A Dance with Death

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Chapter 24

The following week Shin invited me to sit with him at the kitchen table. He had a coffee in his right hand and a concerned look on his face. He looked almost normal again. I joined him, he turned to me, and said

"Roku, I'm going to talk to Mors tonight about the thing I suggested last week. I know he is not going to be happy, so just be aware if he is not himself tonight."
I nodded nervously. I was going to be on edge all night. I didn't know how badly Mors would react.

At dinner the tension between us was unbearable. Uncertainty, nervousness, anxiety filled the room. I no longer enjoyed the taste of my dinner, my stomach was heavy and felt as though it was doing somersaults.
I excused myself from the table and left them to talk. I went into the room I shared with Mors and closed the door. I waited anxiously, and soon there were raised voices and the slamming of plates and cutlery. I covered my ears, trying to drown out the noise.
The room filled with light, Mors stormed over to me and pulled my hands away from my ears. He was angry,
"Did you know about this? Did you agree to this? Do you even love me?" He yelled, then collapsed on the bed, his hands to his face. He started sobbing. I felt overwhelmingly guilty. I gently placed my hand on his shoulder,
"I love you, I really do. If you don't want this, than that's fine. I told Shin that if you wanted this then I'd give it a go, but if you didn't I was happy to remain monogamous to you. I told him that I loved you and that you'd always be my number one."
With a tear stained face Mors looked at me,
"But being monogamous to me, is that what you truly want? If it's not, then I'd be willing to give it a chance. Just tell me what you really feel, Roku, please.." Mors begged.
I got lost in his eyes, I was so in love with him, i'd do anything he wanted. I was only in love with Mors, I cared for Shin, but I loved Mors.
"I truly love you Mors. I care for Shin, but I love you and nothing will change that. If you desire a ployamouros relationship with Shin, then I'd be willing to give it a go because that's what you want, and I'm happy as long as you are."
Mors wiped his tears and pulled me in close and embraced me. As he held me close he whispered in my ear,
"I love you and only you. You are all I desire. I long for no other man but you. You're all I want and all I need."
My heart melted at his words, he was the one. The one I loved the most.
The following day, it was me who broke the news to Shin. Mors was still angry at him. Shin was saddened by the news, but told me that he still had hope that the three of us would be in a relationship in the future. I was unsure of this, but why should I dash another man's hope.
The afternoon of that same day, Mors called us to the kitchen table for an emergency meeting.
"I have kept this secret for a few days now, and for that I'm sorry. I didn't want to tell you straight away, because I didn't have all the information, but now I do. You can thank our friend Amity for that..." Mors paused breathed in and sighed.
"It seems the three of us are in a bit of trouble. The powers that be know that Roku and I broke Shin out of the dungeons.
They're furious, they want justice. So we are being arrested and taken to the Reaper world tomorrow for a trial. Amity will be the one who will accompany us to the courthouse. They have known since we left, but it's Amity who has protected us and our location until now. She is putting together some punishments that she hopes will convince the judge and the elders to use instead of our final deaths or throwing us in the dungeons to rot..." Mors paused again.
" She suggests that Shin and I to be made reapers again. She also wants to lay claim to Roku as her chosen human. After she does this she intends to gift him to us, yes you and I Shin, permanently. But the catch is that we both become Roku's chosen Reapers, meaning if either of us kiss, fuck, or touch him he could die. That's not all, our punishment also makes it so that this happens to all humans we touch, fuck, or kiss, they could also die, even though they're not our designated humans."
There was a heavy silence in the room. I was near tears. Tomorrow I could lose the ability to touch, make love, and kiss the man I love and lose the same with the man I cared for. The tears fell like two swollen rivers down my cheeks, Shin draped his arm over my shoulder and gave me a reassuring squeeze. Mors remained standing, he was devastated.

That night I tried to sleep entangled in the arms of Mors. We had made love that night, it wasn't rough or wild it was gentle, soft, and full of tenderness and emotion. I couldn't get to sleep, the soft snores of Mors usually calmed me and helped me sleep , but tonight I was restless. I untangled myself from the crumpled covers and sheets and tip toed out of the room.
I passed Shin's room and found the door open and his covers and sheets strewn all over the floor and hanging off the bed. He was having a rough night too. I went to the kitchen and had a drink of water. I looked over to one of the French doors that led from the loungeroom out onto the verandah and noticed that one of them was slightly ajar. I exited the house and saw Shin sitting on one of the outdoor chairs wrapped in a dressing gown and staring out into the night. I sat down beside him, he smiled knowingly, and said
" So, I guess uou cant sleep either, can you?"
I sighed and shook my head,
"No, but Mors is happily sleeping away. I don't know how he does it. How can he knowing that he might never be able to kiss or touch me again?"
"Well, some people deal with stress differently to others." He answered as he offered up his hand in comfort. I placed mine in his and we both looked out in the night. I could see every star in the sky, i forgot how many there were and how beautiful they shone. The lights of the city drowned them out, so you hardly saw any. I sighed,
"I've forgotten how beautiful the stars were, and how many there are." I gushed, as the night air teased my hair. Shin chuckled,
"Yes, they are stunning aren't they. Almost as beautiful as you, Roku. But even a star cannot match your beauty." He whispered.
My cheeks warmed at his compliment, there was a slight stir in my groin at his words. I tried to Ignore it and looked at the sky and admired the shadows of the trees and listened to the sounds of the night. I needed anything to distract me from my thoughts and the feelings pulsating through me.
Shin sat silently and caressed my hands, my face grew hotter and the stirring grew more intense. How could I feel this way? I loved Mors.
Mere hours ago, I had made love to Mors I gave him my all, all my trust, my love, my body, my soul and yet here I was struggling to fight the urges growing stronger with ever caress of my hand, with every thought of Shin. I was on the verge of betrayal, but no matter how I tried to talk myself out of it, my want for Shin outgrew my guilt. I was weak, Mors deserved better than me.
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