A Dance with Death

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Chapter 32

Another 2 months passed, I was still a maid by day and once a week I was Derrick's. I thought he'd be bored of me by now, but just like clockwork every week I was taken to his home to have a full night of passionate sex with him. I was attracted to Derrick and his cock filled my arse and felt extremely pleasurable as he fucked me. I didn't care how much money Amity was making from our time together,
it didn't bother me at all, as long as I still had Derrick.

I got the call, Derrick would be picking me up soon. He would take me back to his place, fuck me, then return me the following day. That was our routine, it didn't change.

However when I saw Derrick I instantly knew something was wrong. He seemed worried, tired, and sad. I ran up to him and threw my arms around his neck. He normally would return the hug and kiss me. But tonight he didn't do that, he just gave me a brief tap around my waist, no kisses, no hello.

"What's wrong Derrick?" I asked my voice filled with concern.

Derrick sighed,

"Let's go to my house, have a drink and I'll tell you. Come now Roku." He grabbed my hand and we teleported to his house.

After a bottle of red wine, a blow job by me, Derrick opened up.

"Roku, I've been given a new post, I'm no longer going to be based in the reaper realm. My new post is a secluded town on the outskirts of a major South African city. This means I will no longer be able to see you Roku."

I held back tears,

"Why have you been sent there? Can you refuse? Or can you return to the Reaper realm once a month to spend a night with me?" I questioned, the tears that I was trying to hold back burst from my eyes.

Derrick pulled me into his chest and comforted me.

"My father has used his influence and power. He has forced me to take that post. I have no say, I can't refuse it Roku. Also, no, my father has made it so that i cant return to the Reaper realm until my time at the post has finished, which is two years from tomorrow. I'm sorry Roku." Derrick answered, his voice choked with emotion.

"Why? Why has your father taken you from me?" I cried,

Derrick sighed, and wiped a tear from his eye.

"My Father has seen how much money I have spent to spend nights with you. He said I must stop, but I couldn't stop Roku. Your arse feels so nice when I'm inside you, you taste like summer and smell enticing. I love everything about you and I couldn't stop myself.

My father feels that I'm falling in love with you Roku, and he wants to put a stop to it. So the only way he could do that is by sending me faraway and refusing me entry back into the reaper realm until my time at the post is up. Which means by that time, you'd be long gone and moved on with your life, forgetting I ever existed."

I squeezed him hard,

"I will never forget you Derrick. You're caring, tender, and have impressive stamina. You ended up respecting me in the end and you're one of the nicer ones here in this realm. I'm going to miss you, and my arse is going to miss your thick cock." I whispered, trying to lighten the mood.

Derrick smiled as he kissed me, lifted me up and carried me to his bed, where he filled my arse with his irressistable thick cock, soon to fill it with his seed.

I woke the next morning to banging plates and the smell of freshly cooked bacon and freshly made coffee filling the house. I wasn't sure if Derricks father was home so I wrapped myself in one of Derricks thick fluffy robes and followed the tantalising fragrance to the kitchen.

I found Derrick fussing over a frying pan. I smiled, he was trying so hard to cook for me. My heart fluttered, he was so distracted by the cooking that I scared him when I grabbed his waist and cuddled him from behind. He quickly turned around and kissed me.

"Morning Roku. I tried to cook you some breakfast, but realised I have no experience cooking human food. So I don't know if the egg and bacon are cooked enough."

I freed myself from his embrace and checked the eggs, they were fried well, and the bacon was almost blackened. I smiled,

"The bacon is overcooked, but I love burnt crispy bacon. It's my favourite. The eggs are okay. Thank you, Derrick for cooking me breakfast." I threw my arms around him and kissed him.

I took a seat at the large wooden table, and watched tenderly as Derrick smiled proudly as he placed the food on two large, over sized plates. He put the cups of coffee, plates and cutlery on a silver tray. We ate our breakfast in a comfortable silence.

After we finished I helped Derrick wash up. There was a tension growing between us, we tried to Ignore it, but it filled the air. I couldn't handle it anymore. I stopped Derrick from putting the dried dishes away and kissed him. He had me against the kitchen bench. Our kisses were intense, we craved the other like a drug. Soon he had my robe undone, I felt him smile as we kissed when he realised I was naked under the robe. He rubbed my cock, and played with my nipples with his face buried in my neck.

