A Dance with Death

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Chapter 28

I wandered around the mansion and admired its beauty. It was like an old house from earth. It looked to be in the style of art deco, wallpaper and wooden paneling, the floor was made from wide hardwood boards, the bathroom had white and black tiles, plus a black and gold claw foot bathtub with brass taps, spout and showerhead. I loved it.

I then made my way to the garden. There was a natural stream that ran through the garden, giving it a peaceful, calming, and secretive atmosphere. After I had toured the mansion and surrounds I decided to find a maid, introduce myself, tell her thst i'll be working as a maid tomorrow and ask her if she knew my schedule. I found a maid polishing a fancy collection of silverware. I approached her, she seemed nice enough and told me to go to the kitchen as the head maid was there.

I found the head maid bent over a boiling pot of vegetables. Her long brown hair shoved into a hair net, wearing a stained apron. I approached her nervously,

"Uhh! Excuse me, are you the head maid?"

She looked up, she was a lot younger than I thought she would be. She couldn't have been older than 35, very close to my age. Seeing how young she was, caught me off guard. She smiled politely,

"Yes I am the head maid, my name is Lilly. How can I help?"

"My name Is Roku, I'm the new maid starting tomorrow. Amity told me to come and see you to get a schedule."

"Ahh, yes! Follow me." She said as she walked out of the kitchen and led me to the staff wing of the mansion. We walked down a broad hall until we reached a quaint plain doorway. Lilly invited me in while she took a seat at her desk. The office was also quite small and very bland. Lilly shuffled through her drawers, pulled out a piece of paper and handed it to me.

"Tomorrow you will be accompanying another maid. She will show you the ropes. She'll show you how to do your tasks and how to do them properly, she'll show you where to find things etc.

You will start to work alone the day after. We'll give you a small amount of tasks to begin with, once you've got the hang of it well gradually give you more. Your job is going to be cleaning the staff wing of the mansion. As you're accompanying another maid, you will start at 9am. After that you have to meet me in the kitchen at 6:45am sharp. You will start at this time every day, you'll have Sundays off of course, but from Monday to Saturday it's always 6:45am. Remember that Roku, 6:45am. I detest tardiness. Also, since you're the only male maid, there will be no uniform for you...unless you desire to wear the female maid' s uniform. Then that can be arranged." She said, half jokingly half serious.

I chuckled,

"Thanks for the offer, but I will go with the no uniform option."

"Okay, but if you do desire it, come and see me. After all, the reaper world is very different to the human world, we don't judge your choices, as long as it is within the law, that is. Anyhow, Daisy will be the maid you'll be working with tomorrow. You can introduce yourself to her now or you can wait until tomorrow morning. Your choice."

I thought about it for a bit,

"I prefer to meet her tomorrow." I answered.

"Okay, we'll see you in the kitchen at 9am sharp tomorrow, Roku. I'll let you go. Bye." She answered as she ushered me out of her office and rushed off to return to the kitchen, leaving me alone in the hall.

I returned to my room and tried to call Mors using my mobile phone, there was no reception. I wondered if there was even any mobile towers in the reaper world.

They used smart watches, so they had to have something, but maybe the technology didn't exist on earth. I sighed, I felt alone and isolated from those that I loved. I was an outsider and there were no other humans in the mansion.

Even the maid's weren't completely human. I was told that the staff were part reaper and part human. The magic used to take the reaper powers off Mors and Shin so they return to their human forms did not work on these types of people. So they were tracked down and made to return to the Reaper world as servants or staff, not reapers or killed if they refused. Knowing that the maids, gardeners, and butlers in the reaper world were forced to return and work as servants made me sad and hate this beautiful place even more. I will be forced to live here for 4 months, which could be extended if Amity wanted it to be. I felt helpless and trapped, I wished I could trust Amity as much as Shin or Mors did, but I couldn't.

After a filling dinner, I was overcome with tiredness, I was excused from the table by Amity. I just wanted a shower of bath and to go to bed. I grabbed my towel and toiletaries and walked towards the closest bathroom. I was relieved to find it empty. The steam filled the bathroom as I relaxed in the hot bath. My muscles embraced the warmth, soon I found myself falling asleep.

I woke a little while later the bathwater was lukewarm and the steam had disappeared. The only sounds were the dripping of a tap and the fan whirring above me. I missed Mors, I missed Shin and Ellie. I just wanted to hug them all.

My thoughts soon wandered, I wanted to know how it'd feel cuddling up to Mors, wrapping my arm around his waist and buying my face in his hair, while Shin snuggled into me, his arm around my waist and his face in my hair. Id feel safe, if only I knew if something as simple as a hug would bring me to the edge of death, sandwiched between two reapers both of whom I loved and cared for. Soon my mind wandered to how it would feel being fucked by Shin while I made out with Mors, my cock started to react to such a thought.

I gently teased it with gentle strokes and Rubs, my hand teased the tip, feeling every vein as I moved down and then back up, just stopping before the tip. My cock grew and my stroking and rubbing became quicker, soon the water was splashing violently, I moaned and gasped as my come burst forth under the soapy, rippling water.

I don't know if the idea of having a threesome stirred the urge inside me or if it was the fact that everytime I would have sex with Mors or Shin or even both that i'd be near death with every thrust with every touch or kiss I'd be slipping closer to death.

To only be brought back to the living once they stopped. Then to only bring me close to death again when they kiss, touch, or make love to me the next time and the time after that. It would living on the edge, but I loved them and I yearned for them to make love to me, regardless of the danger of death that I'd face.

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