A Dance with Death

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Extra - Alternative ending Part 1

Hi there readers.

Most often in the books I write, the endings I choose are not always happy. I wanted to do something different, so I left the ending of this story as a happy one. However, I am not one to change my habits so easily. So, I have also written an alternative ending. Just a warning It's heavy and touches on sensitive issues.

While you’re here I would like to thank you all for your support, I appreciate every review, love react, and comment I receive on my stories. It means a lot to this socially awkward amateur writer.

Anyway.... I hope you enjoy the Alternative ending.

Emery <3

I leaned in and kissed Derrick as the song faded out. It was a special moment, one that i’d cherish until the day I die. The smile on my face would not disappear as long as Derrick remained in my life.

After our kiss, I felt a tap on my shoulder I turned around. My heart caught in my chest as our eyes met. His piercing blue eyes, the ones that borred into my soul, the eyes that I’d always remember were now dull and empty.

“Mors?” I whimpered in shock. He looked to the ground, no words escaped his lips.

“What’s wrong? Why are you here?” I said, my voice etched with confusion and panic.

Mors looked up, tears fell from his blue eyes.

“Please, let me have the next dance? It’ll be our last dance. Please?”

I looked over to Derrick, Derrick looked concerned and as about confused as I was. I don’t blame Derrick for being concerned, it was out of the ordinary to have an ex-lover of your new husband crash your wedding and ask your new groom to dance. He had every right to be concerned. I nodded in a way to try and reassure Derrick that everything would be okay as Mors took my hand and took me to another space on the dancefloor. He pulled me into his embrace, his hands rested on my waist as we waited for the song to start.

The soft romantic melody filled the barn, and we started our dance. We swayed and looked into each others eyes. Mors pulled me in close, his piercing blue eyes, the same piercing blue eyes that bore into my soul...eyes that I’d always remember, shone in the light of the barn. The song continued and just above a whisper, Mors asked me his voice constricted with emotion,

“Even as I hold you in my arms, knowing that you are married to another man, my heart is filled with nothing but love for you Roku. You’re the one; my only true love, and I believe that if the powers that be hadn’t fucked that up. Tonight would be our wedding. I love you Roku, more than you’ll ever know, maybe more than you’d ever comprehend as a human...” he paused. I was left speechless. Mors pulled me in as tight as he could, so tight that we had to stop dancing. He let out a sharp sigh,

" There’s just one final question that I want to ask...Roku, Do you still love me?”

In that moment, my mind raced, so did my heart. All the healing I had managed to do since I met Derrick, unravelled, and my heart broke into many more pieces. All because of five simple words, five fucking words. ” Do you still love me?′ How the hell was I going to answer this. Of course I still loved Mors, I would never stop loving him, but I loved Derrick as well.

Mors waited for my answer with bated breath.

" Of course I still love you Mors. I will love you until the day I die.” I answered.

Mors’ face lit up and his eyes reflected, relief, happiness, and a glimmer of hope. He leaned in and kissed me, I couldn’t pull away, I kissed him back.

Once the coldness seeped into my bones and after we kissed Mors leaned in close and whispered,

“Then it is time. You will see me again, it's inevitable my beloved Roku. Farewell.”

And just like that, the barn, Mors, Derrick and the wedding guests disappeared and I was alone in a strange room. I screamed out for Derrick and Mors, my calls were only answered by my echo. The room was made of white lights, I started to panic. I suddenly felt as though something was making it hard for me to breathe. A new wave of panic overtook me. I clawed at my mouth and neck, I heard a soft rhythmic beeping in the distance, which seemed to gradually get louder. My body started to convulse and twitch, I collapsed.

I tried to force my eyes open as my body continued to convulse, I was successful, but in doing so I was met by lights that felt like knives stabbing into my eyes over and over again. Soon the pain stopped and I saw blurry floating shapes above me. A loud pulsating alarm filled my ears and once my eyes adjusted, the burry shapes took form. They were faces, unrecognisable to me, covered in surgical masks. My nostrils filled with the smell of disinfectant, latex, plastic, and fresh blankets. It was at this point I realised I was in hospital. A faint voice took place of the alarm as it quietened down.

"Mr Holt, you're okay, you're safe, You're in the public hospital. Lets remove this tube and get the Dr to look you over, check your reflexes, and take some samples. If he is happy, then you'll be able to see your family. They're anxious to see you Mr Holt."

Once given the all clear from the Dr, my family rushed in and grabbed my hands. Through the chaos of voices overlapping, my head pounded. I used the stop gesture. Everyone stopped talking, much to my relief. I motioned for my dad to speak, he pulled a chair up to my bedside and held my hand tightly.

"I'm so happy you pulled through. I love you Roku."

I went to speak but my throat felt as though I'd ingested a bottle of acid. It burnt, I pushed through the pain and managed to whisper; "What happened? Where's Derrick and Mors? How's Ellie?"

My father looked at me confused, he squeezed my hands and whispered,

"Shhh! Roku. Everyone's okay. Get better first and then I'll answer your questions."

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