A Dance with Death

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Chapter 34

It was surprisingly hard for me to adjust to living on earth again. I had been back to earth for 3 whole months now, and ive only managed to get 1 chance to call Derrick. He was so happy to hear my voice and I was happy to hear his. We talked for a good 30 minutes straight using the watch he had given me.

We would've talked more if Ellie hadnt started barking excitedly signalling that either Mors or Shin were home. I hastily said good Bye to Derrick and hung up on him just as the door opened. I waited to see who was going to appear in the hallway. It was Shin, I stood from the chair and we kissed, and just like Mors the transference of cold started at Shins lips and rushed down my neck. I stopped as i started to worry that the coldness would reach my heart and lungs. Unlike Mors, Shin did stop when I started to pull away.

"Well that was a nice welcome home." Shin smirked confidently.

"I missed you." I said. Shin smiled again and gave me a quick hug. The cold leeched from his body and into me with even the slightest touch.

"I'm going to have a shower." Shin exclaimed as he started peeling off his clothes, leaving a trail behind him. I felt a familiar tingle in my groin as I admired Shins body. His build was more athletic and his muscles were smaller and not as defined as Mors, but Shins cock was a perfect size. Derricks cock was a perfect fit, and Mors was a tad bigger.

I followed behind and picked up Shins clothes. I threw them in the washing machine and found myself also stripping off. I entered the steam filled shower and shouted above the rushing water and gargling drain,

"Do you have room for another?"

Shin stuck his head around the door smiled and shouted,

"Of course, and boy you look delicious. Come and join me Roku." Shin looked me up and down, smiled and invited me in, just seeing me naked had made Shins perfect cock hard, and I got hard in response.

As soon as I was in, I initiated the touching. Shin was obliging, nothing bad happened as I got in close and ran my hands over Shins body. The water covered both of us, I went in for a kiss, and the coldness once again started to rush through my body. Even as Shin ran his hands over my body, I felt a trail of cold follow his touch. We continued kissing and the coldness spread, I struggled to breath as the cold pierced my lungs, but I yearned Shins touch.

Shin noticed, stopped and shouted,

"How are we going to do this? I nearly kill you with my kiss, what would happen with my cock and when my come is inside you, what if that kills you?"

"I want you to take me here, now, Shin. Please. I'll tell you if I feel uncomfortable, and if I pass out, you will know to stop." I begged, as my cock throbbed with anticipation.

Shin cautiously agreed. I pressed myself against the shower wall and spread my legs. Shin came up behind me and with a bit of shuffling, he thrust himself inside me. I gasped, his cock felt like it was made of ice, as he moved forward and backward inside me. He grabbed my waist and the coldness spread from his hands. It was a strange sensation; feeling Shins cock as cold as ice deep inside me, it hurt a lot but it also added sensitivity, I was drooling and gasping in pain and pleasure as he slid in and out. The cold had now spread to my arms. Shin let out a loud groan and moan as he came inside. Shins come exploded inside me, but his explosion felt like a thousand icicles had pierced my insides. The pain spread from my arse right up to my chest. I screamed in pain and collapsed in a heap, I had passed out from the pain.

I woke three hours later, with a concerned Shin anxiously waiting by my bed. Luckily it would be another 3 hours until Mors came home. I groggily sat up, Shin noticed and hugged me tightly sending another wave of coldness through my body.

"I'm so sorry Roku. I didn't mean to almost kill you." Shin apologised, his eyes shone with unshed tears.

I chuckled,

"Shin, it's okay. I wanted to do this, I needed to know if having sex would cause the same reaction as the kisses. We now realise that its a lot worse when cum is involved. The actual sex felt good and painful at once, it's just the come that made me collapse. Maybe, we could try it again but without you coming in or on me? Plus, we haven't tried oral, what if I initiated the oral? Maybe then, I could please both you and Mors without risking my life."

Shin chuckled at my enthusiasm,

"Don't worry about that now. Are you well enough to have something to eat?"

I nodded and with a little verbal encouragement from Shin I managed to stand up and walk to the kitchen. My arse still felt like its insides had been ripped apart by icicles and I was a little weak in the legs. I gasped in pain as i sat down on the chair. My gasp of pain as i sat in the chair and weakness in the legs caused Shin to become anxious and he started to worry again.

"Roku, are you sure you're well enough to eat something?"

"Stop worrying about me. I'll be fine, it might take another couple of days to feel better, but I promise you I'll be okay."

Shin wasn't convinced, as the pain shot through my body, I'm not sure I was convinced either.

"I'll tell Mors when he comes back. He has to know what having sex with you does to your body. If you're going to be in this much pain each time, it would be torture for Mors and I to see you in such a way and we may have to stop our relationship with you and set you free."

Those words cut me deeper than I could admit.

"No! I don't want our relationship to stop. I love Mors and I love you Shin. It would destroy me losing you both. How about next time we have sex we'll try other things. I'm not giving up so easily." I almost shouted. I did not want to lose them.

Shin was shocked by my defiant reply,

"Fine, we'll try other things. I wonder if there's a tonic or something that a human could drink that will stop the pain associated with making love and showing affection to their designated reaper. We can't be the only ones in all time that have fallen in love with their designated human. I may have to visit the reaper realm soon and talk to a friend, they might know something."

I was filled with hope, but I realised that I missed making love to Derrick, he didn't almost kill me whenever we made love. In fact his thick cock felt like heaven and his come was warm and gentle compared to Shin's come that felt like cold, sharp icicles. Derrick and I just fitted together perfectly.

Three hours later while I was tucked away in bed, trying to minimise my pain I heard the door close loudly, Mors was home. I wanted to get up, run to Mors and kiss him, but even with the slightest movement pain shot from inside my arse to my hands and fingers.

I heard a muffled, "Where's Roku?"
"He's in bed." Shin replied,
"Why? What's wrong with him?" Shin paused then told Mors what had happened between us and what happened to my body when he came inside me.

Soon there was pounding footsteps and my door flew open, followed by Mors flicking on the light.

"Ohhh! My poor, sweet Roku." He rushed to beside my bed and hugged me, the coldness seeping through my clothes, causing me to shudder in response.

"I'm sorry for what happened! Are you feeling okay?"

"My arse is sore and inside it feels as though I've been cut up by freezing cold icicles, and my legs feel weak, but other than that, I'm okay Mors."

Mors kissed me, I returned his kisses, because I missed them. I loved him, and it hurt not being able to be as we were when he was his alter ego, Clay. I kept kissing him even as the coldness seeped from his lips to mine and slowly spread through my body like an ice cold glacier.

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