A Dance with Death

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Chapter 27

I had a shower that following morning to wash the sweat and saliva from my body. The same guard that I was teasing last as Mors sucked and licked my nipples and cleaned the cum from my body happened to be the one to be chosen to supervise me.

I showered in a way that would be considered sexy. I wanted to have more fun with the guard, I deliberately bent over in front of him as I dried my legs and feet.

"So did you enjoy the show that Mors and I put on for you last night?" I leered, as I started to dress. "Did you like how I moaned and gasped as Mors entered me? Did you get hard?" I teased further.

The guard remained silent. I was disappointed, this guard was a hard nut to crack. I sighed as I finished getting dressed, I tried to exit the door but the guard stood in my way.

"Let me through! You brute!" I yelled. He didn't move, I tried again, but in a flash the guard had his hands around my throat and hard against a wall. I coughed and tried to fight my way out of the guards chokehold.

He tuttered his tongue as his grip tightened. He leaned in close, there was only millimetres between his helmet and my face.

"Your teasing doesn't work pet!" He sneered.

"If I want a piece of that arse, all I have to do is ask Amity to lend you to me for a night, and I will take as many pieces as i desire. Just you wait pet, I will have you, whether you like it or not. Now get the fuck out of my sight!" He yelled as he released his chokehold and I was free to leave.

I was scared, I regretted teasing him now, I regretted agreeing to the idea in the first place. My neck burnt as another guard escorted me back to the room.

As soon as Mors saw me, he knew I was scared. He noticed the red marks around my neck.

"What happened?" He questioned.

"Our session last night pissed off one of the guards in the room. He had me against the wall in the bathroom by the neck and said that if he wanted he could just ask Amity to borrow me for a night and he could do whatever he wanted with me, whether I liked it or not. Do you think Amity would do that, Mors? Would Amity just give me to anyone to do whatever they pleased with me?" I asked, my voice tight with fear and uncertainty.

Mors paused,

"Well it is in the contract that you will have to sign today if the judge and elders decide to agree with Amity's recommendations. You give up your body and your personhood to your reaper. They have every right to you and your body, and they can to gift you to anyone they please or anyone who requests you and is approved by your reaper. I dont think Amity would do that to you, she is a good friend, has been loyal and has looked out for us since the beginning. She cares about me alot and since I care about you Roku she will too. So dont worry." Mors said as he pulled me in for a quick hug.

We were escorted once again to the courthouse. Instead of being taken to a meeting room we were taken directly to the courtroom. It didn't take long for the elders and judge to agree to Amity's punishment. Mors and Shin were reinstated their reaper status, and I was whisked away to Amity' s mansion and made her human "pet". She gave Mors permission to say goodbye. Shin wasnt given that privilage.

Mors and I were led into Amitys office for privacy.

Mors had already been given his powers back. We cried, and I requested that Mors look after Ellie until I returned. He promised that Shin would also be looking after Ellie when he was working and that they'd share the responsibility. The emotion was too much for me to bear so Mors and I kissed and just like in the past, when I first interacted romantically with Mors, I felt a heavy coldness travel from the lips of Mors to my lips then to my body, like rivers of ice. I didn't pass out this time though because Mors stopped himself. I gave one last goodbye and Mors left. I was alone.

Amity had a her butler take me to my room. She let me stay in the room for the rest of the day and that night uninterrupted. I was depressed, and spent most of it cocooned in a blanket, crying into my pillow, then sleeping.

The next morning I was forced to join Amity for breakfast. We had many things to discuss and I had a contract to sign. Amity did not need to eat as much and as often as me, but she'd happily eat with me to be polite.

Amity slid a small pile of papers towards me.

"This is your contract to be my human. It's a standard contract given to all chosen humans. I will gift you back to Mors permanently, but we need to make all the paperwork official. I promise to not gift you to other reapers or force you to do things you don't wish to do. But I will expect you to do some kind of work around the mansion, run errands, and accompany me to social events, this is so that it looks legitimate... I'll give you some time to read through it."

Amity stood from the table and left me to read through the contract. Around forty minutes later I asked the butler to fetch Amity. She returned,

"Before I sign it, will you give me your word, in front of the butler as witness that I will not be abused, used, or "gifted" to other reapers for them to do as they please with me? Do you promise that I will not be made to give up my body without consent?"

Amity smiled,

"I promise I will not gift you to other reapers and I do not expect you to give up your body without consent." She replied.

I trusted her and signed the contract. As I handed it over to her I asked

"When will I.be gifted to Mors permanently?"

"You will remain here for four months. But before you panic, Mors and Shin have moved into your place, they will look after it, pay the mortgage, and look after Ellie. Your position at the magazine is protected and will be open when you return, I know people...and I pulled some strings.

You will start work tomorrow, you'll start off helping the maids do house chores. Don't worry, you will not be required to wear a maid's uniform.

Today can be used for settling, familiarising yourself with the mansion and surrounds. Also, dont forget to talk to the maids about your schedule tomorrow. Have fun, Roku." She said as she cheerfully left the dining room.

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