A Dance with Death

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Chapter 37

My body shook as I pulled away from Derrick.

"Please, we need to stop! I need to leave" I begged Derrick, my voice was weak and I fought back tears.

"What's Wrong?" Derrick asked, confused. "Did i do something wrong?"

"No, Derrick. You haven't done anything wrong. I....I just need to go home. It's late." I replied

"Well, stay with me for the night. We don't even have to make love Roku. Please, just stay with me." Derrick begged

"I'm sorry. I can't. I need to leave. I fear if I stay with you Derrick. I'll do things that I'll regret."

Derrick stopped talking and looked at me, his face was a mixture of confusion and hurt.

"Will I hear from you again, Roku?" He asked, his voice deflated as he stared at a spot on the ground.

"Of course, you will. I care about you and Derrick...I love you. It's because I love you that I need to stop. My mind is troubled, I need to make a hard decision. I will continue to talk to you, but I will not visit you until I have made this decision.

Remember Derrick, I have fallen for you, I love you. But I need to leave, now . I'm sorry." I pressed the teleport button, before he could even reply. I couldn't handle saying goodbye to him or hearing his reply and last of all, his good bye.

I entered the house, I noticed a grey trench coat hanging on the coat hook. Ellie was still at her pet sitters house. I heard the trickling of the shower. I approached the door, it was slightly ajar, I heard soft moans and skin hitting skin. I tip - toed in and noticed that Mors had Shin against the wall of the shower, and was fucking him. I was in shock and watched as Mors kissed Shins neck and heard Shin whisper,

"Hmmmm! Keep going" And sigh as Mors thrusts became faster. "Ahhh Fuck!" He moaned again.

I had seen enough, I ran to my bedroom.

We were in a poly relationship, but it didn't even cross my mind that Shin and Mors had been fucking each other. We hadn't even discussed this. But I was stupid to think that they wouldn't fuck each other, they couldn't penetrate me without nearly killing me.

So if they had the urge for Anal, why wouldn't the turn to each other for that need. I didn't blame them, only receiving oral and hand jobs would get boring after a while.

My shock subsided, and the scene played over and over in my head, soon I was getting hard at the thought of them fucking each other. I hastily ripped off my pants, pulled my undies down and started to pull and rub my dick with my eyes closed. I replayed the memory over and over again. My dick getting harder as my rubbing quickened. I was so lost in the memory that I didn't hear the door creak open, or the shadow come closer to my bed. I was only brought back to reality when the bed creaked and my dick started to be sucked. The familiar coldness started to grow from my dick and spread across my body to my face.

I opened my eyes and saw Mors, he felt my eyes on him,

"So you saw Shin and I? Did you like it Roku? Did you like seeing me fuck someone else? Or did you like watching Shin be fucked?" He whispered before his mouth encased my cock.

"Yes, I saw." I replied, while trying not to moan. "And yes, I liked it, I liked all of it. It made me hard." I continued before letting a moan escape my lips. Saying these words made Mors salivate, and his sucking became rougher and more intense. Soon I felt his fingers inside my hole, as he continued to suck.

"Wow, oh god! That feels so good." I moaned, as my dick throbbed and I moved my hips.

"Ahhh!" I gasped again, I felt Mors teeth graze my tip. This sent shivers and shocks through my body. My dick was already senstive because of the coldness, i couldnt hold it in any longer and I released in the depths of Mors' mouth.

With a smile on his face, and my cum still on his breath he kissed me.

"You enjoyed that more than usual, maybe Shin and I should fuck in front of you more often." He teased, I nodded.

What Mors didn't know was that I was already aroused from spending time with Derrick. Seeing Mors fucking Shin was just the cherry on top.

I did keep my promise to Derrick, I rang him regularly. He loved my voice and my laughter. Derrick would try to keep me talking as long as he could, while also cracking jokes that made me burst into fits of laughter.

Once Derrick and I stopped talking, I would feel a flood of restlessness and anxiety drown my heart. I was truly struggling with my decision.

I loved Mors, I loved Shin and I loved Derrick. I enjoyed being the shared desire or prize of two very different and very attractive Reapers. But I loved the one on one intimacy I shared with Derrick, and it felt as though Derrick and I were perfect for each other. I couldn't get the intimacy I shared Derrick with Mors or Shin. It was tiring and being brought so close to death each and every time I made love to Shin or Mors was wearing me down.

I feared the next time I kissed Mors or let him have me the coldness would not go away and it'd consume me, until my soul was being ripped from my body and id be escorted by Mors and Shin to be judged on whether I was a good person or bad. Id be given to whatever awaited me in the afterlife. Never to return to earth and to never see Derrick again.

Even another 3 months later I still hadn't made a decision.

Also, Within the past two days something unusual was happening, I wasn't able to contact Derrick. Whenever I tried and I tried numerous times. All I heard was static. I started to panic, something wasn't right, something was definitely wrong. I stressed for a further 2 days, I was so stressed that even Mors and Shin picked up on my mood. I didn't attend work, I remained in my room obsessively trying to call Derrick to no avail.

On the 5th day, I couldn't take it anymore, Mors and Shin were out reaping souls. I decided that now was the perfect time to teleport to the little old house in South Africa and check on Derrick.

With a tear- stained face, and wearing nothing but a dirty old singlet, trunks, and a stinky old robe I pressed the teleport button. As I arrived at the front door to the house, I knew something was wrong, it was the smell and buzzing insects that confirmed my suspicions.

It was the scene in front of me, that brought me to my knees, and drained me of oxygen, soon my uncontrollable weeping and screams echoed through the house, I swear you could probably hear them kilometres away.
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