A Dance with Death

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Chapter 41

It took a month of different court dates and long conversations between the judge and officials, until Derrick was found not guilty and free of all charges. He was released, but with the condition of having a 24 hour roster of guards to protect him until the person who wanted him dead was found.

I waited anxiously for him outside the dungeons. I had insisted he stay with Amity and I at her house, but Derrick refused. He wanted to go back to his Father's house, as his Father was away yet again, on business. I asked him why he bothered, since it was his Father who forced Derrick out of the Reaper realm, away from me and sent him off to an isolated post in South Africa. Derrick shrugged his shoulders,

"In his mind, my father thought he was doing the best for me. He believed you to be a distraction and only formed a relationship with me because of my wealth, considering the amount of money I spent to have that one night a week with you. He was wrong of course, I loved you and to me no amount of wealth was too much to spend for a night spent with you Roku."

Derrick paused and seemed embarrassed. His words were honest and cute, so I kissed him.

"Let's go back to your place than." I whispered as he grabbed my hand and we teleported to his house.

He led me to his room, and we clawed at each other's clothes like wild animals. Our lips and tongues dancing, our shaking hands and fingertips explored each other.

Soon I was facing the bed head, holding on to it as Derrick lubed up and thrusted his perfect dick inside my waiting arse. I gasped and moaned. Derrick got rough and with every thrust i gripped onto the bed head as my body tensed then relaxed banging the bed head against the wall as Derricks thrusts became faster and rougher. Derrick felt so good inside me, drool was forming at the corner of my mouth. Sweat dripped down my face and body. Soaking the sheets under me, I had already stained the sheets with my cum. I felt Derrick release inside me, it was sticky and warm, unlike Shin or Mors' cum which felt as though my insides were being ripped to shreds.

We collapsed and spooned each other, until I felt Derrick get hard once again. He took me again, his arms encircled my body as he entered me and his perfectly thick dick filled my insides, pure pleasure overtook me as he slid forward and backwards, his buttocks flexed with every thrust. Again it felt as though I was paralyzed by the pleasure and my body relaxed, making it easier for Derrick to go deeper, once again I stained the sheets and Derrick filled me with his seed. I fell asleep, I was relaxed, warm and happy wrapped in Derricks arms. This was pure happiness, I hadn't felt like this for quite sometime.

Within weeks of Derricks release from the dungeons Derrick kept his promise and we were engaged. I was gifted to Derrick permanently. Amity would only free me from my contract 12 months after Derrick and I married.

The 12 months would not start until the date of our marriage. I would spend a lot of time on earth, looking after Ellie. I no longer had to work as much, as it turns out Derrick was not only wealthy in the reaper realm, but he was also wealthy in the human world as well. I didn't ask him to look after me, but Derrick wanted to. We had many fights over this.

Mors and Shin had moved out of my house and it was my own once again. I missed them, and yes I still had remnants of feelings for them, but my feelings for Derrick were stronger.

Without Mors or Shin living with me, the house did feel empty, but when Derrick was with me, the emptiness disappeared. Ellie had approved of Derrick as soon as she saw him. This made me even happier.

My family were relieved to hear that I was okay. They hadn't seen me since I returned to earth and lived with Mors and Shin. I dont know how I managed but I was able to avoid visits from my family. They wanted to visit of course, but I declined their offers. My father had only started getting used to the fact he had a gay son, imagine his reaction to knowing his son was part of a gay throuple. I dont think he would've approved, my stepmother wouldn't have approved either. My brother ? Ahhh!! Who knows, we were never close.

However, I did tell them that I was engaged again. They were happy, they assumed i was engaged to Mors, but when I told them that Mors and I had broken up and my fiance` was a man named Derrick. They were disappointed, but were eager to meet him. I promised they would. I just hoped that Derrick would appear the same to everyone, not like Shin or Mors. I hoped because Derrick was an official that the rules were different for him.

I was also lucky to have kept my job throughout, considering over the past year my attendance was sketchy. I think I spent more time off than at work.

I told them that a lot of things were happening in my life, hence my bad attendance. I wasn't telling a lie when I told them this. I requested to go from Full - time to Part- time. They were more than happy to accommodate. Derrick wanted me to quit my job, he said that I didn't need to work ever again, because he would look after me. I was stubborn, I liked the independence I had, I've always been independent so going part time was the compromise.

As it turned out, Derrick was more than willing to meet my parents.

Officials, as I had hoped did appear the same to everybody, it was another one of the "perks" that they had.

Tonight we were going to have dinner with them. I was a nervous wreck, I changed my outfit at least 5 times much to Derricks amusement.

" Roku, you look good in anything. However, you do look the best naked..." he paused, smiled and squeezed my arse. He became serious again,

" Everything will be okay, so stop stressing so much." Derrick whispered as he buttoned up my shirt. My fingers were shaking too much to function properly.

Once Derrick was done, he planted a reassuring kiss on my cheek. My heart warmed at his kiss, fuck, I loved this man, I thought to myself .

We arrived at my parent's house and I had already adjusted my collar for a third time as we waited for the door to be answered. I was nervous because Derrick was the first partner since Matt to meet my parents.

So, my mind was racing and my emotions were running high. My father answered the door, he smiled and introduced himself to Derrick and invited us inside.