"Mmm! You smell delicious!" He whispered seductively in my ear. His whispers made my knees weak.

"Turn around for me, Roku. Bend over that counter and Spread your legs." He whispered swallowing hard, he was turned on so much that he could barely talk.

I complied, but there was one thing that was bothering me and I don't think I could enjoy sex with Derrick unless I knew.

"Derrick, what if your father walks in on us?"

Derrick answered,

"He is not here at the moment. He is away on a business trip and won't be back until next week."

I sighed, finally able to be relaxed and enjoy my last morning with Derrick.

Derrick spread my cheeks, exposing my puckered hole.

"Are you clean?" , he whispered

"Uhh! Yes why?" I asked nervously

"Good, then I won't have to worry about stray toilet paper." He chuckled to himself. As he spread my cheeks as wide as they could go. His joke almost killed the mood, but as soon as I felt his tongue tease my hole I gasped, with every lick of Derricks wet tongue, I felt electric shots race through my body. I was so very hard. I pulled on my cock, my arse quivered and pulsated as Derrick continued tasting me.

"Mmm! Your arse is ready." Derrick slowly pressed into me, until he was inside me, his cock filling my arse. I gasped in surprise and moaned in delight as he moved further inside. It didn't take me long to come once Derrick and I found our rythmn, he pushed as deep as he could go, then slowly pulled back then pushed again, trying to go further than before.

I let out a loud moan, as I covered my hand with my come. Derricks rythmn became faster as he was close to orgasm, he groaned and I felt him burst inside me.

Once he was done he pulled his cock from my arse. I was going to waddle to the shower, but Derrick stopped me.

"Roku, let's go to the bathroom together, and before you shower I want to watch you push out my come. I want to see it slide down your leg, I want to see it fill your hole as you squeeze it out."

I nodded,

"Yes Derrick. I'll do that for you." I answered. A little while later and through a lot of pushing and getting comfortable I managed to squeeze it out, to Derricks delight. As per usual, while showering I knelt in front of Derricks once again hardened cock and gave him a blow job and let him come on my face afterwards.

Before I knew it, the time was up and I had to be returned to Amity. Derrick disappeared into his closet while I pulled on my clothes. He returned a short time later, holding a watch in his hand. It was gold, with a onyx face littered with small shining diamonds and delicate golden hands.

"Roku, this is for you. It looks like a normal watch, but it's can do the same thing as the reapers smart watches. It can teleport you, you can make currency transactions which I have given you a nice sum of reaper currency , communicate with other reapers, more so me, and it does have a cloaking device installed. I had it custom made for you Roku, but no one else other than you, me, and the clock maker know that it's a reaper smart watch disguised as a plain, but expensive looking human watch.

Please don't tell anyone what it does, it could be taken from you and I don't want that, because I want to talk to you and the teleporting device can teleport you straight to me and id like to see you..." Derrick paused...

"You know, my father was right about one thing. I am falling for you Roku. I believe i truly am falling in love with you."

I was left speechless, I spent all this time believing that Derrick and I had nothing more than a professional relationship. The official and his favourite human whore, not once did I believe he loved me.

I knew I loved how his thick cock filled my arse, I love how he tasted, I loved his stamina and boy was he one attractive man. I missed him when we weren't together joined in firey passion, my thoughts were consumed by him and the memories of our times together. But did I love him, I wasn't too sure about that.

" I don't know if I should take this Derrick. You've already spent so much money on me as it is...."

"No, Roku. It's for you. Please take it. Money is not an issue. I want you to communicate with me. I want you to visit me when you have the urge. It was custom made for you. Please, take it." Derrick begged. I accepted.

"Thank you Derrick. I will cherish this forever. I will miss you, until I see you again. Farewell. " I kissed him and as we kissed, Derrick sent me back to Amitys. He would be gone from the reaper realm soon, and I felt empty.

Maybe, After all I did love him. I shook the thoughts from my mind as I returned to my room and fell into a depressive sleep.
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