A Dance with Death

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Chapter 39

We moved into the loungeroom. Shin sat on the loungechair, his legs spread, his dick hard.

I got on all fours and started to suck Shins hard, shining dick. Shin moaned and gasped as my tongue ran up from his shaft to the tip and down again. I left shining saliva trails, it was when I took his cock in my mouth, that Shin really started to moan and gasp.

I was very into wrapping my mouth around Shins cock, that I didn't notice Mors come up behind me, kneel, spread my cheeks and with a soft gasp Mors was inside me. Mors slowly moved forward and backwards. His hand gripped onto my waist. Mors being inside me distracted me from sucking on Shins cock

Shin quickly grabbed my face and encouraged me to take more of his cock. I complied, it was strange feeling extreme pleasure and sensitivity of my orifices, that it was almost the most scariest experience of my life, but also the most pleasurable. I let out a muffled groan, my mouth still encapsulating Shins cock. Shin uses a little bit more force and pushed my head down, forcing his dick further into my mouth.

He started to move his hips a bit, pushing his dick almost down my throat. I gagged as the tip shocked my throat. I started to find it hard to breath, I coughed, Shin had his eyes closed and didn't notice me struggling to breathe, and coughing.

"Mhmmm! Keep going Roku, your mouth feels soft and wet."

I groaned again as Mors started to thrust harder, I.had already came, my cum looked like malformed pearls against the dark carpet.

Soon my mouth filled with Shins seed, it burnt. It felt like acid had been poured down my throat. He removed his dick, it shone with saliva and had small deposits of cum on its tip. He rubbed it hard, and shot another load of cum, it landed on my lips, and slowly started to drip down my chin. Shin studied me with interest, as my body moved in time with Mors' thrusts.

Shin hastily searched for something in the compartment between the seats. He grabbed something in the compartnent. It was a mobile phone, he smiled wickedly and took a photo of me, with the cum on my chin, my face flushed, and my hair messed up.

"Roku, you look so perfect right now. I just had to take a memento. This will do me well on the long, cold nights away from you."

Before I could reply I let out a loud moan, Mors was being really rough and it sent waves of pleasure through my body. I felt Mors fill my arse with his cum. It felt as though my insides were being ripped to shreds as he released inside me. I sat up, and Mors looked at me and smiled as he leaned in and kissed me, as he kissed me he cleaned Shins cum from my lips and chin with his tongue. My body was truly cold now, my mouth hurt and so did my arse.

Mors and Shin swapped positions, and soon Shins cum joined Mors' inside me, and Mors cum covered my face. At this point I was moving in and out of semi- consciousness. I don't know if it was the coldness that now seeped through my whole body or the tablets I had taken.

Mors and Shin had me against the wall took turns with me. Then moved to the bedroom and fucked each other, while I watched in a daze. Even in a daze watching them having sex aroused me. I played with myself as I watched them together.

They noticed and in they dragged me into the bed, so that I was sandwiched between Mors and Shin. Mors played with my dick while Shin fucked me. I don't remember much else from this point onwards. I regained consciousness a few times, my mouth full of dick or my arse being pounded and filled with cum. I wanted it to be this way, I drugged myself, I wanted Shin and Mors to go into a fuck frenzy so that they wouldn't notice me dying.

So far it was working, my semi - consciousness turned to full on unconsciousness, the cold had now overtaken my body, my heart slowed, as did my breathing, and my blood barely moved more than at a snail's pace through my veins. I dont know if Mors and shin still took me in my unconcious state, or if they stopped.

I woke 5 days later, wrapped in a blanket, and in a very familiar room. My arse and mouth hurt, I sat up and found my body covered in bruises and remnants of hickies. There was a pitcher of water on the bedside table and a bell. I downed the water thirstily, soon the pitcher was empty.

My mouth was still parched so I rang the bell and not even 10 minutes later Daisy entered my room,

"Ah! Roku, you're awake. That's good to see. What would you like me to do for you?"

"Could I please have another pitcher of water? On another note, Why am I back at Amity's place?" I was confused.

Daisy smiled,

"I'll grab you another pitcher of water. I will also let Amity know you're awake. I'll leave it to her to explain what has happened." She bowed her head and left the room, I was once again alone.

Daisy returned around another 10 minutes later with the pitcher of water and Amity following closely behind. I tried to get out of bed but my body ached. I managed to prop myself up with the pillows.

Amity sat gently on the bed and pulled me into an awkward embrace.

"I'm so happy you're alive Roku. It was touch and go there for a while, but you seemed to have pulled through." She whispered, her voice was full of relief.

"Why am I here?" I asked.

Amity sighed and let go of me,

"Mors and Shin brought you to me. They were hysterical. They thought that they had killed you. They were distraught because they didn't want to reap your soul. I sensed a small sliver of life and I requested help from the best healers in the reaper realm and together we managed to save your life.

Why did you take the drugs? The drugs stopped your ability to feel the coldness, it stopped your ability to know when your body has had enough. Do you have a death wish Roku? That was the most stupidest thing you could've ever done. Why?"

I sighed, tears welled up in my eyes,

"Because I did want to die Amity. I did those things deliberately, I took the drugs, I seduced both Mors and Shin. I encouraged a threesome, I wanted them to get so into fucking me and each other that they wouldn't notice me becoming unresponsive then dying."

Amity stared at me in shock,

"You wanted to die, Roku? Why? Please tell me?"

The tears and depression that had been hiding behind my pretender mask flowed through. I was in a state, I sobbed uncontrollably, I hyperventilated.

"Derrick is dead! I saw his badly beaten body, it was bloated and maggots were feasting on his flesh. I loved him, Amity I loved him and he died. Why is it when I love someone, they die? First my mother, then Matt my very first real love and now Derrick."

Amity pulled me in close, and let me get into her shoulder. She made comforting sounds and rubbed my back as she held me.

"How do.you know that the body you saw was Derrick? It could've been anyone, what makes you so sure it was Derrick? Reapers are almost immortal, they die when their powers are taken from them, therefore making them mortal or they've been sentenced to death by a judge and reaper council.

The only other thing that can kill a reaper is another reapers scythe, but then the reaper who killed the other with their scythe is sentenced to death anyway. So it is very unlikely that the body you saw was Derrick. However, I will talk to some of my connections and check if Derrick was killed, okay?"

I felt a renewed hope build inside me, I nodded my head. Amity leaned in and kissed me on the forehead.

"Now you get some sleep Roku. You've nearly been killed, your body needs time to recover from its injuries. You're more than welcome to stay for as long as you need."

I nodded and whispered,

"Thank you Amity."

She squeezed me one last time and left me to rest.

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