A Dance with Death

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Chapter 31

He smiled widely as Amity and I approached him. Before either of us could speak, the man started to talk,

"I knew I would get to buy your attention for a single night Roku. I'm still very interested." He turned from me to Amity,

"My offer is still the same, do you accept my offer for a night with Roku?"

Amity sighed,

"Yes I accept your offer. We need to organise a night. What would suit?"

He smiled again,

"Well, Amity. I was kind of hoping I'd get him tonight, after the ball?"

I was dumbfounded and looked over at Amity my eyes were wide with shock. She kept her cool and focused her attention on me.

"Do you mind Roku? It'll be the rest of the night and half the day tomorrow as Its already too late to be considered a full night."

I gulped hard with excitement, fear, and nervousness.

Just barely above a whisper I answered,


"Alright, an agreement has been reached. Shall we shake on it Derrick?" Amity said as she focused her attention on the young man, whose name I now know. With a smile, they shook on it, they fiddled with their watches then tapped them together, the transaction had taken place. I couldn't back out now.

Derrick reached for my hand, I placed mine in his and he led me upstairs. He led me into an office.

"Welcome to my home, Roku."

I was left speechless, this massive mansion belonged to a man as young as Derrick.

"This is your house?" I managed to whisper.

"Well, yeah, technically. My father owns this house at present."

Derrick came in close to my face, and whispered in my ear,

"Are you just going to stand there? Let's make the best out of whats left of tonight, hmm?"

He gently kissed my neck, then he kissed my lips. I went weak in the knees, as his lips caressed mine so tenderly. He removed my jacket, then my top. He ran his hands across my chest, he teased my nipples with his fingers then his tongue. I was already hard, my erection was trying to force itself free from my tight pants. However, He didn't unbutton them, he left them closed and teased me by tracing the outline of my cock with his fingers.

"Please, undo my pants." I begged. Derrick smiled and kissed me again,

"Be patient Roku, Be patient." Derrick removed his belt, then kissed me again.

I unbuttoned Derrick' s shirt and removed it. I ran my fingers over his chest, gently caressing every dip, and tight muscle, I rubbed his nipples and he gently moaned. I reacted to his soft moan and kissed him, while still exploring his body. Derricks moans and gasps excited me, I wanted him more than anything in the reaper realm.

"Derrick, I want you. Please let me feel you inside me, let me taste your seed, please just fuck me..." I begged

"As you wish, my beautiful Roku." Derrick undid my pants and set me free. He rubbed my cock, so fiercely I tried my best not to come. I was swollen, throbbing, yearning for Derrick to be inside me.

"Please, fuck me now. Please." I begged again.

"As you wish." Derrick said as he led me to the desk and bent me over. He fingered my hole.

"Your hole is pulsating, inviting my fingers deep inside. Oh, just feeling how much it wants me to be inside I could come purely from that."

Without warning, Derrick spread my cheeks and pushed his cock inside me. I gasped in surprise and anticipation.

"Mmm! Your arse is so tight, yet so warm and inviting." Derrick whispered as his thrusts became more energetic and rough. I moaned.

"Mmm! Oh Fuck, Derrick. Your cock is so thick and feels so nice inside me, it fills me up. Please go deeper." I begged in between moans and shallow breaths. Derrick granted me my wish and he went as deep as he could go, I felt our skin collide with every thrust, my arse was full of Derricks cock. I moaned again.

"I'm going to come." I screamed. Knowing that I was close to orgasm seemed to give Derrick more energy. I came all over my hand.

Derrick let out a moan and growl as he filled me with his seed. He pulled his cock out of my arse, turned me around. With his come covered tip and twitching cock he came again on my stomach and chest.

"Ahh Roku, your arse was the best human arse I've ever fucked. God it felt good around my cock. I want to taste more of you Roku. But first let's shower."

I followed Derrick through a door in the office that led to a bedroom with an ensuite attached. The shower was huge and could easily hold four people. Derrick even washed me.

Once again under the pelting shower and soapy mess we fucked again. After the shower, I gave Derrick a blow job, and then he gave me one. Throughout that remainder of the night I lost count of how many times we fucked.

I collapsed in Derrick' s bed, exhausted, I was completely fucked out. I reckon Derrick could have gone a lot more rounds but he knew I was human and he knew there's only so much sex a human body could take, so he let me rest. I woke a few hours later the sun was shining.

I had a sore arse and numerous aching muscles. I left the bed and realised that there was a private balcony that belonged to the room. I noticed Derrick sitting outside smoking a cigarette wearing nothing but a robe. I was still naked at this point, my clothes were probably a wrinkled mess on the office floor. I slid open the sliding door, Derrick didn't turn around, he knew it was me.

"Morning Derrick." I said my voice slightly hoarse from sleep.

"Morning Roku, come and join me." He replied. I sat on the chair beside him.

"No, Roku. Come, Sit on my lap."

I obliged. I sat on his lap, but I was facing him. I draped my arms around his shoulders and kissed him.

"Is this good enough." I whispered.

"Perfect." He replied as he started to kiss me.

"Roku, I can't stop thinking about last night. You felt and tasted so good. I crave more."

I slowly moved my hips back and forth as we kissed, the friction and anticipation for more sex, caused both of us to get hard.

"Do you really want more, Roku?" Derrick whispered as his voice broke and his breathing became faster, he was getting turned on by my movements.

"Yes, I want more." I replied

Derrick fiddled with his robe, undid it, exposing his erection. I manouvered myself and slowly lowered my arse above his cock. Soon he was inside me again, his thickness filling me. We fucked, I ignored my sore arse. I just wanted to feel Derricks cock as it rubbed against the insides of my arse and he wanted to feel my arse constrict around his swollen throbbing cock until he couldn't take it anymore and filled me with his seed.

Soon our time was up, as a parting gift I gave Derrick one last blow job. His seed filled my mouth and I swallowed that come like it was the best dessert I had ever tasted. He was satisfied with my performance, and he wanted to make it a regular thing.

Once a week, we'd have a night filled with passionate sex. The following day I would always have a sore arse, but knowing that it was caused by Derrick's thickness made it more bearable until the following week.

I hardly thought of Mors or Shin. I missed them, but they seemed to have forgotten me. I hadn't heard from them since I was left up here by myself to become Amity' s pet and Derrick' s whore. I found myself looking forward to the night I'd spend with Derrick, it's what consumed my thoughts.

All I could think about was Derrick' s cock and how it felt inside me, how his come tasted, how his kisses made me feel. All I wanted was Derrick.

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