A Dance with Death

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Chapter 40

It took me three weeks to recover enough to walk around Amity's mansion. She visited me at least once a day since I was first brought to her by Shin and Mors. She would update me daily about what new information her connections had gathered on Derrick. So far I was told that he was alive and in hiding.

However, his whereabouts were unknown. It was also concluded that the dead body found in Derricks house was an assassian sent to kill Derrick using a specialised weapon, unknown to the Reaper population. This weapon had the ability to kill reapers. The question's were; Who made the weapon? Who sent the assassin to kill Derrick? And why?

No other information could be found, but Amity was not the type to give up easily, especially when it involved me, her favourite human "pet".

Amity's tenaciousness paid off another month later. I had been staying as a guest under her roof, she did not make me work, she just left me to my own devices. When I asked her if she could give me something to do to help her out, she refused. Amity would always say,

"You've earnt me enough money. You just need to fully recover and wait for Derricks return."

I would then try and occupy myself to keep my mind off Derrick.

As for Mors and Shin, Amity has taken me back permanently. I still loved them both dearly, but not being able to bond through physical, non-sexual touch and interactions, not beimg able to do "normal" couple things and nearly dying every time we made love was getting too much.

It hurt me to break it off with them, but they always had each other, they could do things together that they just couldn't do with me. I hated my human fragility, I hated that the judge made it this way, if things were different I'd have remained with them, but it wasn't so. All I needed now was Derrick.

Amity burst into my room, she had an air of excitement around her. She ran towards me and in an over excited voice she announced,

"Roku! Roku! They've found Derrick!" I jumped off my bed and met her. I reflected her excitement

"Where? Where have they found him? Is he okay? Does he want to see me?" I was laughing and crying all at once, my body was overloaded with emotions.

Amity hugged me tightly, I swear she was crying with excitement. We hugged for a while longer before she broke our embrace and motioned for me to sit back down on the bed.

" Roku. Derrick is on his way here as we speak. He has a few new scars, but all in all he is healthy and so very excited to see you again. When I told him that you were in the reaper realm excitedly awaiting his arrival, he was ecstatic."

"So when do I see him? Why isn't he teleporting back? Where are we to meet him?" I questioned,

Amity sighed,

" He is joined by armed guards and they're bringing him to the Reaper realm using the PTV or 'protective, teleporting vehicle.' It is similar to an armoured car from your world, the vehicle protects reapers from harm as teleporting via the everyday method can leave them exposed. We don't know how advanced this new weapon is, we're not leaving it up to chance. Derrick needs to be safe.

Derrick will be taken to the dungeons, and placed in a protective cell. He will stay there until he is cleared of any wrong doing."

I was saddened by this,

"Why does he have to go to the dungeons? Why can't he stay with us?"

Amity rested her hand on my shoulder,

"I know it sounds bad, but the dungeons are the safest place for him at the moment. Think about it; Derrick will be under permanent guard, the dungeons have improved their security systems since you and Mors' little mission to save Shin.

There are cameras everywhere, there are now a lot more guards and the walls and gates are strong. If anyone tries to harm Derrick, someone is bound to see them."

I sighed, I was not convinced that the dungeons were the safest place for Derrick. He would be safer with me.

"When can I see him?" I muttered.

"Mere hours Roku. Be patient. You will see him tonight. Go have a relaxing bath, preen yourself, and choose your best outfit. Doing these things should take your mind off Derrick and pass the time."

I didn't have much more to say, Amity stood up and before leaving she said,

"I'll come and get you when it's time."

The time to see Derrick arrived, I had chosen my best outfit, preened myself like a proud peacock and was more than ready to see him. Amity and I teleported to the front of the dungeons. We were greeted by two guards,

"Evening Amity, Roku. Please follow us, we'll take you to see Derrick."

I followed excitedly behind them, as we turned around numerous corners, was lead through 3 seperate gates and down multiple stairwells. I was lost, I wouldn't remember the way back, even if I tried. I don't remember the dungeons being so darn confusing and disorientating.

