A Dance with Death

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Chapter 38

I eventually stopped crying and screamimg. I managed to wipe the blurry tears from my eyes and regained my sanity.

I tried to Ignore the smell of decay as I pushed myself up from the floor. I approached the lifeless body splayed out in front of me.

There was blood spatter covering the walls and a pool of tacky blood with brain matter chunks within the deep red sea around the remnants of what used to be a head.

I slowly walked over to the body, trying to stifle my gag reflex and avoid breathing through my nose. I turned the body around, hoping that i could recognise the face, but it was a mess of rotting flesh, maggots, and bone. The face was unrecognisable, to be honest there wasn't even much of a face left.

The gory sight would give me nightmares for the remainder of my life and seeing the decaying, unrecognisable body of what very well could be the man I love pulled me to the borderline of insanity.

I pulsated with anger and a fire of revenge burnt inside me, whoever or whatever did this to Derrick was going to pay with their life. I needed to find where Derrick had put the smart watch that he wore and never removed. I checked the body, but nothing was on his wrist.

I explored cupboards and under furniture, I came up with nothing. I ripped the sheets from Derricks bed, but still nothing.

Panic and anxiety overcame me. I was pacing around the house, muttering to myself, crying. If anyone discovered me now, they'd believe me to be crazy. Id be blamed for the murder and i'd end up in an asylum somewhere. I needed to find the watch. That was my goal.

I rubbed at my head and face, trying to think where Derrick could've stashed the watch. I went to the bathroom to splash water on my face, I looked in the tarnished mirror, and I noticed a glimmer of something reflecting back in the furthest corner of the shower. I rushed over and before my eyes there was Derricks watch. It had been smashed and was wet.

Finding the watch renewed my hope, maybe the body was not Derricks. It was hard to tell as there was no face, just mush and the body had started to bloat, slowly being filled with gas as it decayed.

I teleported back home, and I contacted the appropriate authorities in South Africa letting them know of the murder and the presence of a body.

I had hope that Derrick was alive, but the niggling thought that the body lying in the hall was Derrick, remained strong. I cried everyday, soon I sunk into a deep depression and my thoughts turned dark. My hope dwindled, I didn't care anymore, if Derrick was dead, I wanted to join him. I started to put together a plan. Mors and Shin noticed my change in personality and they tried to help, but how was I going to explain to them that I loved another man and I had sex with him regularly in the reaper realm? How could I explain that I called him almost everyday, and we'd talk for hours? How was I to explain that I could kiss, hold, and make love to this man without being drawn close to death each time? I couldn't.

So over the time span of weeks, I managed to hide my depression and desperation, I was the great pretender, I was happy and normal again.

I was only the great pretender Only in front of Mors and Shin. When they were working I was crying in a darkened room, wishing I was dead, my heart torn to shreds, my mind full of dark thoughts maybe I was tipping the fine line between Sanity and insanity. I felt as though i was tettering on the verge of insanity.

This was the second time in my life that I felt this way. The first time was when Matt died, I flirted with the dark thoughts, i was tempted to do my final dance with death.

I wore the great pretender mask, no-one knew my true state of mind, not even my family. I was still in that dark place when I first laid eyes on Mors. He provided me a new hope, a new lease on life, and the dark thoughts, the temptation to flirt with death disappeared. Who'd thought meeting death in person and falling in love with death would stop me from actual death. Ironic.

I Decided on the perfect day that I would put my plan into play. Mors and Shin would be home, Ellie was at the sitters, so I had the chance to be flirty with both of them.

I undressed, showered, covered myself in cologne and pulled on the blue trunks that they both couldn't resist. The same trunks that they both came on. They were clean now, I pulled on a short black satin robe. I stood in front of the mirror, fiddled with my hair and adjusted the robe sexily. They wouldn't be able to resist me. I swallowed a couple of pills that would relax me. I practiced my smile. It was hard to get the smile right, my eyes were dull and sad and the smile just looked weird. I hoped that the two reapers would be too interested in my body and what they wanted to do to it to notice my sad, dull eyes.

