A Dance with Death

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Chapter 29

I woke with a pounding heart and sweaty palms. I looked to my phone it was 7:40am I sighed and rubbed my eyes. I had at least an hour and a twenty minutes until I had to get up and start my first day as a maid. I tried to nap until 9:00 but I twisted and turned, I gave up.

I didn't even know what to wear.I searched through the wardrobe I had a suit, jeans, a few tops and three hoodies. I pulled on a pair of jeans and a top. Tidied my hair and sat around my room anxiously. I was too anxious to eat breakfast, I feared if I did it would end up all over me and the floor.

I missed Mors, I wished with all my heart that I could talk to him. Just hearing his voice would make me happy for a hundred years. I got lost in my mind, and I looked at my phone, it was already 9:35. I jumped up shocked and panicked, how could I lose time. I rushed to the kitchen and luckily arrived with 1 minute to spare.

Daisy greeted me and led me to the staff wing. We started off making beds, changing others, cleaning the toilets and bathrooms. There were two bathrooms in total that serviced the staff wing. We moved on to dusting furniture, sweeping/vacuuming, then finally mopping. I was exhausted by the time my shift ended. My whole body ached, and my eyelids barely stayed open as I staggered to my room. It was 6pm, I was too tired to eat, too sore and tired to shower. Amity noticed my absence from the dinner table and sent a glass of water, dinner, and dessert to my room. I hungrily devoured the food then crawled back into bed.

A month passed in a blink of an eye. I was polishing the numerous pieces of wooden furniture that was scattered through the staff wing. I was lovingly polishing an oak side table, when Amity burst into the room scaring the shit out if me,

"Guess what Roku? You'll be joining me for my first social outing on Saturday. You will not need to work on that day, as you will be taken away to be pampered and polished. After your shift tonight, please come see me, there will be a visitor for you.

This visitor is a tailor and will be making you a custom outfit. However, please be aware, that the outfit will not be what you're expecting. It is an outing that is held for reapers who have recently acquired a human pet, its an "official" meet up so that our humans can have social interactions with other humans and we can show off our new acquisition.

Even though I won't be participating, it's also used as a market of sorts, displaying our pets and offering them up as gifts to other reapers that show interest in them, some will do this for a fee aka prostitution, others will do this for favours. As a result some of the outfits are outlandish, and are used to show our pet's best assets. Your outfit will be tame compared to others, but it will still be...umm..uncomfortable to wear. I do apologise, but it needs to be legitimate looking, everything, including the revealing outfits.

I gulped,

"How revealing?" I asked cautiously

There was a short pause,

"Don't worry, it won't be too bad. I can't really describe it, but you'll see when you see. Remember, straight after your shift come and see me. See you then Roku." She happily sung as she flittered out of the room.

I was already uncomfortable with the idea of walking around a massive room wearing revealing clothes, so I can be ogled at by pervy reapers. The thought and idea made me shudder. I really missed Mors.

The tailor measured every section of my body. He muttered incoherently to himself as he wrote down the measurements in a small leather bound book. Amity was watching him measure me with great interest.

" I've finished ma'am. I've triple checked the measurements and his outfit should be ready Friday evening. Are you happy with that ma'am?" The tailor said as he looked at her.

"Ahh thank you! Yes that's an acceptable timeframe. Once I have the outfit and see it on Roku, I'll pay you then. Would you like us to meet you at your shop? Or would you prefer to bring it here?" Amity replied.

"I will bring it here as soon as it is done, just in case any alterations need to be attended."

"Good, and thank you again." Amity replied smoothly before resting her hand on his shoulder and leading him out of the room.

I pulled up my jeans and threw my shirt back on. It was strange standing in a room being measured and Amity watching the tailor and seeing me dressed only in my underwear. It was a strange and vulnerable moment, but then again, my body and personhood belonged to Amity, for the next three months. I'm glad she hadn't tried to use that part of the contract on me yet. I hoped it remained this way for the remaining months.

I was called into Amitys office about halfway through my maid duties. I was very anxious about what my outfit turned out to be. I knocked on the door,

"Ah! Roku, come in." Amitys voice echoed through the door. I took in a deep breath.

As I entered I noticed Amity sitting at her desk and the tailor stood beside her, holding onto a large white box, neatly tied with a red ribbon. Amity motioned for me to sit on the chair that was located to the front of her desk, once seated she signalled the tailor to hand me the box.

I slowly undid the ribbon and removed the lid. There neatly folded was what looked to be a suit, but as i pulled the items out of the box, I realised that the pants were very small, and the shirt didn't have a lot of buttons. The only thing that looked comfortable was the coat. I looked at Amity confused. She smiled and said,

"Well, try them on."

I looked at her wide eyed like a deer caught in headlights, I looked at the tailor who was staring blankly at me.

"You mean in front of you?"

"Yes! In front of both of us. Go on." She encouraged.

I reluctantly removed my top and pants, I started to pull on the pants. Amity stopped me.

"No, Roku. Remove your underwear as well or the pants won't fit right."

I was extremely uncomfortable at this point.

"Do I really have too?" I whinged

"Yes, now do it." Amity replied,

"Could you both at least close your eyes until I say to open them? Please."

Amity sighed, frustrated

"Okay, we will close our eyes. Let us know once you're dressed okay."

"Okay, im getting changed now, please no peaking." I said as I quickly removed my underwear.

I pulled up the pants which clung to my leg muscles, my arse, and accentuated my crotch. I moaned in disgust.

" These are too tight, especially around my crotch. If hate to get a boner in public wearing this. Not to mention the buttons don't go all the way up and the coat doesn't do up nor cover my chest. What is the point of it?"

Amity opened her eyes,

"Ahh! This is exactly as I pictured it. It's perfect. I'll pay you now." She turned to the tailor, they touched watches and there was a series of beeps.

"It was nice to do business with you again Amity. See you next time." The tailor said as he exited the room.

Amity focused her attention back to me.

"I told you the outfits were revealing and uncomfortable. But remember this is tame compared to the other outfits you'll see tomorrow night. Now stand up straight, stop fiddling with your crotch, it's supposed to be tight.

"But it's not just tight you can literally see the outline of my dick. I'd hate to get a radom boner tomorrow night, it will be completely obvious. And what's the go with no buttons on my shirt and the coat not being able to be done up?"

Amity sighed,

"If you get a boner, wear it with pride. It'll make the reapers swarm you or me begging for favours or offering me good money to have you for a night. As for the shirt, you have a nice chest, so it's an asset, and should be shown, same with your arse and dick. Hence the tightness."

"But you said I wouldn't have to do that!" I almost yelled in dismay.

"And you won't, but I need to pretend that I am willing to do those things. I'll take offers, but I will not follow them through, as in the end it's my choice and my decision to let you be used in such a way or not as you are my human. Stop worrying Roku. Just trust me."
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