A Dance with Death

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Chapter 35

It took me 5 days to fully recover. I missed work, but I got to spend them snuggling up to Ellie and when I was alone, I talked to Derrick using the watch.

Every time I heard his voice, it made my day. I was tempted to teleport to him, but I was still recovering and just seeing Derrick would fan the flame and I wouldn't have the strength to say No, even with a sore arse. I also suspect that I would lose track of time and not be home before Shin or Mors finished work, they would ask me questions and I couldn't lie to them. They had no idea who Derrick was, I suspect they wouldn't be happy knowing that I was giving myself to yet another reaper and without their permission. It seemed I had a dangerous love for death.

Another two weeks passed and I was fully recovered. I missed Mors and since we haven't been intimate since I came back from the reaper realm, I wanted to try out the idea of initiating oral with him. Hopefully when I pleasure him I won't suffer Ill effects due to me initiating the interaction.

I wanted to get him alone, and it turned out that one night he finished work four hours earlier than Shin. I took the opportunity to send Ellie to the pet sitter's place, light candles, and start a roast dinner. We had the whole house to ourselves we were free from Ellie and from Shin, be it for only a few hours.

I dressed in my favourite tight, snug trunks. These particular undies made my dick look appetising, and accentuated it, just like those tight pants I wore at the party, the party I met Derrick.

The image of Derrick filled my mind and my dick reacted slightly to that memory of him pushing me against the wall, his hand inside my pants fondling my cock.

Luckily, Mors came home, before I had to relieve myself. His eyes widened at the sight of me in snug trunks with an erection, not brought on by his arrival but more from the memory of Derrick and what he did to me that night, in the full view of the guests at the party.

Mors smiled widely and threw me roughly against the hallway wall, as he kissed me. The coldness didn't move slowly through my body this time, but quickly. My whole body was ice before Mors finally stopped kissing me.

I managed to whisper through cold lips

"Let's go into the loungeroom. Sit down an unzip your pants. I want to see if I initiated oral if I will suffer how I suffered when Shin fucked me."

Mors took a seat in the loungeroom, he stripped off his trousers and undies, exposing his hard, veiny dick. My cock shuddered in response as I moved my mouth over his dick and took it all in. I moved up and down, my tongue teasing the tip. Mors moaned softly and his dick shuddered.

In between sucks and licks I murmured,

"Please don't come in or on me Mors."

Mors was biting his bottom lip as his body started to jerk from the pleasure my dancing tongue and intense sucking brought him. His breathing quickened and his jerks became uncomfortable humps.

" Where am I going to release, Roku?" He muttered as he gasped and moaned again in pleasure. I paused and looked around the room, there was nothing. My erection was hurting now, it needed freedom.

"P-p-please Roku, where am I going to cum? I can't hold it much longer."

I stripped off my snug trunks and offered them to Mors. Mors happily accepted and started to rub his dick with my undies. Mors released himself twice inside the fabric as it encased his tip. Leaving sticky white smears all over them.

"Now it's your turn." He growled as he dropped my sticky, cum-smeared undies on the floor in a smelly crumpled heap. Mors told me to sit on the chair. I obeyed.

Within seconds his mouth was teasing my dick. Disappointingly, the coldness transferred from his mouth, the coldness went up my urethra, and spread through my body, but the sounds that Mors made while sucking my dick and the coldness that was painful but also pleasureable made me almost scream out loud. I moaned and gasped a lot because just like how Shin's ice cold dick felt inside me, it made me super senstive. Mors sucking my dick had the same effect.

"I'm going to cum." I moaned

"Release yourself Roku. Release your warm cum in my mouth. I want to taste you, I want to savour you." Mors whispered his voice constricted with arousal. I couldn't hold for much longer, I came. Mors let out a sigh.

" You taste so sweet Roku. I want to taste more."

We performed oral on each other again. I was exhausted after the second round. It turned out that nothing really happened when I initiated oral, but when Mors initiated it, the affects were the same as when Shin fucked me.

I bent down and picked up my undies. Mors stopped me and said,

"Wear your cum stained trunks, I liked the way they made your dick look. I pulled on the trunks, hoping the tacky cum was on the outside of them. Unfortunately, I wasn't that lucky, there was a large smear on the front, but the second was right under my butt cheek, it didn't feel comfortable at all, not to mention every time I moved I smelt the cum of Mors, which did not smell like Roses.

I wore them even when Shin came home, it was the first thing that he saw.

"Your cock looks nice in those trunks, but the cum stain doesn't do you any favours. Is it yours or does it belong to Mors?"

I looked down, my face burnt,

"It belongs to Mors, he wanted me to wear them cum stains and all."

"So did it hurt, like when I came in you?" Shin asked,

"No, he came in the trunks. Plus, I wasn't actually penetrated by Mors, we just did oral. Good news, if I initiate oral I suffer no Ill effects. However, if Mors initiated it, the coldness spread from his mouth to my body, just like when we had sex."

Shin smiled,

"Well let's see if initiating oral with me is the same as with Mors. Meet me in my room at midnight, and wear those trunks, even with the cum stains."

I nodded, Shin gave me a quick kiss and then took the bag of groceries he was carrying into the kitchen. For a reaper, Shin was very good at cooking human meals for me, and they always tasted devine.

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