A Dance with Death

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Chapter 30

The dreaded night arrived. I spent all my morning getting beauty masks and peels on my face, my hair cut and styled, massages and had my choice of expensive colognes. I sprayed cologne on my body and waited in the parlour for Amity. It didn't take her long to elegently parade her outfit in front of me. She was wearing a tight glittery black cocktail dress, heels, fishnet thigh high stockings that were held in place by a black lacy garter belt, there were split that went all the way to her upper thigh.

"You look sexy tonight, Amity. " I complimented her.

"And you my dear Roku smell and look delicious. You'll have a lot of interest tonight. There's no denying that. Care to link arms?" Amity asked. I obliged and with a whoosh we were teleported in front of a big mansion, three times the size of Amitys home. I was in awe of the sheer size of the building

"How? How does a single reaper own such a massive house?" I whispered
Amity smiled at me,

"Becoming an official does come with its perks. Why do you think I became one? Do you think I love all the beaurocratic bull shit? No, it's because of the perks and status you gain from becoming one. I hope one day I will own a house just as good if not better than the one in front of us. Now, come, it would be considered rude and offensive if we are late."

I quickly linked arms with Amity once again.

We gave our names to the guards guarding the front door to the ridiculously big mansion. They checked it against their guest list and once we were matched we were ushered inside.

The house was full of reapers and their humans. The decor and decorations looked exactly like they were in the movies. Waiters walked around offering champagne, nibblies, and other tid bits of food and drink items. I took the time to look around the room, Amity was right my outfit was tame compared to the other humans.

Everywhere I looked humans were beside their reapers or flirting with others, under the watchful eye of their reaper. Some of the human outfits left nothing to the imagination; I saw everything from boobs, vaginas, nipples, arse, cocks, g-strings, unconventional piercings, arseless chaps, to see through dresses where the human was naked underneath. I felt embarrassed for them, but thankful that Amity did keep my outfit quite conservative other than the exposed chest, the tight pants where the outline and size of my dick could be seen by everyone. At least I wasn't going full commando and swinging around the place like some humans were made to do.

I grabbed a drink from a passing waiter, I needed to be at least tipsy to handle what I was witnessing. I had nearly consumed all of my drink when I felt a hand on my arse and fingers trying to go in between my buttcheeks through the material. I turned around offended and saw an attractive man standing in front of me. Before I could scold him or tell him to fuck off he smiled and said charmingly

"May I ask who is your reaper? You're one fine specimen. Would your reaper offer you as a gift to me for some coin?" He asked getting straight to the point. I shrugged my shoulders,

"My reaper's name is Amity. Any business questions have to go through her. I'm sorry."

He slapped me on the arse, winked at me and whispered,

"Let's hope your Reaper is the sharing type."

He looked me up and down once more and left, probably on a mission to find Amity.

I suddenly felt uncomfortable, as if everyone was looking at me. I scanned the crowd, as it turned out it was all in my head. I was harassed but at least 5 more reapers 3 men 2 women. I had enough of being groped so I found a seat in a forgotten corner shrouded in shadow. I needed the breather. Amity eventually found me, she flopped down in the seat next to me.

"As expected, there seems to be a lot of interest in you my friend. I've had huge amounts of money offered to me for just a single night with you. I declined them all, because I promised you I wouldn't use you in this way. But fuck...that was a hell of a lot of money I refused, just so I could keep a promise."

"I do appreciate that you didn't take the offers and im sorry you lost a hell of a lot of money because of me."

Amity smiled a tired smile and rested her hand on my knee.

"I couldn't betray you or Mors..." she sighed and looked around the room. She spotted someone that piqued her interest.

"I'm sorry, but if I wish to advance my career and be able to own a house as big as this one someday, it looks as though I've got some more mingling to do. I'll find you before we leave, okay?"

I nodded and waved as she left. I enjoyed the safety of my little corner, but I was thirsty and needed a drink. I took in a deep breath as I left my safe, dark corner, and approached a waiter. I grabbed a drink and thought I could quickly return to my safe space. I was wrong, the man I first met who groped me found me again. He looked angry as he made his way over to me. I had nowhere to run, my back was against a wall and all my escape routes were blocked by people. I braced myself for the storm. Once he reached me, he pushed me against the wall and came in close to my face,

"Your reaper does not wish to share. So, while I have you here, I'm going to try before I buy." He sneered,

"But your offer has been refused, so you won't get the chance to buy." I tried to push him out of the way, but he used his body to block me.

"Oh, Roku, I will." He said shakily, then I felt his hand rubbing the length of my cock through the tight pants. My body reacted to his touch. My breathing quickened as his rubbing became more intense, before I could stop him he had my pants unbuttoned and his hand was inside the gap in my pants fiddling and rubbing my cock. I was getting hard at his touch.

"Please, stop!" I begged as a repressed moan escaped my lips.

"Well, you're enjoying it so much Roku, I'd feel bad if I stopped now. I want to make you come." He whispered, his voice low as his body twitched and moved with every stroke and rub of my penis. I tried to bite my tongue, but another moan and gasp escaped my lips.

He leaned in close and kissed my neck. Soon my whole body was erupting in tingles and explosions.

"You're throbbing now Roku, soon you'll come."

I moaned again and I did, I came all over the man's hand. He smiled triumphently.

"I told you i'd make you come." He removed his hand from my pants and left me against the wall. My legs were weak, I was short of breath. I didn't want this at first, but his rubbing and whispers changed my mind. It had been a while since I felt the touch of another. I didn't even know the man's name, but his touch felt electrifying. I needed to find out his name. Maybe, I could still make Amity some money.

I searched the crowd and found Amity charming a bunch of officials, mostly male. I cautiously approached her and as meek and as polite as I can I requested a private chat with Amity.

"What's up Roku?" She asked confused and worried at once.

"I want you to take up one of the offers. He is nameless to me, but he is young and attractive. He was probably one of the first to request you to gift me to him for a night."

"Plenty young attractive reapers have approached me. None stand out. Can you point to him in the crowd?"

"I think so." I scanned the crowd, and spotted him leaning up against a wall studying everyone around him. I pointed to him,

"That's him, the one leaning against the wall."

"Ahh! Now I remember him, he wasn't one of the top offers, but he did offer a lot of money for you. Come, let's organise a deal."
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