I practiced once again and happily pranced into the kitchen, where the reapers were. Mors was at the table, his nose in a newspaper, Shin was in the kitchen preparing me breakfast.

I approached Mors first,

"Good morning, my love." I swooned as I kissed him on the lips, and yes I still felt the coldness, but the pills I took had dulled my reaction and fear. He was shocked but kissed me anyway. I smiled and whispered,

"Mmm! You taste good today Mors." I kissed him a little more passionately, Mors reacted as I planned and his kisses matched mine, soon our tongues were dancing and he had pulled me into his lap.

"You seem happy today, and boy have I missed you." He whispered into my ear, his breathing was shaky as his hands found their way under my robe, I felt his cock against me.

"Don't get too excited mister. I have a special treat for both you and Shin." I whispered seductively into his ear.

"And what would that be, Roku?" Mors answered as he undid my robe, and tried to slide it off my shoulders. His breathing was excited. I stopped him and adjusted my robe back into my shoulders.

"A threesome. Wouldn't you like it if both of you had me at once and I don't mean just blow jobs or oral. I crave the feeling of another man inside me, oh! how I've missed that feeling." I moaned quietly

"Ahhh! As long as I get your arse, I would very much like that Roku." Mors replied. I smiled,

"Yes, Mors, you will, i crave the feel your cock inside me. Let me see to Shin first and tell him of my plan. Then you can both have me, feel my arse with your seed cover my body in your cream. Use me as you will, I'm all yours...Please." I begged. Mors was shocked by my actions.

Ever since we were together, not once have I begged to be used. I wanted them to be so caught up in doing as they please to me, that they'd get carried away and wouldn't notice as I pass out, embracing the coldness begging for it to consume me, until the reapers finally realise that my soul is to be reaped and by then it will be too late. Maybe i could see Derrick once again.

I moved from Mors' lap and wandered into the kitchen, my robe undone, my cock semi hard. I came up behind Shin, wrapped my arms around his waist, as he bent over the stove. I kissed his neck, he turned around and returned my kisses.

"You're spritely this morning." Shin whispered as he nibbled on my ear,

"I want to bend you over the counter and take you right now" he moaned as he removed my robe and started to rub my cock,

"And you're wearing my favourite underwear. Mhmmm!" He muttered

"Stop, I have a treat for you.." I whispered

"And what would that be?" Shin whispered into my neck as his lips brushed my skin.

"How about a threesome with Mors? He wants my arse, you can have my mouth. I want you both to do as you please, I want you to do anything you please." Shin stopped kissing my neck,

" What's wrong with you? Have you forgetten that reaper cum is painful when it interacts with your body? And since when have you let Mors and I have free reign with your body? What about the coldness, what if we end up nearly killing you? I love you Roku, and id hate myself if I cause you excruciating pain or death." He answered, his voice choked with concern.

" You mean more to me then just a thing to have sex with. What's happened to you?" Shin finished.

I pressed my fingers to Shins lips.

" Mors has no concerns, so why are you so worried? I want you both to experience more than oral and hand jobs. Hell, once Mors gets off, you can swap places and then you can fuck me, fill me with your cum. The pain will not matter." I answered and to get Shin to focus. I undid his robe and kissed his neck and sucked his nipples. He lifted me on the kitchen bench and kissed me, his hands rubbing my cock through the underwear.

"That feels nice Shin." I gasped " but Mors must also join us, it wouldn't be a threesome if its just you and me." I whispered.

Shin sighed, disappointed.

"Mors! Come into the kitchen!" Shin yelled. Like a flash of light Mors joined us, he saw Shin kissing me, so he came up behind Shin and removed his robe. As shin and i kissed, Mors came in close, and reached around and freed Shins cock from his underwear and started rubbing him, while he pressed his hard cock still entrapped in his underwear against Shin's arse. Shin moaned,

"Mhmmm! Mors." He finished kissing me and rubbing my cock, he then turned around and started making out with Mors. Mors shoved him against the bench, I grabbed Shin's waist and then moved my hands over his body, teasing his nipples, teasing his cock with gentle touches.
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