A Dance with Death

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Chapter 42

A lot had changed since Derrick and I were finally free to be together. As promised, Derrick bought a house in the reaper realm, just for us. Derrick had helped pay off my mortgage and now I also owned a home, but in the human realm.

I split my time between earth and the reaper realm.
Whenever Derrick was too busy and stressed to visit earth, i'd go and visit him. My visits ended with great sex and Derrick no longer being stressed. We would do normal couple things that I just couldn't do with Mors and Shin. I hadn't seen them since the night they brought me to Amity. I hadn't talked to them since I broke up with them. I had no way to contact them, it's like they had disappeard into thin air. I did find myself missing them, i still loved them and I think i would always love them.
Through a lot of communication with Amity's connections and detective work from the reaper police force, we finally found out who ordered the hit on Derrick. It came as a shock to us, and as a result Derricks family were ripped a part.
The person who ordered the assassination was Derricks own fucking father. Yep, that's right, his own father ordered a hit on Derrick, his only son. Do you know why he ordered the hit?... me.
Derricks father was angry that Derrick had spent so much money on me, a mere human "pet". He hated that Derrick fell in love with a human, who was also another man and a lowly prostitute in his eyes.

By killing Derrick, his father would also be the beneficerary to all of Derricks wealth. He was greedy, and wanted Derrick dead before he married me so that I wouldn't become his competition if Derrick died. Considering that Reapers were immortal to a point, I didn't understand why his father was so worried about his death.

Anyway, his father was taken to court and he was sentenced to be reborn, meaning he would be killed and his soul reborn into another body. The new body would not belong to a reaper but to a vulnerable, mortal, and tortured human, he would have to live through 3 human life cycles before he would be considered for reaper duties again, and he will have to work his way up to regain the status of official and re-earn the wealth he once held.

Derrick inherited everything his father owned and was given a higher official status as compensation. The weapons were found and taken to be studied.

It was the night before our wedding day. The friends in which I had almost abandoned since Mors came into my life, threw me a bachelor party, male strippers included. I had the the most fun in a long time. I had so much fun, that I ended up crawling into bed at 4am that morning. Luckily, the wedding ceremony was to be held at 3pm in the afternoon, giving me plenty of time to catch up on missed sleep. I set an alarm and tried my best to get some sleep.

I was startled awake by the screeching, annoying, and repetitive sound of my alarm. I groaned, it felt as though I had only just gotten to sleep. I struggled out of bed. Two coffees later, some pain killers, and a nice long drink of water made me feel almost human again.

I jumped into the shower, not even 2 minutes into it, the doorbell rang. I sighed, wrapped myself in a towel and rushed to the door, leaving a trail of wet footprints on the mahogany floor behind me. It was my family, all dressed in their best attire and wearing wide smiles upon their faces.

My father helped me button my top, as my fingers were not working as they should, due to my anxiety and the excitement that I was feeling. After Dad helped me with the buttons on my shirt, I hastily ran over to the mirror in the ensuite and I obsessively tried to style my hair. Nothing seemed to look right for a wedding and for a groom.

My stepmum saw me struggling with my hair, so she approached and helped me out, with a single flick and a small flurry of movements my hair was perfect. I smiled and hugged her, she was shocked but grateful for my rare show of affection.

Before I knew it we were in the car and on the way to the wedding. As we are a same -sex couple and neither of us had any type of religious affiliation we had the wedding in a garden not in a church. The garden was all set up for us. Derrick was already waiting as the wedding song announced the beginning of the ceremony. After everybody was settled, I linked arms with my Father and he joined me as I walked towards the celebrant and my soon to be husband. My stomach was doing flip flops, and I feared my legs would give way as I joined Derrick at the alter. He smelt of sandalwood and oranges, he looked so handsome in his formal suit and tie. He smiled at me, which settled my nerves. The ceremonial formalities blurred together. Until those ever so traditional words rang in my ears,

"You may now kiss the groom."

Derrick kissed me, and I melted, his kiss was tender, sweet, and so gentle. Very different from the yearning, rough, but passionate kisses we shared behind closed doors. My face warmed as the memories of those kisses flooded my mind and the actions that these kisses often led to. I pushed those thoughts from my mind, I'd leave those thoughts for later and recreate those memories on our honeymoon.

We continued on to photos and then the reception which was being held in a converted barn about half an hours drive from the garden. The raw and polished wood smelt and looked amazing.

Derrick grabbed my hand before we entered the barn. Kissed me then led me to our table. Once the meal had ended, it was time for the opening dance led by Derrick and I. I leaned in and kissed Derrick as the song faded out. It was a special moment, one that I'll cherish until the day I die.

As the night wore on, almost all the guests were drunk or tipsy. I was slightly drunk, but not pissed. Derrick wasn't affected by alcohol, so he could drink as much as he wished with no Ill effects or anything.

As the reception drew to an end, and the drunk guests were taken away by their less drunk family members. Once every guest was gone and there was nothing but an empty barn, with confetti and streamers strewn ovee the dance gloor, Derrick and I kissed.

We happily piled into the cab and as we sat in the back seat I held on to Derricks hand and rested my head on his left shoulder. This moment in time was the happiest I had ever been, happier than I was with Mors and Shin. Derrick and I were meant to be, and I loved him.

Even though I was exhausted, Derrick and I made love. I admired the ring as the water of the shower washed over me, I shuddered as Derrick kissed and nibbled on my neck, and breathed heavily in my ear, I turned and kissed him. This was the beginning of a life married to a reaper, I would go to the ends of the earth for and with this man. I moaned quietly as he entered me. "Fuck I love this man" I whispered under my breath once again.

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