My parents were not rich, they lived in a modest house made of brick in the outer suburbs. The house had been built in the 1940's and had a lot of the original features associated with the time, even to this day. My father had looked after it, since he brought it back in the mid 80's with my mother, his first wife. I was born not much time after

When my father met my step-mum, my mother had been dead for 10 years. He had been a single dad for the entire time. He was in his mid thirties by this time, my stepmum was mid twenties. She was introduced to my father by a friend. Despite the 10 year age gap they fell in love and married, my brother was born 2 years later. He was now in his last year of high school.

Derrick had warmed the hearts of my family even my brother, by dessert time.

My stepmother and father encouraged me to give Derrick a tour of the house while they cleaned up. I finished the tour of the house with my bedroom.

Posters of my favourite Emo and punk bands from my younger years still adorned the walls. Derrick chuckled softly as he touched my things and I stood awkwardly at the door. I was kind of embarrassed when Derrick picked up a picture of me as a 20 year old dressed in black and wearing eyeliner.

"Who'd have thought looking at you now, that you once looked like this." He chuckled again as he placed the picture back down. He looked up at me and smiled,

"Like it would've mattered to me. I'd still fall in love with you." He came in close and whispered on my ear,

"I'd still want to kiss those perfect lips, id still want to feel your insides constrict around my cock as I made love to you and hear you moan and gasp in pleasure."

I was left speechless, and very turned on by his words. Derrick moved from my ear and brushed his fingertips across my lips, pulling the bottom one down as he kissed my cheek and then moved onto my lips.

My heart raced, as Derrick hungrily kissed me..I had moved from the doorway and my back was now against the wall next to the door. I was worried that a family member would walk in on us. But the way Derrick was kissing me and the yearning I felt for him outweighed the fear.

Derrick stopped kissing me and with his lips brushing my ear lobe he whispered,

"Does the fact that anyone could walk in on us now, turn you on? What if they walked In on us fucking? Does that turn you on, Roku?" He teased, my legs weakened,

"Y-y-yes..." I whispered, Derrick smiled as he gently left a trail of kisses from my cheek down to my lips. He stopped kissing me and traced my lips with his fingers, before putting them inside my mouth. I sucked them seductively. Derrick smiled

"Me too, Roku " he whispered as he removed his fingers from my mouth. They were covered in saliva. He undid the zip of my jeans and started rubbing my cock with his hand and soaking wet fingers. I groaned. He smiled once again,

"Lean up against the wall." He whispered,

I complied. I let the jeans fall into a heap on the floor, Derrick roughly pulled my underwear to under my cheeks. He teased me by spreading them, I was expecting him to enter me. But he moved the tip of his cock, up and down my crack. I clenched and unclenched in response. Derrick came in close and took over rubbing my cock, I could feel his hardness against me. I groaned as he started rubbing me quicker.

"Please." I begged "Please just fuck me. I want you to fill my insides with your perfectly thick cock. I love how it fills me and it causes my body to shudder as it rubs against the sides. Please fuck me, I beg you!" I was breathless and near tears from the wait.

"Mmm! I love how much you yearn for me Roku. I love how tight you feel inside, I love how your insides constrict around my cock when I'm deep inside you. I love it when you moan. I love how you get so aroused that you drool and your face goes red each and everytime I fuck you. And right now I love how you're so close to tears because you want my cock so badly."

Before I could reply, Derrick entered me. I sighed in relief and as the pleasure became more intense. I was groaning,

"Mmm! Derrick, you feel so good." I moaned. Derrick pushed me harder against the wall and my body jerked with Derricks strong and powerful thrusts. I left a trail of cum against the wall of my room.

Derrick removed his twitching swollen cock from my arse.

" Kneel and face me!" Derrick commanded. I complied, I did love how Derrick took control.

While standing close to my face, Derrick violently rubbed and pulled on his dick.

"Look up at me!" He demanded and as I did my face was covered in his seed. It landed on my forehead and his second load landed on my lips and chin. I licked his second load off my lips. As I did that he watched intensely. Once done I tried to remove the cum from my forehead. Up unto that point Derrick was watching me, then his serious face changed to one of amusement as I tried to get rid of the cum from my face. Derricks amusement turned to laughter,

"What?" I said slightly annoyed. In between giggles Derrick managed to say,

"It's all through your hair, it's "There's something about Mary all over again." I then remembered the very scene Derrick was referencing.

"Shit! How am I going to remove it? Let alone remove the smell." All I could think about was hugging my father, stepmother and brother goodbye and them turning their nose up at the strange smell emanating from my fucking hair."

Derrick was still laughing at me,

"Go wash it off, I'll be with your parents can't let them wonder what has taken us so long.." He answered with a sly smile and wink.

My face warmed, I opened the door to my room and looked up and down the hallway to check if I could run to the bathroom unseen. Luckily the coast was clear. Before I entered the bathroom with my hand on the door knob Derrick whispered,

"Don't forget to clean the mess from your bedroom wall. " I sighed, and nodded. He smiled and gave me a cheeky wave goodbye. I quickly entered the bathroom and cleaned my hair to the best of my ability. I then found some baby wipes and headed to my room to wipe up my deposit.

Despite the mishap, the night ended on a good note. My parents loved Derrick and now they had met him were happy with my choice of future husband.

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