A Dance with Death

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Chapter 25

I needed to leave, so I stood from the chair beside Shin, he was still holding my hand and refused to let it go.

"Why are you leaving Roku? Have I done something wrong?"
I clenched my jaw,
"No, I just need to go before I make another mistake. I can't hurt Mors again. I've already done that once, and like then I was weak and gave in. I can't do that now, I just can't." I whispered hoarsly, trying to hold back the mix of emotions I felt.
"Why not? He is asleep. Tonight might be the last night you will ever get to be with both of us. Don't you want to experience the intimacy and pleasure you felt with me in that loungechair one last time? I know I want to have sex with you once more. Remember how good it felt. I remember."
The thoughts of our time together filled my mind, I was hard now. Shin pulled me into his lap, I shuffled my body around so that I was facing him. I could feel Shins member press against me. He was hard too.
Shin and I kissed, my body was full of electric pulses and pressure. As his hand brushed my nipples and then down to my stomach. His tongue entered my mouth as he frantically removed my dressing gown. Letting it drop at our feet. I did the same and pushed it off his shoulders, as my tongue entered his mouth.
We both pulled our our underwear down enough to free our imprisoned cocks. Our breathing quickened as I moved my hips backward and forward, rubbing against Shin's nicely sized cock. Shin grabbed my arse, separated the cheeks and teased my hole with his fingers. Shin moved to kissing and licking my neck, whispering in my ear.. I stood and removed my underwear. I reshuffled into position so that I could encourage Shins hard throbbing tower inside me. I slowly moved my arse down until it engulfed Shins cock. I started to ride Shins cock slow and soft at first. I needed to prepare myself before I got rougher.
Once we got into a rhythm shin started rubbing my cock, his rubbing encouraged me to ride him faster.
"Mmmm! Oh Roku, you're so good at this. I feel you move i feel your arse tighten around my swollen dick. I want to come deep inside you." He moaned as he bit his bottom lip and closed his eyes as waves of pleasure rocked his body.
"Your cock feels so good inside me, it's such a perfect size." I swooned, breathless. My legs were cramping, my muscles screamed at me to stop, but Shins cock felt so good, I was actually disappointed when he eventually came deep inside me. My seed has covered Shins hand and my stomach before I felt his come erupt inside me. I leaned in and kissed Shin again. Maybe it would be nice to be able to share myself between them. Mors was my love, he and I had a bond. But I cared for Shin, and he loved me, maybe I could learn to love them both.
I showered to remove the smell and left over cum of both Mors and Shin. As I showered, Shin joined me and held me in his arms, we kissed under the cascading water of the showerhead. This was as close as I will ever get to kissing someone in the rain. We both fought the urge to fuck once again in the bathtub, we were already lucky enough that Mors had remained asleep throughout our time together.
We gave each other one last goodnight kiss. Shin returned to his room and I returned to ours. I returned to my place beside Mors, the grey light of morning covered our bedroom as I held him in my arms. The niggling guilt grew, I had to tell Mors of my weakness, and that I had changed my mind about refusing Shins offer of a polyamorous relationship with himself and Mors.
I finally found sleep, but it felt I had only drifted off for seconds when I heard a phone vibrating. Mors gently got out of bed and took his phone and answered the call in another room. He didn't want to wake me, for someone who was death he was the sweetest and most caring man I had ever met. Realising this, my guilt grew, I felt my stomach cramp and nausea sweep over me, the guilt was already worsening my anxiety. I coughed a few times and dry heaved, knowing nothing would come up. This was pretty much my reaction befo work for the past three years. I sat up in the bed, when Mors came rushing in,
"You need to get ready. I need to wake Shin, they will come to arrest us in twenty minutes."
Knowing in twenty minutes time I'll be hauled out of my world into the world of reapers, plus the guilt, plus my everyday anxiety. My dry heaving worsened and I pushed past Mors and into the bathroom, to the toilet in the nick of time. I nearly unloaded my stomach contents all over the floor, id have done this if it had been seconds later.
I knelt in front of the toilet, trying to control my anxiety and stop my heaving. Mors entered the bathroom and knelt beside me, rubbed my back and whispered reassuring words in my ear, until the vomiting and my anxiety had passed, which was around 10 minutes later.
I was grateful to him, I wanted to kiss him, but realised my breath was probably a mixture of morning breath and vomit, and made the decision to avoid exposing Mors to that. I rushed around and and pulled on my court clothes, I didn't even have time to brush my teeth. I had rinsed my mouth out with water, but decided to chew some gum.
Just like Mors the reaper soldiers arrived to our location exactly on time. We exited the house and met them just at the end of the driveway. Mors, shin, and I were hancuffed together and teleported up to the world of the reapers with a soldier for each of us.
We were escorted to the courthouse, and led to a meeting room. Two guards were stationed outside, the three others let us through the door, uncuffed us, put us individual cuffs and stood around the room.
We sat around an oversized solid wooden table.
"Why are we here Mors?" I whispered.
Mors smiled reassuringly,
"We're waiting on Amity, she is our nominated official who happens to also be well versed in all the nitty gritty of Reaper law. She will be pushing our punishment to the judge and the elders."
I nodded as my cuffs rattled with every movement of my hands and wrists. I found myself wondering about our mystery saviour, Amity. She had played a vital role in helping Mors and I save Shin, she also housed us without complaint in a safehouse in which she owned and is now defending us and trying her best to save our lives. I wonder why she was willing to do so much for us?
My brain worked through numerous scenarios. I wondered if Amity and Mors had a history, before he realised he liked Men? Does she have a history with Shin? Or the other was; Does she have a curiosity or an interest in me?
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