A Dance with Death

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Chapter 26

I was drawn back from my thoughts when the door to the meeting room opened with a loud and painful groan. I took in a deep breath, this would be the first time I'd see Amity after all she had done for us. I turned around to greet her, I gasped, if I was straight I'd definitely like her.

She was tall and slightly curvy, her jet black hair was cut into a straight edged Bob, she was wearing a black pencil skirt, with a white silk blouse tucked into it. I then took a closer look at her face, Amity had a beauty mark on her cheek, thick rimmed glasses, outlining beautiful brown eyes and porcelin skin, with blood red lips. She smiled at me,

"Good morning, you must be Roku? It's nice to finally meet you. Mors has said so many nice things about you. I'm glad he has met somebody he can love...Which is why I'm here to make sure he doesn't lose you, Roku."

Amity then proceeded to acknowledge Mors and Shin, both had been unusually quiet since we arrived in the reaper world and remained quiet even now in the courthouse.

We spent quite some time going over the charges of Shin, Mors, and I. The one thing that will be a non-negotiable aspect of the charges would be me signing an agreement that I would not disclose any information about reapers, their world, their abilities and their purpose to anyone. If I was to leak any information I'd be locked away or worse "reaped" aka killed and my soul taken to be judged with Shin and Mors as my escorts.

It was mid- afternoon when Mors, Shin, and I were hauled in shared cuffs to the court room. Amity walked in front of us and the guards followed behind.
We waited for what felt like a lifetime, before the judge and two elders entered the room. We stood until we were told to sit.

There was a heavy silence in the cold and sterile courtroom as the judge briefly read through some papers. He didn't even look at us when he started talking.
" So there has been numerous charges placed on all three of you." He looked up an studied us.

"Could you please tell me your names?"

We introduced ourselves,
The judge looked back down to his desk.

" This is an unusual case and list of charges. It's been nearly 200 earth years since a human has been put on trial in Reaper court. Now, Roku, you have been charged with; drugging a representative of the reaper army in your case two, assisting an escape of a convicted criminal from the dungeons and finally you have been charged with 2 counts of Sexual relations with a reaper, the reapers were unauthorised for such... privileges and being in an actual relationship with one.

So you've had sex with both Mors and Shin, but only in a relationship with Mors?"
I nodded my head,

"Yes sir."

The judge mumbled and addressed the elders.

"I call on Amity, please proceed with your recommendations for punishment."
Amity straightened out her skirt and told the judge her plan for punishment.

"So let me get this straight. You recommend that Mors and Shin are made Reapers again, both to be assigned to Roku. They will never be able to have any type of relations with humans, as their touch and kisses will kill them? Then you wish to claim Roku as your human pet? Is this correct, Amity?"

Amity nodded her head,

"Yes sir."

The judge seemed bemused by the strange collection of beings in front of him. He called for a break. We were escorted to a room, again surrounded by guards. Amity requested that food and drink be given to us. Reapers could eat human food, but they didn't need to eat or drink as often as humans. So it was not surprising that Amity had to request it.

The break went for one and a half hours. We were called back in to the court room. The judge gave us permission to sit

"I've been talking to the elders and we would like to request that we adjourn these proceedings until tomorrow afternoon. We will begin them once again at three 'o clock tomorrow afternoon.

Amity requested permission to speak,

"They have nowhere to go, where do you intend to house them?"

"There's two options; either they are locked in the dungeons overnight, or we could release them into your custody. We will put them under house arrest and they will have guards stationed at all exits and three guards with them at all times, if these are acceptable then we will agree to send them home with you or if not the dungeons are the only other options. Don't worry they will be well looked after, I assure you."

Amity agreed to the terms and we were released into her custody. We were teleported back to Amitys house via the watches on the wrists of the guards that had been escorting us all day. I wondered if they'd have to swap with another 3 soon. I asked Mors this and he looked at me and shook his head,

"Have you forgotten that the guards are reapers? So therefore, they hardly need to eat or sleep. These guys will be with us until the end of our trial."

I was embarrassed by my ignorance and remained silent until Amity showed us our rooms before locking us inside. Shin was given a seperate room, while Amity gave Mors and I a room together. She reassured us that she'd make sure we are fed and that we have a supervised shower.

It was slightly embarrassing showering in front of a stranger. It would've been nice to have some privacy, but the guards insisted they be in the bathroom while we shower. The bathroom was quite spacious, so I didn't feel cramped with a guard in the bathroom with me and one outside the door.

I was exhausted as I crawled into bed with Mors. I snuggled into him, taking in his warmth. The warmth that I might never feel again. As we laid there together, Mors whispered into my ear,

"I wonder how the guards would react if we just starting fucking each other right now. I wonder if they will like the show, want to join in, or become extremely uncomfortable. Wanna give it a try?"
He whispered, with a mischievous smile on his face, as he stuck his hand down my pants and massaged my cock which instantly reacted to his touch. Getting slightly hard.

My breath quickened as the warmth spread through my body, I groaned softly trying to restrict my reaction, as to not draw attention from the guards. But it seemed Mors had another plan, he rolled my on my back and started to kiss me roughly. His kisses moved from my mouth to my neck and down my torso. My body convulsed, as he kept rubbing me, the covers moving violently in time with his hand. I was fully erect by this time.

"Mmm! Good boy Roku." He whispered,

"But moan louder, gasp louder, I want the guards to know exactly what we're doing."

He continued before he kissed me again and climbed on top of me. I felt his hardness against my body as he continued to tease and taunt me with kisses, touches, and sounds.

Finally, he ripped the cover off my body, leaving my hard, throbbing cock exposed to everyone in the room. I looked over to the guards as they stood at the door, I saw one of their Adams apple move as he swallowed hard. I saw a glint of sweat upon his hand as he stood there, his hands crossed together in front of his crotch. The weapon he was carrying remained on his waist, his face was covered by a helmet, but you could just see his neck. Mors saw that I was looking at the guard, he placed his hand on my chin and turned it to face him.

"Don't worry about them. Amity has conveniently left a couple of condoms and lube in the drawers beside the bed. So, are you ready?" He whispered as he leant in and kissed me.

I nodded and swallowed hard. Mors put the condom on and covered it in lube. He teased me, by spreading my legs and gently licked my hole he also teased me by inserting fingers inside me. I moaned as I felt his tongue caress my hole, I gasped as his fingers reached inside me and then out again. He smiled at me,

"Are you ready, my love?" He whispered, I nodded desperately.

Mors lifted my legs to his waist, pulled me closer to the end of the bed. I relaxed as his silky smooth dick entered me, I gasped again as my legs encircled him, he let them go and moved in and out of me quickly and deeply. My body moved with his thrusts and not long after that I released all over myself, all over my stomach and chest. I groaned as loud as I could, the sweat on Mors glistened and he let out a gasp of release as he filled the condom with his seed. I reached for a tissue to wipe the come from my body. Mors stopped me and moved from his position and crawled up the bed and seductively cleaned the come from my body with his tongue. I almost got hard once again.

While Mors was licking the come from my body I looked over seductively at the guards, my face was red, my mouth parted as I caught my breath, Mors sucked and licked my nipple as his tongue searched for more cum to devour. I stared at the guards and gasped at the feeling of Mors sucking on my nipple, searching for any sign of emotion from the guards, there was nothing, just the glistening sweat and the covered crotch. I was disappointed, we hoped to get a rise out of the guards, but nothing.
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