keep going, harder." I groaned.

This encouraged Mors to fuck me harder and with more vigor.

I rubbed until my seed burst forth and splashed against the folded shower curtain. My arse pulsated and constricted around Mors until he released inside me.

With Mors still behind me I grabbed his head and tilted my head back enough to kiss him. I pushed his cum out of my arse and some of it slowly ran down my inner thigh. I turned and kissed him face to face. We showered together and soon I was on my knees in the bathtub, licking and sucking his hard, veiny cock until I felt him release inside my mouth, filling my mouth with his salty seed.
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