A Dance with Death

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Chapter 33

Another month passed in a slow, painful, blur. Ever since Derrick left, I felt empty and useless. I even felt bad for Amity, when Derrick left as the stream of income he paid for my company was also lost.

It didn't seem to bother Amity though, but it bothered me. So I tried to make up for it by offering myself to fulfill the request of the reapers who wanted me, all with Amitys input of course.

I slept with three male reapers. I faked a smile and faked moans of pleasure until they came inside me. My movements were robotic, my relationship with them purely professional. There was no passion, no sparks with any of them. I was their cum bucket, none tried to please me in any way, they just fucked me, came on/in me, and I left soon after.

I was even gifted to the guard who was in the room when Mors and I made love. I was nothing more than his cum bucket, except he actually hurt me when he fucked me, he bit me, he hit my arse so hard it was red, and he was very rough when he fucked me. His cock was on the bigger side, he used hardly any lube if any at all so it felt as though my insides were being ripped to pieces. I was relieved when it was time to go.

The only thing that kept me going was that my time with Amity was coming to an end. Soon I'll be gifted to Mors and Shin permanently, I'll see my Ellie again, return to earth, my job, and finally I'd get to see my family.

When things went back to normal I'd use my special watch and visit Derrick all the way in South Africa. I'm was relieved that my arrival would be instantaneous. It cut out the travel time, being cramped in a flying sardine can and having to deal with airport lines and entitled customers.

After sleeping with the three reapers, I felt my debt to Amity had been paid. I didn't sleep with any more reapers. It was nice to not have to prep myself for Anal, or stress about whether my clothes were nice enough. It was good to get a chance for a break and focus on my maid duties for the following three days. After that id be in the arms of my reapers; Mors and Shin.

True to her word, once the three days were up, Amity made contact with Mors and Shin. They entered the reaper realm within hours. I had all my belongings packed, and Derricks gift tightly around my wrist. This watch will be my only way to contact Derrick. I did not want to lose it.

I met them out the front of Amitys house. Our greeting was awkward, as Mors nor Shin could hug or kiss me. I saw the excitement in their eyes alongside the sadness and disappointment. It was too much for me. I crossed my fingers and hoped that like before, if I was to touch them first that I wouldn't be brought close to death by their touch.

I cuddled Mors tightly and enthusastically, then moved on to Shin. Nothing happened, I was so relieved. I tried to push it a bit more, so I kissed Mors. He kissed me back, but just like before I felt a cold wave spread from his lips to my own, it moved from my lips and consumed my face, then down my neck. I tried to push Mors away, but he was enjoying the kiss too much and didnt notice. Shin and Amity had to pull him away from me, I felt weak in the knees and it took a while for the coldness to disappear and for my face to return to normal.

Amity lectured Mors about control, she was hesitant to let me go,

"Roku, Are you sure you want to return to earth? I'm worried that you'd end up dead, because someone cannot control himself." She questioned me concern etching her voice.

I nodded,

" I trust Mors, he won't kill me. Shin will also be living with us, so he can stop Mors and vice versa, if things get out of hand."

Amity did not seem reassured or confident in my reply.

"You've always got a home with me, if it gets too much you can return and live with me. You won't even have to work as a maid, you'll be my guest."

"Thank you Amity." I whispered hoarsly, trying to hide my sadness about leaving the reaper realm. Amity had remained true to her word, she didn't gift me as a prostitute against my will. I slept with Derrick and the three reapers because I wanted too, not because I was coerced or forced. I was lucky, many other human pets weren't.

I hugged Amity and we all waved goodbye as our hands connected and we were teleported to my house, I couldn't wait to see Ellie again. As soon as I opened the door, She rushed down the hallway, her tail and butt were big brown blurs, she let out cries and whines of excitement and happiness. I knelt down and hugged her, she returned the favour by covering my face with kisses.

Soon Mors and Shin were behind me, they waited until Ellie and I had greeted each other. Once that was done, I sat down on the floor holding Ellie in my arms, while she squirmed and twisted trying to kiss me again.

"Roku, we know you've just arrived back home, but we wish to talk to you at dinner. I'm sure youre tired Roku, have a nap and we'll come and get you when it's ready."

I nodded, and it was true, I was tired. I stood up gave Ellie more hugs and kisses. Then dragged myself to my bedroom, Mors had put fresh sheets on my bed so I crawled into them. Soon I was a within a cocoon of fresh sheets, in my own bed and it only took minutes for me to fall asleep.

As promised, I was woken up by knocking on my bedroom door. I stirred and my eyes hadn't even adjusted, before Mors was beside my bed.

"Wake up Roku, dinner is ready." Mors whispered as he gently rubbed my arm, a trail of cold followed his hand. His touch made my skin break out in goosebumps.

"Okay." I replied, as I stretched, wiped the sleep from my eyes and sat on the edge of my bed until I had fully woken up.

I pulled on a robe and followed Mors to the dining room. Mors smiled as he pulled out a seat for me. I smiled back took my seat and waited for dinner to be served.

We were almost done with dinner when the important discussion was started, it was Shin who kicked it off,

"Roku, I know you haven't even been back on earth for eight hours, but there's an important topic we wish to broach with you. Are you ready?" Shin asked a little too enthusiastically.

"Yes, go ahead."

"Good, well while you were away, Mors and I decided to have a chat. It is very obvious that you love Mors and care greatly for me. You've made love to both of us...I remember I brought up the idea of you being in a relationship with both Mors and myself at the same time and I know you were curious and kind of wanted to give it a go?" He paused,

I nodded. Shin smiled widely,

"Well, Mors and I have discussed it at length and after a bit of convincing Mors has agreed that he'll let us be together, as long as your love for him won't change and he'll be your number one. Are you still wanting to be in a poly relationship with Mors and I? "

I was shocked, I wasn't expecting Mors to be a willing participant in a polyamorous relationship, but I was greatful that he was going to give it a try.

I nodded

"Yes, as long as it's alright with Mors, I'll happily agree to this."

Mors looked me straight in the eye,

"Roku, I am happy was long as you're happy. I would do anything to make you happy."

At that very moment I wanted to pull Mors into a massive long hug. I hesitated, but I decided, fuck it, I will give Mors a massive long hug. I stood from my chair and pulled the still sitting Mors into my stomach and as expected nothing happened because I initiated the touching. Too bad this didn't happen when I initiated kissing.
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