A Dance with Death

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Chapter 36

The grandfather clock chime 12 times. Signalling that midnight had arrived. I manouvered my way out from under the covers and Mors' strong embrace. He was fast asleep, I had stashed the cum-stained trunks in the ensuite, under the sink. I removed my fresh ones and replaced them with the cum-stained trunks. I tip toed out of the bedroom and knocked quietly on Shins door.

He opened it wearing nothing but a short silk robe, tied untidely around his waist. He smiled as he saw me, he stepped back and drank in the sight before him.

"God Roku, those trunks look so good on you, even with the deposits of Mors on them. Come in."

I awkwardly entered the dimly lit room. When Shin closed the door, he dropped his robe, exposing his partially erect cock.

"Seeing you In those trunks has started to make me hard."

I knelt before Shins cock and took it in my mouth, soon it was fully erect.

"Mmhmm! Your mouth feels like sweet, sweet heaven as it devours my cock."

I stopped sucking him and started to rub his shining, saliva drenched cock. Then I took it in my mouth again. Soon I had him groaning, gasping, and trying to force his cock deeper inside my mouth. It felt as though he wanted to force his cock down my throat. He did this by grabbing my head and pulling it closer to his crotch. I gagged a couple of times, and saliva ran from the corners of my mouth across my bottom lip and down my chin. I was very hard at this point in time. Shin stopped pulling me into his crotch. I slowly moved my head and as Shins cock exited my mouth, strings of saliva like little spider webs joined my mouth to his quivering tip.

"Roku, remove your trunks. I want to see your hardness as i come. Give me your trunks so i can come on them just like Mors did.

Once you've done that I want to see you play with yourself, not gentle little strokes either, I want you to rub and pull it, when your close to orgasm, tell me. I'm going to kneel in front of you. I want you to come on me Roku, come on my face, my body or if you wish come in my mouth."

I agreed, I handed my trunks to Shin and just like Mors he used them to rub his dick, shooting strings of come into them as I played with myself.

"I'm close Shin." I whispered, as my dick started to throb and twitch.

Shin knelt in front of me, I came twice. I covered is cheek in my seed, then I covered his chest with the second load. Shin smiled, as he ran his finger through my second load and tasted my seed.

"Mmm! Roku, you taste so sweet." He swooned as be wiped the load of his face and licked his hand and fingers, tasting my seed.

Six months had passed now. I don't know how we managed, but Mors, Shin, and I were still together. There was hardly any jealousy between them, it was more of a competition. My orgasm being the deciding factor on who was winning or not. I still cared deeply for them both, I loved them, but I missed the intimacy, and no I don't mean sexual intimacy, there was plenty of that. I mean emotional and physical intimacy such as cuddling. All I wanted to do was to be able to crawl in between Mors and Shin on the loungechair and enjoy a movie or snuggle with them in bed safely within their arms.

I found my mind always wandering back to Derrick, we had physical intimacy and he seemed to understand me emotionally and all we did was have sex. But we snuggled afterwards, he made me breakfast and studied me lovingly as I ate. I pretended I didn't notice, but I did notice. I ignored it because I wanted our relationship to be nothing more than professional, a transactional partnership. My arse in exchange for Derricks money, paid to Amity.

In the end our relationship was deeper than I thought, and Derrick fell for me. I cared for him to a point, but it wasn't until now, almost a year later that I realised it might've been deeper for me as well.

Derrick and I talked every chance we could, i rang mostly when Mors and Shin worked. He was desperate to see me and I wanted to see him. So I decided that today I would do exactly that, id visit Derrick.

We won't be having sex though, if we did that I know id lose track of time. Before we did that, I wanted to tell Shin and Mors about Derrick.

I held the teleport button down. Derricks location had already been pre-loaded into the watch's memory, so whenever I pressed this button I'd teleport to Derricks house in South Africa and nowhere else.

There was a loud whooshing sound and I was staring down a white tunnel. My body felt as though I was being sucked deeper into the tunnel by a vacuum of air.

There was ringing, silence and finally there was a distorted blur of brown, blue, and smidges of green before I came to a complete stop in front of an old house, hidden behind some old bushes.

I took in a deep breath and made my way towards the door. I knocked, there was silence, I knocked again and the door opened. I let out an excited scream and jumped in the arms of a surprised Derrick. He caught me and we kissed, a long kiss of happiness and relief. Derrick carried me inside, we kissed a little longer until Derrick and I seperated and he let me go.

Derrick was ecstatic, his sentences tumbled out of his mouth in an over -excited jumble of words and at times too fast for me to understand.

Derrick and I visited numerous parts of Africa in a single day. I saw animals that id only ever seen on tv or in a zoo. They were roaming free in vast grasslands. I saw one extreme to the next; from dry and parched desert to lush green rainforests and then to rich fertile farmlands all on the one continent.

I enjoyed our time together, and that night Derrick made me dinner and for dessert we feasted on the sweet fruit we had picked from the forest and had bought from various markets. We enjoyed the fruit under the full moon on a balmy night.

After we feasted, We held hands and I rested my head on Derricks shoulder. It was nice being able to touch a lover without feeling the dreaded cold spread up my arm. It felt... normal.

It had been too long since anything felt normal. Hell, ever since I first laid eyes on Mors, my life was never the same. It's strange how I craved normalcy once again. Maybe, my life could be normal with Derrick, even though he is also a reaper, but there was no cold, no closeness of death whenever we kissed, touched, or made love.

Realising this, I leaned over and kissed Derrick, our lips trembled as they touched. Is it possible to love 3 people at the same time? I tried to make sense of my feelings, as Derricks tongue entered my mouth and his breathing quickened. Was I strong enough to stop him? Was I strong enough to ignore the fire that burnt inside me as Derricks hands explored my body, and our tongues danced together, under the magical moon that lit the African sky?

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