Soon we were led to a fourth gate,

"This is where Derrick is being kept. He will be the sixth cell on the right. The others are empty. Amity ma'am you are allowed through."

Amity shook her head,

"No, let Roku go first. I'll wait here until he returns."

The guard looked confused but motioned for me to go through the gate. He followed behind. Once we reached the cell, he unlocked it with an electronic key. Derrick was lying down and didn't notice us at first until the key beeped and the gate unlocked.

When he saw me he jumped up enthusiastically and threw his arms around me. He hugged me so tightly I feared I'd choke.

"Roku! You're back in the reaper realm. I wasn't expecting you to be back here so soon. I can't describe how much love and happiness I'm feeling right now." Derrick let me go and brushed his hand against my right cheek which warmed at his touch. He leaned in and kissed me. It was strange not feeling the all too familiar coldness overtake my body. All I felt was love and warmth.

"I've missed you so much Derrick." I whispered in between kisses.

He stopped kissing me and smiled,

"I've missed you just as much if not more. My love for you hasn't changed."

My eyes shone with tears, as I gently stroked his face. I felt a scar on his left cheek, I hadn't even noticed it until I felt it under my fingertips.

"I love you, so much Derrick. I've loved you ever since we first met. I just wish I realised it earlier."

Derrick pulled my face to his and we kissed again. Our breathing quickened, our kisses became wet, and rough. I felt my knees weaken, my body yearned for Derricks touch. But the last time I made love to someone in front of a guard it didn't end too well. Derricks shaking fingers were already undoing my shirt.
I gently placed my hand over his and whispered,

"Stop, we can't do this here. Once you are free we can continue this, but at the moment you need to behave and wait until you've been cleared."

Derrick let out a disappointed sigh, he dropped his hands to his side and dropped heavily on his bed.

" I don't know when I will be cleared, Roku. I did kill that man, but it was in self defense. I knew the weapons he had were different. You see the scar on my left cheek, he did that with a knife. Once I realised that my wound wasn't healing and was bleeding quite profusely.
I knew that whatever weapons he had were not of human origin and that they would harm me, maybe even kill me. I used my death scythe and beat the shit out of him, like I beat him so hard there was no face left. I killed him, Roku."

I plopped down beside him, rested my hand on his knee.

"I know Derrick. I saw him, actually I was the first person to find him. I know how badly he had been beaten. I spent so much time thinking that it was your body laying in the hall, bloated, decaying, and being eaten by insects. I was convinced you were dead." I paused as I tried to control my emotions, tears flowed down my face and my knuckles went white as I grabbed onto Derricks knee. I sobbed. Derrick pulled me into his chest. I sobbed harder, soaking his shirt in tears. I managed to control my sobbing, I pulled back from Derricks embrace and looked directly into his eyes,

"I tried to commit suicide, so that I could see you again.

I took pills that relaxed my body and inhibited my danger response. I let two reapers that could kill me purely by having sex do whatever they wanted with my body. I encouraged them into a sex frenzy. I lost count of how many times they had sex with me. I passed out, I was close to death, but they stopped and brought me to Amity. I was healed. I had no love of life without you."

Derrick stared at me in shock,

"I'm sorry Roku. I didn't know that the possibility of me being dead would affect you in such a way.

I needed to go into hiding until I had an idea of who sent that man to kill me. Those weapons were not of human origin, they had supernatural powers, unknown to any reaper. As I sit here with you, I still have no idea who wants me dead."

Derrick once again pulled me into his chest and in a soothing whisper he said,

" I love you Roku, I will never leave you or let you believe im dead ever again. Once im out of here, we'll be together. We'll get a house together, you'll be given to me as a permanent gift from Amity and I'll marry you Roku. I promise you this Roku. I promise."

My heart fluttered at his promise of life together and marriage. I smiled as I snuggled deeper into his chest.
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